Arizona Charlie's Decatur Bingo


$2 Charlie's Double Bonus up to a $10,000 jackpot in 36 numbers or less; Play True Rewards™ Bingo Bounty at the 9am through 11pm sessions on Thursday and Saturday. You could win $500 cash or $700 to $1,000 in free slot play. Bingo Brochure Bingo Rules for Bingo Room Winners. Arizona Charlie's Double Progressive Jackpot.

  • Our Award-Winning Bingo Hall Works Hard to Cover All the Bases. Action packed daily sessions at Arizona Charlie's.
  • Current Bingo Jackpot Play this always-changing progressive that increases until it’s hit! Charlie’s Double Progressive available at all sessions – unless noted otherwise. Jackpot progresses to 35 numbers.

Bingo Ala Espanol

Our award-winning Bingo Room works hard to coverall the bases.

Play bingo day or night in Las Vegas’ only 24-hour bingo room at Arizona Charlie’s. Sessions are offered every odd hour, for low prices with big dollar session payouts. Every session has:

  • ACE Ball
  • Bonus X Bingo - $1 per 3 - on strip
    Having the winning pattern to win $5,000. Winning pattern number starts at 16 and if not won, increases one number every fourteen days, up to a max of 21. If Bonus X prize is won at any time, the number resets to 16 and restarts.
  • $1 Charlie's Coverall up to a $10,000 jackpot in 51 numbers or less
  • $1 Charlie's Double Progressive starting at $20,000, progresses to 35 numbers or until won
  • $2 Charlie's Double Dab up to a $10,000 jackpot in 36 numbers or less

Play ace PLAY™ Bingo Bounty at the 9am through 11pm sessions on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. You could win $500 cash or $700 to $1,000 in free play.

Another Charlie’s exclusive: It only costs $1 to validate Rainbows at the 3am, 5am & 7am sessions.

Sportingbet poker app. Arizona Charlie's Double Progressive Jackpot

Play this always-changing progressive that increases until it’s hit!

Charlie’s Double Progressive available at all sessions – unless noted otherwise.

  • Jackpot progresses to 35 numbers or until won with a consolation of $200 per session
  • Jackpot starts at $20,000
  • Play for $1 per card (maximum of 30)

Current ACE BALL Jackpots

You could win a bonus cash jackpot when you play during our ACE Ball games.

ACE Ball is played at all sessions – unless noted otherwise.

  • Bingo on the ACE Ball for the session to win the bonus jackpot
  • To be eligible, validation is required for all packs

ACE Ball is not valid on second or third chance coveralls.
Must have last number called to win.

Programs subject to change without notice.
Visit the bingo room for complete rules and details.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does Arizona Charlie's charge a resort fee?

Arizona charlie

Yes, Arizona Charlie’s has a $18.99 plus tax resort fee.

Does Arizona Charlie's allow marijuana smoking on its premises or in its hotel rooms?

No, although Nevada law allows recreational marijuana usage in certain limited locations, the Arizona Charlie's does not allow recreational marijuana usage in its hotel rooms, casino or public spaces.

Can I receive a rate and availability quote, or make a change to an existing reservation via e-mail?

We recommend checking the web site for the most current rates and availability. Existing reservations can be changed via email, but calling is recommended to ensure changes are processed as quickly as possible and that the entire reservation is re-confirmed.

Why should I become an True RewardsTM member?

Membership is free and you’ll receive rewards based on your tracked play. In order to be rated, use your card while playing slots or table games. Insert your card in the slots to earn your rewards. Show your card when placing a bet at the Race & Sportsbook, purchasing a Bingo card or buying in while playing Table Games. Your True Rewards card is your ticket to points which can be redeemed for comps, cash back, and free slot, bingo and Keno play. On your next visit, stop by the True Rewards Center to sign up.

Are there any restaurant discounts?

Yes, with your True Rewards card you can get 10% at participating restaurants and up to 25% off at the buffet.

What dining options are available?

We have multiple dining options available. From casual elegance to down-home comfort, Arizona Charlie’s Decatur’s unique restaurants offer something to please every taste, all at a fantastic value. Our dining venues include Ron's Steakhouse, Sourdough Cafe, Charlie's Market Buffet, Subway and Noble Roman's. Make sure to get your True Rewards discount.

How do I get from the airport to the Arizona Charlie’s properties?

Taxi or bus. Please click here to view our map .

Does your hotel provide wheelchairs?


Does your hotel offer room accommodations for the physically challenged?

We have standard rooms that are handicapped accessible. We also have tubs with shower chairs.

How many guests do you allow per room?

Maximum occupancy per room is four guests.

Arizona Charlie's Decatur Bingo

How can I obtain a copy of my bill from a past stay? Who should I contact regarding a discrepancy on my bill?

Accounts receivable at 702-380-7675

What are the average monthly temperatures in Las Vegas?


How do I get to the pool and when is it open?

The pool is located past the elevators near the Race & Sportsbook and Subway. The pool is open from 8am to 8pm throughout the spring and summer.

How can I apply for casino credit?

Casino credit is easy to apply for and in most cases can be approved in less than two days for first time casino credit applicants, and just a few hours for applicants with previously established casino credit records. Applications can also be faxed or mailed to guests and are available on the Arizona Charlie’s web site. Contact the casino cage at 702-258-2110 for more information. Please click here to go to our Casino Credit page .

Is there any place where I can plan a special dinner?

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Ron’s Steakhouse at Arizona Charlie’s Decatur is the perfect choice. Winner of the OpenTable Diners' Choice Award, Ron’s offers a variety of fine cuts of beef and succulent seafood in an upscale, yet genuine atmosphere. Players are welcome to use points and comp dollars to pay for their meal.

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