Bingo Night At Home

It’s not just a dog’s name anymore. Looking for some old-fashioned fun for all ages? Get your daubers ready, because we’re calling your number. A long time party favorite, we run our games just like the real deal, with a traditional light-up board, plastic balls, and a fun, interactive caller. This ain’t your grandma’s Bingo!

Virtual bingo nights are a great way to have some fun with your nearest and dearest. They’re cheap, they’re easy, and any adults (18+) can get involved. More importantly, you don’t need to leave the house and can simulate all the joys of a bingo hall over a live connection. A virtual bingo night works just like the real thing. AKRON, Ohio — During Ohio's stay-at-home order, it can be difficult to find family-friendly activities to do. In Akron, a restaurant has launched a weekly 'drive-in bingo' night to get people out of the house safely. High and Low Winery and Bistro is hosting bingo night in its parking lot every Thursday.

Guests will be having a blast with a combination of different kinds of wins including traditional lines, corners, blackouts, multiple patterns, and more. All on 3 card sheets in a variety of colors. This activity works great for corporate parties, grad parties, summer picnics, and fundraisers! Sky bingo free scratchcard 2019.

Each Bingo Night Includes

  • Setup & teardown
  • Live caller and attendant
  • Cards
  • Daubers for your entire group
  • Raffle tickets (if needed)

Upgrade Your BINGO!

If you’re looking to make your event even better, we offer multiple varieties of this classic game, including:

We trade in the light-up board for a projector and screen. This version is beneficial because we can show the pattern along with the numbers. It’s also better for large groups, as the screen is visible all the way in the back of the room! We can combine Big Screen Bingo with other games like Survey Says or Night at the Derby for a full night of fun and entertainment!

Instead of calling letters and numbers, we play music! This version comes with an interactive DJ laying down the beats. We create customized Bingo cards with song names, and our DJ will make sure everyone follows along! Name That Tune Bingo is ideal for casino parties since it blends music and interactive fun!

We’re taking this classic game online! Using digital bingo cards, we can host parties from 20 to 1000 guests! All the fun of the real deal, but from the comfort and safety of your desktop! Ask us about fundraising options to make your event even more successful!

How To Do A Virtual Bingo Night

Bingo Night At Home

Tuesday Night Bingo

Upgrade Your Casino Night!

You know that awkward middle space between the dance floor and the casino area? Fill it with Bingo! Guests will appreciate an additional gaming option and the empty tables are now filled with engaged guests.

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