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How much space do you have left on your iPhone or iPad? Have you ever looked? Is your iPhone or iPad out of space? Do you know what apps are the guilty ones?

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As time goes on, our devices grow in terms of size to accommodate all the memory-hungry files and data we continually pack into them. Pictures and videos are generally the biggest culprits. But sometimes your device will throw you a curveball. Maybe apps like Pinterest or Facebook are taking the space. Before you go deleting pins or friends, you’ll be surprised to know the reason.

In two occasions in less than a week, two members of my family called to say their iPads were almost out of space. They were able to pinpoint Pinterest as one of the guilty apps. That seemed strange to me since Pinterest stores all of your preferences, images, pins, etc. on their website/server so you would never store any of that on your iPhone. I found the reason why.

Find out why it’s so full

Before I explain why Pinterest was taking up so much space, determine for yourself why you’re out of space and what you can do to free up additional. Here’s how on iOS:

  • Click on SETTINGS. Then click on GENERAL.
  • Tap on USAGE and wait. This takes some time on some devices. Patiencccce. It’s loading.
  • You’ll see Storage Available and Storage Used
  • Take action (below)

Almost instantly you’ll see images, music and videos are near the top. Videos take up way more space than images by default. So if you can delete any videos, that’s a great start. If they’re backed up to the iCloud and you don’t watch them, just dump them. You’ll have instant space. Images will take longer to remove. But same deal.

All High Casino Ipad

The hidden culprit

If you’re like my family members and an app like Pinterest is at the top, it’s because of the cache. A cache is a collection of files that you don’t see or access. The cache remember your habits, links to pages, searches, etc. and they store them so the next time you use the app, things happen faster. It’ll remember you visited a page so it may load it quicker because it has a blueprint already store of that page.

This makes it faster because you’re not asking Pinterest’s server to send you the images, text, etc. for the first time. That takes longer. You may not notice a difference, but when you have a lot going on on that little iPad, speed can start to tank with so many processes running.

So how much cache data has built up? One family member had 1 GIGABYTE! Think about it, if you have a 16GB iPad, you’ll free up 1/16th of that in seconds. That’s a big deal. For an iPad out of space, this is a savior.

How do I delete the cache?

The bottom line is, you don’t necessarily need the cache data. It will build again. So if you’re out of space and you need space NOW, there’s a simple trick to deleting the cache data…

Delete the app.

Yes, that’s right. Just press on the Pinterest or the offending app until it starts to shake, then click on the X. It will ask if you want to delete it. Click yes. Then go to the app store and download it again. Go back through the steps above and voila! You just freed up a crapload of space.

Warning – this isn’t always the case for all apps. Some apps DO save data to your device (some games, utility apps like word processors, etc.) but they generally won’t be one of those at the top of the list because they’re basic, small files. A good way to think about it is that if you have to log into the app and it’s a social site like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, etc. Then chances are it’s the cache that’s the culprit.

Example: If you look at this image of my iPad, you’ll see that videos, music and images are the top apps taking the most space. But look at Google+. 1 GB of space is taken up by that app. Since I log into Google+, most likely this is cache data. So I will delete the app and add it again to free up a gig.

But what about Spotify!? That’s a site I log into to stream music. Yes. But what about when you are offline and want to listen to music? Spotify has an option to take music ‘offline’ so you don’t need a signal to listen. Well, what it’s doing is DOWNLOADING the tune to my iPad so it’s accessible all the time.

But if I cancel Spotify’s subscription, the program is smart and just removes the music automatically from my iPad. If I were to delete the app and re-add it, I would lose the songs I took ‘offline’. But I could easily just have them added again.

When in doubt, go to your iCloud in settings and go to backups and click Back Up Now to save before you try it. You can always load a backup.

But clearing the cache on memory-hungry apps will fix the iPad out of space problem and get you back to surfing in now time. Good luck!

