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I recently told my Grandfather, who happens to be 93, that I was taking some chess lessons to improve my game. He gave me this very serious look and said, 'Don't start gambling.' After stifling a giggle, I began to explain that I've never heard, or thought, of anyone gambling over a game of chess. The whole idea seems absurd to me. I'm sure someone, somewhere does gamble over chess, but I find it ridiculous.

Chess World Championship betting is available from many online sportsbooks. You can bet winners of individual matches or choose a draw as the outcome. There’s also the option of betting on the overall winner of the Championship. Try playing an online chess game against a top chess computer. You can set the level from 1 to 10, from easy to grandmaster. If you get stuck, use a hint or take back the move. When you are ready to play games with human players, register for a free account! Chess betting, even though it might not look like it at a first glance, is something that some punters around the world, Kenya included, are very much into. Thanks to the odds that are delivered by some bookmakers online, wagering on chess is something that is totally happening. Unibet provides a selection of betting events for top chess competitions and tournaments for those who fancy a game of chess. So, if you like betting and chess, Unibet got you covered and you are indeed in.

I can image a room full of chess-gambling-lovers peering saucer-eyed at a chess game through a cloud of cigarette smoke and screaming, 'Come on white! Mate that &^%&^%%!' How silly. Illinois lottery bingo scratch off. How would you calculate the point spread? Could you bet on yourself? Could you bet on your opponent then throw the game with a fantastic blunder by creating multiple forks..on YOURSELF!? Who knows. I just know I'll never find out.

I continued to explain that chess is mostly played by people who are generally more intelligent (myself excluded) and those type of people wouldn't gamble with chess. Then I realized later that my last example was as absurd as Pop's first comment. Gambling knows no intellectual boundary or maximum IQ. Chess knows no minimum IQ either, I suppose, but I still hold to the theory that chess requires a certain kind of person. One that is at least a bit more intelligent.

Please respond to this blog by listing links to websites that offer chess gambling. This will prove me wrong, my Grandfather right, and give us all something to laugh about.

Over and out.

(By the way: the spellchecker doesn't recognize 'blog.')

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Organized by the Fédération Internationale des Échecs, or FIDE, the Candidates Chess Tournament has been running since 1950, and is used to determine entrants into the World Championship itself. The winner of the Candidates will get to play the leading incumbent world Chess champion, in order to potentially contest their title. A lot of competition has come from this, which is what we shall look at now, along with how you can place better bets on it.

Prior to the official event as we now know it, a number of different candidates tournaments would take place, including some which took place in London and Saint Petersburg at the turn of the century. The FIDE event would be the first official one to be organized by a professional governing body with an equally professional level of oversight. Seeing a lot of famous faces rising up through the ranks over the years, it’s become the main tournament for seeding in new talent and players. Usually consisting of a total of eight players, it sees them all fighting for a chance to go on to take part in the world championship itself.

Reaching a worldwide audience with players coming in from all across the globe, this has become a huge international event. Where do you stand when making a bet though, and what should you look out for when deciding upon a potential winner?

Where To Bet Candidates Chess Tournament 2020:

America: For this BetOnline is your best option, as it provides the widest selection of Chess bets, covering all of North America.

Canada: Choosing Bet365 is your best option as it offers the widest selection of Chess bets for the Candidates in Canada.

Everywhere Else: Selecting Bet365 again gives the most options when it comes to betting on Chess internationally, allowing you to make your choice on any of the Candidates players.

What is Candidates Chess Tournament 2020?

In the run-up to the World Championship, the Candidates Chess Tournament is used to decide who will contest the crown of the current reigning champion. With its current system in place since 2006, it consists of a round-robin format with a total of eight players taking part in the event. Managed by the FIDE, it used to see between eight and fifteen players participating, but has been running in its double round-robin incarnation using eight players since 2013.

Those seeded into the final will play directly against the world champion incumbent at that time, with a lot riding on achieving that honor. Currently this is what the general layout for the Candidates looks like at this present time:

  • Qualifying Matches: These consist of a number of different tournaments, including those from the previous World Championship, as players are seeded into the next Candidates.
  • Candidates Tournament: Using an eight player double round-robin format, the tournament finds the next big contender for the Championship.
  • Championship Final: This usually takes place over the course of a fourteen game match depending upon the pre-set rules, as the reigning champion has their crown challenged.

Typically taking place between March and April, the Candidates occurs in the same year as the Championship, happening on an even year. What does this mean for you when it comes to betting though, and who should you pay attention to when keeping an eye out for the next big winner?

Common Candidates Chess Tournament 2020 Questions:

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Intertops (Various / Free Bets)
Where can I watch the Candidates tournament?:

Betting Chess Online Game

You can start with older games archived over on YouTube, shown through channels such as chess24, which has a number of tournament matches available. There’s also the site which has a lot of the games played in real-time live, along with, which is a great resource. Twitch is also useful, with many matches played live there on the official Chess channel, but you’ll require a basic subscription for a lot of the content here. It’s pretty simple keeping up-to-date with the tournament though, and sometimes you may even be able to view the games’ progress through the sportsbooks themselves.

How can I learn Chess better and how will it help me when betting?:

Learning Chess is not only a great mental exercise regardless of betting, but it can help you gain a better understanding of who’s making progress and what tactics they’re using. Knowing the game is simple in of itself, and once you have a grasp of it it stays with you, no matter your skill level when playing. With just a basic comprehension of the gameplay and moves, you can easily follow any given game, knowing who to watch and pay attention to. Heading over to the site can again help you, with plenty of tutorials and free videos on offer, taking you through the game step-by-step.

How to Bet Candidates Chess Tournament 2020:


Betting chess online chess

At the top of the first page is a smaller navigation bar with ‘Sports’ listed in it, which will take you through to a range of options listed down the left-hand side. Opening up ‘Game Props’ you’ll find ‘Chess’ there at the top, which will take you through to all of the available Chess events and bets. Here you should find the Candidates Chess Tournament for that year, if available at that time, along with the players and their given odds.


From the ‘Sports’ tab at the top of the main page, go on and select ‘Specials’ down the left-side, just below ‘Soccer’, opening up a new menu. Next you can select ‘World’ and this will bring up all of the available Chess events, along with the Candidates if it’s open at that time. Typically you will have the ‘To Win Outright’ bet, which allows you to go through and bet on the players themselves, giving you their current odds.

Candidates Chess Tournament 2020 Betting Strategy:

The ancient game of Chess is all about strategy and being able to out-think your opponent, so you’ll need to pay close attention to everyone who’s playing. When it comes to the championship itself one player tends to dominate, but here in the Candidates you should see some room for fluidity when betting. With newcomers rising up through the ranks, you can usually find some interesting odds for anybody making headway.

Watch for any and all tactics used, and make sure to take note of any patterns forming in playing styles. Whilst they may likely vary it, you should be able to predict the winner a little easier, making for a far more informed bet in the long-run.

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