Bingo Sites Not On Gamestop

Well, you can always join bingo sites not on Gamstop featured on our dedicated page. Lottery is a classic game that is widely played in the United Kingdom and globally. You might probably know about the National Lottery, MegaMillions, etc. Prism Marketing is a reliable operator that provides casinos not blocked by Gamestop. There are hundreds of real money online casinos on the Internet, and casino sites without gamestopcasino sites without gamestop. There are the best-rated UK bingo sites not on GamStop such as Crazyno, Fortune Clock, Crazy Star, and a lot more! All of these bingo operators aren’t registered with GamStop and allow you to sign up. UK licensed online sites will not be able to operate without being on Gamestop Uk. There are over 160 online casinos participating in the self-restraint program for 2020. The scheme is free: the player registers in it, receives advice or support.

On this page, we will present all non Gamstop casinos with top ratings.

All casino sites listed below are not registered with Gamstop and accept UK players. Browse the top list to find large welcome bonuses for new players. This list is only intended for players who knows they can handle online gambling. If you have a history of problem gambling, please use our list to self-exclude yourself from non Gamestop casinos.

Casinos listed18
Most common licenseCuracao eGaming
Avg Max Bonus€844
Avg Max Free Spins68
Connected to GamstopNo

Every week we browse the internet for new non gamstop casinos to add to our gamestop top list. All sites we add are non UK casinos, based in safe jurisdictions like Malta or Curacao and have passed our review process with a high score. For more information about how we rate casino sites see our rating guidelines further down this page.

The most extensive list of casinos not on Gamstop

Regulations and changes done by the UK Gambling Commission have made life harder for both small and big online casinos.

The tax-increase from 15-21% will not go unnoticed and the regulations on bonuses makes it harder for casinos to reward their players.

There is also the aspect of how entertaining a casino without bonuses is.

With fewer bonuses and harder regulations many players now choose non-UK casinos, not registered with Gamstop.

Because of this, we feel an extensive list of all non Gamstop casinos in this genre is needed. Below we present to you the most thorough top list, with all the websites not on Gamstop.

Frequently asked questions

What is Gamstop?

Gamstop is a self-exclusion service founded by the UK Gambling Commission.
It is operated by The National Online Self-Exclusion Scheme Limited, which is a non-profit organisation.

The scheme is to allow UK players to self-exclude from gambling sites licenced by the UKGC.
However, there are many non Gamstop casinos in the UK, where UK players can gamble. Read more about Gamstop here.

How long does a Gamstop self-exclusion block last?

You can self-exclude yourself from gambling for 3 different time periods.
The options are:
1. 6 months
2. 1 year
3. 5 years
A few days after you register you can not log in, sign up or play at any casino registered with Gamstop.

Can you reverse a Gamstop ban?

Yes, you can.
Reversing a self-exclusion on Gamstop is possible, but it’s not easy. The whole point of a self-exclusion scheme is to block players for a specific period of time, without any way to remove the ban.
With that said, it is possible to stop your ban. The first step you need to take is to contact the customer service at

How much does Gamstop cost?

Gamstop is 100% free, with no fees whatsoever.
There are other options that cost you money, like Gamban, but it works in a different way.

Are there non Gamstop casinos?

Yes, there are multiple sites not on Gamstop.
It’s important to remember that it’s not compulsory for operators to join Gamstop. This will likely change in the future, where UKGC will demand UK licenced casinos to do so.
Top non gamstop casinos sites inlcude:
1. SpinUp
2. Napoli Casino
3. 22Bet
4. Bronze Casino
5. Split Aces Casino

Are winnings from non gamstop online casinos tax-free?

This depends on where the casino has their licence. Most casinos who are not on Gamstop have their licence in Curacao.
However, some have MGA (Malta Gaming Authority) licences which would give UK players tax-free winnings.
This could change, if or when the UK leaves the European Union, finalizing Brexit.

Are websites not on Gamstop unlicenced?

All online casinos have licences. However, it’s only casinos with UKGC licences included in the multi-operator self-exclusion scheme.

Do sites not covered by Gamstop have issues with withdrawals?

This could, of course, happen from time to time, but generally no, withdrawals and deposits are fine.
It’s good to know some sites outside the EU have higher deposit and withdrawal fees though.

Drawbacks and benefits to non gamstop casino sites

Are there benefits to playing on non UK casinos?

Well, there are some pros and cons that it’s good to be aware of.

Pros for casinos not on Gamestop

To start off with the benefits, new casinos not blocked by Gamstop can offer way more bonuses to players.

This is due to the harsh regulations the UKGC have imposed on UK licenced operators the last few years.

For example, bonus offers are very restricted in the UK. Free spins is not even allowed to market if they do not come without wagering requirements.

This makes it very hard for casinos to reward loyal players like before.

