American Legion Bingo Hall

These activities encourage physical activity without having to get up out of your seat. Chair Activity Bingo focuses on seated stretches and simple movements that must be completed in order to mark the game card. It includes 30 laminated 8-1/2 inches x 11 inches bingo cards, playing cards and instructions. DIMENSIONS: 8-1/2 inches. Chair bingo free. Here’s how it works: Fill in your own Bingo card using the fol-lowing suggestions. Each suggestion may only be entered once and all squares must be filled. You may also add up to three of your own suggestions, if you prefer. One “Free Space” may be added wher-ever you choose. Seated in a chair with good posture, hold a ball with both hands slightly in front of your body. Squeeze the ball to activate the finger joints, then slowly press the ball with both hands, as if trying to deflate the.

Bingo is held at the American Legion Post 409 in Allen Park, MI, 4 days per week: Thursday at 6:30pm, Saturday at 6:30pm, Sunday at 5:45pm and Tuesday at 11am. Post 8 offers many fun, exciting events & activities each month, including DJ dance parties, bingo, karaoke, & more! Our post is one of 14,000+ posts which comprise the largest wartime veterans organization in the US. Being a 501(c)(19) veterans' charity, we give back to vets and to our community. Together, we can - and do - make a difference.

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American Legion Bingo Hall

Bingo at American Legion Post 409, in Allen Park, MI, is held 4 times
per week:

  1. American Legion Post 165, Wolcott, CT. 542 likes 125 talking about this 1,319 were here. American Legion Family Bingo.
  2. American Legion Post 233 offers Bingo four times a week; Monday, Wednesday and Thursday nights at 7:30 p.m. Sundays at 2 p.m. $1000 Jackpot; Game price starts at $7.50; Also we have Electronic Bingo Machines. The public is invited. GA Lotto Game Machines. Come check out our GA Lotto Game Machines. All activities take place at Post 233.
Lic. A22382Lic. A00265Lic. A22383Lic. A21519

All proceeds go to fund Legion programs.

Come and join the fun!

American Legion Bingo Night

American Legion Bingo Hall


Vfw Bingo Game Schedules

Note: Information as of Jan. 1, 2018. Prizes are subject to change based on attendance and other factors. Prizes shown below are based on attendance of 120-159. Please see Prizes page for full details.
  • Early Bird (Purple) 4C, L, T, In, Out: $10.00 ea.
    • Coverall: $100
    • 2nd Cover: $25
  • Double Action
    • 1st Game Coverall: $30
    • 2nd Game Coverall: $30
    • 3rd Game Coverall: $30
  • Hard Card 1-9
    • 1st-3rd Games
      • First Prize: $50
      • Second Prize: $25
    • 1st Special
      • 4C, L, T, In, Out: $10 ea.
      • 1st Coverall: $400
      • 2nd Coverall: $50
    • 4th-6th Games
      • First Prize: $50
      • Second Prize: $25
    • 2nd Special
      • 4C, L, T, In, Out: $10 ea.
      • 1st Coverall: $400
      • 2nd Coverall: $50
    • 7th-9th Games
      • First Prize: $50
      • Second Prize: $25
  • Door Card Quickie – 1 Coverall: $100
  • 3rd Special
    • 4C, L, T, In, Out: $10 ea.
    • 1st Coverall: $1,000
    • 2nd Coverall: $50 (max)

Where To Play Bingo


American Legion Bingo Hall In Orlando Florida

  • Door Cards: $1 ea.
  • Special: 3 at $1 ea.
  • Hard Cards: 6 for $1
  • Double Action: $2 ea.

American Legion Bingo Games

American Legion

Alexander Bradley Burns Post 80
4000 Saratoga Avenue
Downers Grove, IL 60515
Phone 630/968-9710 Fax 630/322-9181

Established 1919, Chartered 1926
American Legion Post 80 Centennial

Veterans are invited to join us at our Business Meetings held the first Wednesday of every month at 7:30 PM
Tuesday Night Jackpots now Total
$3,743 winnings paid on 3/10​

Next Bingo Night
will be when health departments determine
safe occupancy limits
(Special Phase 4 restrictions apply when Bingo activities resume
See Bingo page for details)

Next Half Price Night is (hopefully) 6/29/21
Be there to win!

(Check ourBingopage for details)

American Legion Bingo Hall In Mississippi

Upcoming Special Events

Local Honey now for sale
See Special Events page for details
(Check ourwebsite calendar and
Special Eventsfor details)


Special Dinner Events - Spaghetti Fundraisers, Initiation, Past Commanders and more
Veteran Activities - Ceremonies, Parades, Flag Retirements and more
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