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Top Cricket Betting Apps. One of the great attributes of the cricket betting tips displayed in this guide is that it can be universally applied across many other betting markets for IPL as well. Some of the top IPL cricket betting apps provide you with ample opportunities to place effective bets and start winning substantially as well. Betway IPL Betting App To download the Betway IPL betting app visit their website, scroll to the bottom of any page and click on the links to the Apple App Store or Google Play. You will need a Betway account to enjoy the features of this highly-rated betting app. What the key features? This IPL bet suggestions guide explores some of the top complimentary online betting suggestions you need to incorporate into your total method to optimize your winning potential and also cushion against. Betting on the Indian Premier League is as easy as betting on any other sport online. Simply identify the bookmaker you want to bet at, create an account, make a deposit, find the IPL betting option and place your bet. That’s all there is to it! Can I make real money betting on the IPL? Ladies bingo gif.

Before we talk more about the IPL itself, we want to look at how to start IPL online betting. This includes finding your best IPL betting site, how to create and account and make a deposit and, of course, bets you can place specifically on the IPL.

Find your Best IPL Betting Site

On our pages, we’ve covered many excellent cricket betting sites for you and a majority of them is good for IPL betting as well. But each betting site has different advantages and they don’t all provide the odds you might be looking for or, more importantly, offer special IPL bonuses and promotions.

Whilst IPL bonuses may not be your first reason to choose one site over another, they are an extra incentive and during the IPL, you can get some awesome deals on bet boosters, accumulator boosts, cashout offers or even special betting tournaments.

Whatever your reason to pick one cricket betting site over another, we want to make sure that you play safely, get the best betting options, an excellent range of markets and a good coverage of IPL matches. This also includes the option of betting live on the matches and, ideally, to live stream the matches via your chosen betting site.

Our top recommended IPL betting sites

When we select our top IPL betting sites, we therefore try to answer the following questions:

  • Is the betting site trustworthy?
  • Are INR accepted as a currency?
  • Do you get competitive odds and a wide selection of betting options?
  • Is there live streaming?
  • Are there IPL specific promotions?
  • Do we get convenient deposit and withdrawal options?

The IPL consists of eight teams that play in a double round-robin format. Each team is required to play the other twice, once on their home ground and once on the home ground of their opponent. Two points are awarded for every win and one point if awarded in the event a draw has taken place.

After all the teams have played each other, the top four teams based on the points accumulated advance to the next round of the tournament. The bottom four are relegated and will have the whole year to re-strategise for next year’s tournament.

In the event of a tie in the standings, the Net Run Rate (NRR) will determine who has the highest ranking.

The points leader plays the second best team in the first playoff while the third and fourth placed teams play against each other in the second play off. If the points leader wins the playoff, then they advance to the final of the IPL.

The second best team is not knocked out just yet and must play against the winner of the third and fourth placed teams. A match between the losing team of top 2 teams and the winning team of match between 3rd and 4th team determines who the second team will be to reach the finals.


Online Ipl Betting

IPL is played using the standard rules of a T20 game. A total of two innings are played in the match with each inning lasting a maximum of twenty overs. If the over rate is kept on track, then an IPL match provides entertainment for about three and a half hours similar to a masala Bollywood movie!

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