Baby Shower Loteria Free Printable

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A Peek at the Fun:If you’re hosting a shower and need baby shower games for large groups that are easy to pull off and fun for the whole crowd, try these free printable baby shower games. A matching game, a Taboo style game, and a baby gift bingo!

You know that awkward moment when you innocently say the word “baby” and someone shouts across the room “you said baby! I get your pin.”

Have you had that moment? You’re sitting at a baby shower playing some dumb game, and while you love babies and baby gifts and good food, those awkward baby shower games have you squirming.

Yet, when you’re the baby shower host you know you need something to keep your guests entertained. If you’re hosting a shower and are expecting a crowd, these are some easy baby shower games for large groups (although most of them will work for smaller groups too). They are super easy because they are free printable baby shower games, so you don’t have to do much of the work! We’re hoping these games keep your guests smiling, not squirming.

We’ve got everything all ready for you to play these fun baby shower games! All you need to do is print and play! (OK, you might want to buy some candy bars or prizes, but otherwise, it’s easy!)

Free Printable Baby Shower Games for Large Groups:

Free Printable Baby Shower Taboo Game:

You’ve probably played Taboo during a game night before, but here’s a Baby Shower Taboo like game.

Baby Shower Loteria Free Printable

Baby Loteria Printable

To play: Divide the guests into two teams and have someone draw a card. She needs to get her team to say the word at the top of the card, but she can’t say the 5 words below it as she describes.

Make it a race-each team has 1 minute to guess as many as they can and then it’s the other team’s turn.

We’ve got about 20 cards for you to use and some blank ones so you can create more if ou need them. Here’s a peek at what they look like:
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Here’s the PDF file for you to print.

Print This:Baby Shower Taboo Game

Baby Shower Loteria Free Printable Game

Create Your Own:Blank Baby Shower Taboo Cards

Free Printable Baby Shower Gift Bingo Game:

The main event at a baby shower is ooohing and ahhhing over the gifts, so it’s easy to make this part a game too.

This is a super easy baby shower game for large groups or small groups-no matter how many people you’ve got at the shower, you can play this, as long as there are enough gifts to open to fill up a card!

To play this baby shower bingo game, simply print as many cards as you need, then have guests fill out what they think the new mom will get when she opens the gifts. For example, books, onesies, pajamas, blankets, diapers, or whatever else they suspect might be wrapped in those gifts. Have the fill in each square (they can have duplicates if they want).

Baby Shower Loteria Free Printables

Then, as the new mom opens the gifts they can mark off things they have on their card until someone gets BINGO!

We have 4 sets of cards for you-2 girl, 2 boy versions, one light skin and one dark skin for each. Here’s a peek at what they look like:

Just open the PDF of your choice and print!

Print This:

Free Printable Baby Shower Matching Game:

This last one is a little bit goofy but usually a big hit at showers. This is probably the best baby shower game for large groups. It’s fun and funny and easy to pull off.

It’s simply a matching game. Place all the cards face down and take turns turning two cards over until you find a match.

The fun twist is that when someone finds a match, there’s a coordinating candy bar as the prize. And they’re meant to make guests giggle a little bit!

Here’s a list of the cards and potential matching candy bars (you can always get creative and think of your own as well. We’ve included some blank cards so you can do that if you would like.)

Candy Bar Baby Shower Game Ideas:

Epidural: Lifesavers

Twins: Twix or Mike and Ike

Umbilical Cord: Licorice

Conception: Snickers or Skor

Baby Girl’s Name: Baby Ruth

Hospital Bill: 100 Grand

Breastfeeding: Milky Way

Second Trimester: Carefree Gum

Daddy: Big Hunk

Anesthesiologist: Mr. Goodbar

Labor: Rocky Road or Whoppers

Triplets: Three Musketeers

Episiotomy: Ouch (Bandaid Gum)

Dirty Diaper: Milk Duds or Mounds


Print This:

What do you think? Squirm-worthy or will they make your guests smile? Pick and choose what works for you and…

Have FUN playing these free printable baby shower games for large groups!

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