This is not something non gamstop gambling sites have to care about.

They can offer how many bonuses they want, and there are no limitations to free spins either.

Another benefit is that these casino and betting sites do not have bet limits on each spin on slots or limits on wagers on sports.

This is a double edged sword, as it’s great for high rollers but bad for players who play to much.

Cons for non-Gamestop casinos

The first thing we have to mention is that if you want to self-exclude from a non gamstop casino, you need to do this manually.

The easiest way to do this is to contact the customer service on live-chat and say you want to block your account.

This is really easy to do, and it does not take long. The only issue is that if you want to block all sites at once, there is no way to do that.

Another thing to consider is the tax-free winnings. If the operator has a licence within the European borders, the winnings are in case tax-free (even without a UK licence).

However, if the operator has a Curacao or a Costa Rica licence, the winnings should be considered a part of your income and should be declared.

How does Gamstop work?

People who have a compulsion towards gambling can’t sometimes help themselves, but they have gamble. They are in need of psychological and physical assistance as well. In modern times though, they are also in need of digital assistance and that is where Gamstop steps in.

This website is only intended for people who knows they can handle online gambling. If you have a compulsion towards gambling, please use our list in order to self-exclude yourself from the gambling sites not connected to Gamstop self-exclusion service.

Self-Exclusion is one of the best ways to fight gambling addiction and that is what Gamstop does for you. It is operated by The National Online Self-Exclusion Scheme Limited. It is a multi-operator self-exclusion facility that is specifically targeted towards online gambling platforms.

Gamstop promises a stop to your online gambling activities and restricts you. Gamstop is a good solution for problem gamblers, but since many operators are so called non Gamstop sites you will have to exclude yourself from these websites manually.

When signing up to Gamstop, for a period of your choosing, you would be prevented from using all the gambling websites and apps run by those companies which are licensed in Great Britain. The service is currently available for users in the United Kingdom (Great Britain and Northern Ireland).

You are required to provide the following data to the Gamstop in order for the restriction to come into effect which may take up to 24 hours:

  • Your date of birth
  • Your postcode.
  • Your current email address.

The signup is your consent and after which you will receive all the terms and conditions and your self-exclusion will be put in effect. The self-exclusion can be for a period of your choosing, ranging from 6 months, 1 year up to 5 years. After the said period has elapsed, you must contact Gamstop and undergo the relevant process for the exclusion to be removed.

As mentioned, this does not prevent you from gambling on non-uk online casinos not on Gamstop. Please use our list to self-exclude yourself manually if you wish a better protection.

Choose a timeframe

When you have filled out the data required above, there are one more steps to complete – to pick the Gamstop timeframe.

One of the big plus points of Gamstop is the ability for players to choose between different exclusion periods. If they need a brief break then they can apply Gamstop for six months while they address any issues. If, however, they feel that a longer period away from gambling is required, Gamstop can be put in place for one or even five years. During this period, the non Gamstop alternatives are still open and these has to be excluded manually.

Can I reverse Gamstop?

There is no facility to remove Gamstop under an operator’s terms and conditions. Once the tool has been implemented, players cannot return to gambling until the period of self exclusion has expired. The only possibility to play is through gambling sites not covered by Gamstop and these must be excluded one by one.

This is a feature that promotes responsible gambling and, as such, it simply wouldn’t be effective if the operator simply allowed bettors to reverse their decision to self-exclude whenever they wished.

Can I still log in to my account?

Operators that work with Gamstop will not allow players to log in to their account once a period of self-exclusion has been put in place. If there are any funds in that account, these should be withdrawn before Gamstop is implemented.

If a customer is logged in when Gamstop is applied, they can expect to remain online for up to 24 hours before being excluded.

Does Gamstop work across all platforms?

Gamstop is a multi-channel service: if, for example, you are registered under the sportsbook of a certain operator and you implement a period of self-exclusion, you will not be able to play elsewhere on their site.

If there is a separate casino, bingo, lottery or poker section of the main website, Gamstop forbids players to switch and start playing under another platform. This is one of the main reason for people to play on non Gamstop casinos – they have excluded themselves from casinos, but still wanted to bet on games – or the other way around.

What happens if there are funds in my account?

If players have a positive account balance then the best approach is to withdraw any funds before a Gamstop exclusion is put in place.

If the funds remain beyond this point then the operator should return them to you within a set timeframe – usually 5 days – as long as there is a valid withdrawal method available. If in any doubt, contact customer services.

Can I still bet in a physical betting shop or casino arcade?

Gamstop works with online operators only and if any gambling service requires a digital login, the period of self-exclusion means that players will be barred. This does mean that a customer is still free to use a betting shop or an arcade.

No login is required but, those who actively look to continue playing in the physical world once Gamstop is implemented should consider further help.

