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Betwinner360 provides Premium Betting Tips also referred to as VIP Football Betting Tips. Paid Betting Tips comprise of the best selections of the day from our experienced pundits. These are some of our best and safest games prediction done by our experts based on teams history and current form.

360 Betting App


Betwinner360 Provides Free Football Betting Tips and Football Predictions Daily. Free betting tips can be accessed via Betting Tips (Jackpot Predictions) Android App. Tips are updated by 12 pm every day. Don’t bet all free Football Betting tips. Just choose some of the tips and stake an amount of your choice. Betting 360 is here to help all you punters out there get in-depth information from sports betting and horse racing experts. We've got analysts in the field crunching the numbers and an expert interview every week to give you that betting edge. Whether you're in to racing or sports betting. Bet365, the world’s favourite online sports betting company, brings you our most advanced sports betting app for the iPhone and iPad. Bet on a wide range of In-Play and pre-match sports including Football, Soccer, Champions League, Horse Racing including the Cheltenham Festival and Tennis. The Score Betting App. By Robersonville in Antioch,+California. Share: The Score Betting App.

Tips comprise of different sections: Number of Goals, Both Teams to Score, Over Prediction, Under Prediction, Home win, Away Win, Draws, Halftime Prediction, Handicap prediction among other available Predictions

VIP PRICE LIST KENYA: Pay via M-Pesa Till No. 388759
VIP tips KENYA 1 week & 2 Betika JP Tips @ KES 500
VIP tips KENYA 2 weeks & 2 Betika JP Tips @ KES 850
VIP tips KENYA 1 Month & 2 Betika JP Tips @ KES 1500
VP BETIKA Babingwa JP Predictions: KES 149
VIP BETIKA Midweek JP Predictions: KES 110
VIP SHABIKI Power13 JP Predictions: KES 100
VIP SPORTYBET JP Predictions 12 Games: KES 90
VIP MOZZART JP Predictions 13 Games: KES 95

TZ emPawa17 TZS: 3000
TZ emPawa13 TZS: 2200
TZ 1 week & Betika JPs @12000

How to Register for VIP Premium Betting Tips

Betwinner360 Provides Free Football Betting Tips and Football Predictions Daily. Free betting tips can be accessed via Betting Tips (Jackpot Predictions) Android App. Tips are updated by 12 pm every day.

Your Payment is your registration so no need to register. Once you make payment Via MPESA till Number: 388759 we register you automatically and send username, password and login link to you via SMS or Email.

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How to Pay for Premium Betting Tips

Different Payment Methods are available: Mpesa, Paypal, WorldRemit, Western Union and Skrill. We also accept other payment methods. See below

How to pay for Premium Betting Tips Kenya: M-Pesa Till Number

  1. Go to M-PESA
  2. Select Lipa Na M-PESA, Buy Goods
  3. Enter Till 388759
  4. Enter Amount:
    Ksh 200 for 2 days, No Jackpot
    Ksh 500 for 1 Week Jackpot included
    Ksh 850 for 2 Weeks Jackpot included
    Ksh 1500 for 1 Month
    Ksh 149 Betika Mabingwa Jackpot (17 Games Win 200M)
    Ksh 110 Betika Midweek Jackpot (15 Games Win 15M)
    Ksh 100 Shabiki Power 13 Jackpot (13 Games, Win 20M)
    Ksh 95 Mozzart Kenya Jackpot (13 Games, Win 10M)
    Ksh 90 Sportybet Kenya Jackpot (12 Games, Win 5M)
  5. We will provide you with login details via SMS.

Others: Pay Via Paypal

1 Day: $3.49 Click Button to pay
1 Week: $9.49 Click Button to pay
14 days: $15.49 Click Button to pay
30 days: $25.49 Click Button to pay

365 Betting App Android

Pay via Skrill Money TransferPay

Premium Betting Tips in Tanzania

Click the link below for Football Betting Tips in Tanzania

Go the app store, that was easy. Well, not so fast. Did you know that Android users can choose from more than 2.8 million apps, and while Apple users do have it slightly better, there are close 2.3 million choices out there?

Granted, many of these choices are not ‘betting’ apps but the sheer volume of choices can lead to some confusion. For example, how do you know if the reviews are real and if your winnings will be secure? Also, what are the options and how easy do these apps make it to place your bets while on the run.

First off, why do we love to bet? The answer is simple. Even though life is full of unknowns, everyone loves taking chances from time-to-time; even on small things, as getting it right can be such a high. That is why we wager, even if life has us down, we can play the ponies or the outcome of a football game and, potentially, come out as a big winner.

Now combine that natural urge to bet with the near ubiquity of the internet and it is inevitable that the two would cross paths. Actually, online gaming was one of the first ‘applications’ to gain traction in the early days of the internet and it is still going strong today.

A lot has changed since the 90’s and today more of us are using our mobile phones to go online. This means not only going web sites but also relying on ‘apps’ to get things done. It doesn’t matter if you have an iPhone or the latest Samsung – just make sure it doesn’t catch fire – you want to be able to check odd, place bets, and collect your winnings quickly and easily.

Fortunately for the punter many of these apps have come a long way, offering detailed insights, free games, and even up-to-the-minute odds. If you want to check out some of these apps then to go https://www.bettingapps.co.uk/ to see some of the more popular UK betting apps.

Another thing to know is that many of these apps will offer introductory rates and discounts. Heck, you can’t win if you don’t play and these discounts help you to get a leg up from the beginning. Just remember the immortal words of Kenny Rogers, you have to know when to hold ‘em and know when to fold ‘em.

What should you look for in a betting app? Clean design is the one of the first things that comes to mind but there are other features that should come to mind as well. For example, security. After all, it’s your money and you want to make sure it is safe and secure. As such, you want to check out the app to make sure they are using recognized security protocols such as user authentication, data encryption, and digital signatures.

360 Betting App Free

I know this might be a bit deep for an article on betting apps but I think you get the point. It’s your money, make sure it is safe.

What are some other things you should look for? Questions that come to mind include looking at fee structures and the process to cash out your winnings.

In addition, what sort of information is available via the app? Yes, the app’s primary purpose is to facilitate bets, but does it offer information that will help you decide which bet is the right on and to track your performance over time?

Then there are the choices of sports. Is that app focused solely on horse racing or is there a wide-range of sports and games you can follow and bet on?

Lastly, you want to make sure the app you are using is legal to use where you live. This is important as the rules governing online gaming vary on a state-by-state and a country-by-country basis.

360 Betting App Builder

What does this boil down to? Betting apps represent the future of gaming. Be it casino games, betting on sports events, or some other form of handicapping, we want the ability to lay down a wager on almost anything no matter where we are.

360 Betting App Free

As such, finding the best betting apps depends on taking into consideration what factors are important for you and then determining which apps fill those needs. Good luck finding the app that is right for you and, importantly, be ready when the opportunity comes.

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