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Bingo King Machine

Our Bingo King and Santa Anita bingo machines offer a unique combination of superior design, sophisticated electronic engineering and user friendly operation. Choose from any of our basic models which include built in timer, programmable game patterns, total number of balls called and bright easy to read 4″ numbers. You can step up to the automatic verification bingo systems which includes all of the features of our basic models as well as touch screen verification of all bingo cards which virtually eliminates cheating.

We often offer used equipment in both Bingo and and Ticket Dispensing Machines. Ask a representative for more information.

All equipment comes with a one or two year warranty on parts and labor and can be purchased or leased through one of many flexible payment plans. Our service technician is on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to handle all of your equipment repairs.

Modern design and an exceptional user experience set Arrow's bingo equipment and electronics apart from the competition. Our Bingo Equipment Brands. Innovative Gaming Solutions E-max is a fully integrated, complete end-to-end, highly secure modular bingo system designed to give hall operators maximum flexibility. Bingo King AND NEW STYLE CAPITOL Low Voltage Switch. Bingo halls open tonight near me now. Bingo King Switch Cap. On/Off Console Rocker Switch. Bridge Rectifier. Front Mount.250 X.250 Socket. Rear Mount.250 X.187.

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