Tablet devices such as the iPad are being called the future of computing by several technology researchers and experts. Today, the iPad is arguably the most well known and widely used tablet in the market. There is some competition from Samsung with their Galaxy series, but the iPad wins hands down. The iPad is adored and loved because of how pragmatic it is, the screen is bigger than on a big smart phone yet the device itself is portable and can be carried around. It is great to read books on, to give one on one business presentations, for watching movies and videos and also for gaming!

The bigger screen means a more encapsulating and enthralling experience for gamers. Furthermore, it also allows for games to take more input from the player because there is just a lot more space on the screen that you can touch. Furthermore, these days you also get detachable keyboards that you can connect to your iPad wirelessly which makes gaming as good as it is on PC or any other gaming console. When it comes to online casinos and gambling, it does not get better than the iPad. The bigger screen makes a world of difference.


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The iPad is here to stay and mobile casino gaming can be experienced at its best on an iPad rather than on a smart phone. If you are an avid online gambler and have been using PC or a cell phone, you might want to consider making a switch to the iPad because the iPad is the perfect cross between the PC and the smart phone, it has a big screen so you don’t have to squint and so you can get the same experience as when playing on PC and it is perfectly portable, and light so just like a smart phone you can connect to your favourite online casino and play all of your favourite casino games from anywhere and at any time.

Legitimate, certified, tried and tested

Like the iPhone, the iPad runs on iOS and so like the iPhone, apps for the iPad can be downloaded officially from Apple’s App Store.

However, the problem is that due to policies and restrictions – you are not going to find real money online casinos for the iPad on the App Store.

Therefore, if you are looking for iPad casinos then you are at the right place. We have a list of the best iPad casinos out there and we keep updating this list often.

When you choose to play on a casino that we have listed, you can rest assured that you are getting the best of the best. Most important of all you can play without any worries because when you pick a casino that we recommend, you can bet your bottom dollar that it is legitimate, licensed and the games are completely 100% fair.

Beware of frivolous and fraudulent mobile casinos where you never get your money back. Yes! there are a lot of them out there and to help you identify them, we even have a blacklist which we keep updating often so you can keep an eye out and stay safe.

iPad Casinos – how we test and evaluate them

We at have a quality team which we are proud of! We can confidently say that there is no other place you will find that tests and reviews casinos so rigorously and thoroughly.

We cannot jump into all the intricate details of how we test and evaluate iPad casinos, but here are some important factors that we never miss taking into account.

  1. Welcome bonus: Welcome bonuses are meant to lure in potential new customers and nearly every casino out there offers some sort of welcome bonus. We compare these bonuses and tell you which casinos offer the best welcome bonuses so it makes your decision easier.
  2. Games: The whole point of mobile casinos is to play games. We check how many games the casino has to offer, what types of games they host, who the software providers and how good the games are overall.
  3. Security: Sensitive information such as creditdebit card details, personal information, etc. will inevitably get exchanged between the user and the casino server. We check to see how secure these exchanges are and expose and all weaknesses.
  4. Deposits & Payouts: When it comes to real money casinos, quick payouts are everything.
  5. Customer service: Customer service is your go to when something is wrong. We personally make sure that the casinos we recommend have a good customer service network.
All High Casino Ipad

Application Vs. Native

You do not HAVE to download an app in order to play real money casino games on your iPad.

In fact, the more easier and preferred method is instant play casinos.

All you need to do is visit the mobile website of the casino on your iPad using your web browser (usually Safari on Apple devices) and you can get started playing right away.

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iPad Casino FAQs

1. What casino games can I play on my iPad?
Poker, Roulette, Slots, Progressive Slots, Bingo, Black Jack, Video Poker, you name it! Any casino game that you will find under the roof of a real casino, you will be able to play on your iPad too.
2. Can I play for free on my iPad?
Yes, there are many play for free and play for fun casinos where you do not have to bet any money on the games.

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3. Will I get a welcome bonus?

All High Casino Ipads

Of course! Please check our individual casino reviews and listings to get an idea of what you can expect in terms of welcome bonuses.
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