Gamstop can be a very effective tool and it can certainly assist those who simply want to take a break from gambling online. With a flexible approach and a choice of timeframes, it’s perfect for those who may be having issues at a low level. A good approach for any customer is to check to see whether Gamstop is available before they complete registration.

Are there any good online slot sites not registered with Gamstop?

Yes. There is not a whole lot of them, but there are a few.

Slot sites not on gamstop we can recommend include;

  • Classy Slots
  • Spin Up Casino
  • Madame Chance Casino

The biggest difference from UK slot sites is the game selection.

UK sites usually have games from all the top game providers. This is not the case on slot sites without Gamstop, as many game providers do not want to offer games to UK players without a UKGC licence.

Game studios you can expect at most online slots sites not registrered with Gamstop include;

Bingo Sites Not On Gamestop Store

  • Betsoft
  • Fugaso
  • Booming Games
  • NextGen
  • Playson
  • MrSlotty

We compare non gamstop bookmakers

The team behind all love gambling. We eat, sleep and breathe games and love to share our knowledge with our visitors.

What we do on a daily basis is reviewing and rating casino sites without Gamstop. Not all the sites we review end up on our top lists.

On the contrary, most sites never see the light of day on our website.

We only hand pick the best non gamstop casinos in the UK, and present them on our website for you to compare.

This way you do not have to spend any time looking for options, we have already presented them for you right here.

Top 5 ways to block yourself from gambling sites

We understand that there are many valid reasons to block yourself from gambling sites.

If you feel you play to much, you really should, and there are many good ways to do so.

Below, we will list the top 5 best ways to self-exclude from casinos, both free and paid options.

1. Gamstop

A free option if you want to block yourself from betting sites with UKGC licences is Gamestop.

It’s very good in some ways, but it does have flaws. For example, just by changing one letter in your name the system could fail to recognise you if you try to sign up.

Bingo Sites Not On Gamestop

It’s also an option that does not let you add you own sites to the register, to be able to block more sites than they cover.

2. Gamban

Gamban is a fairly new exclusion tool that works in a totally different way.

Gamban blocks sites on your device where you install the plugin, but only on that specific device.

The service will cost you $13.99 for every device you install it on. Thismakes it is a bit costly in the long run if you have multiple devices.

The biggest benefit of Gamban is that they block way more gambling sites than anyone else.

The biggest drawback is that if you de-install the program there is nothing stopping you from playing again.

3. BetBlocker

If Gamban stops working after de-installed, BetBlocker keeps on going.

Many consider BetBlocker to be the best self-exclusion tool out there.

This is how it works:

Betblocker collects gambling sites in a massive database. Today they have over 5000 sites registered.

Myvegas free chips 2020. When you install the software on your device you may choose a self-exclusion period.

Minimum is 24 hours and you can exclude for exactly how long you want. For life is possible.

Now here comes the interesting part: even if you de-install the software you will be blocked for the chosen period of time.

You can contact support, delete the application or try something else creative. It will not work.

This is the main benefit of BetBlocker.

4. NetNanny

NetNanny has been around for years, and is mainly used by parents to block access to certain parts of the web on their devices.

For $54.99 you can install the software on 5 devices, which is pretty expensive, but it works well.

How it works:

NetNanny works in a different way than the other options.

Instead of blocking sites all togehter, it analyzes the content of websites and blocks certain elements.

For example: If you block yourself from casino sites, you can still access sites about gambling problems and treatments. However, if the same page would include real money slots, that element would be blocked.

5. Manually contact all casinos

This is the worst option of the 5, but also the most effective.

No tool will be able to block all sites, but to be honest you do not need to block thousands of sites to block the ones where they accept UK players.

If you block yourself on Gamstop, there is around 50 sites you can still play on.

Block yourself from all those sites and you are almost fully covered. Add Gamban or another option on top of that and you’ve done as much as you possibly can.

When we rate non gamstop casino websites we follow strict guidelines.

The different factors we include in our tests are:

  • Safety – All sites must use SSL encryption
  • Banking – Good options for payments and withdrawals are a must
  • Games – Less than 100 casino games is not acceptable today
  • Reputation – Casinos with a bad reputation will not end up on our top lists
  • Licence – Top rated non gamstop casinos have licences from either Malta, Curacao or Cyprus.

Where are non Gamestop casinos licenced?

The easy answer to that question is anywhere but the UK. However, even though that is true, not all casinos out there accept UK players. For example, gambling sites not on Gamestop that are licenced in Italy, don’t accept UK players. It’s only a few jurisdictions that let their licensees offer off-shore gambling word-wide. Among them you find Malta (however the Malta Gaming Authority have gotten stricter every year), Cyprus, Costa Rica and Curacao, which is the most common licence for the non Gamestop casinos today.

How to know where a casino not connected to Gamestop is licenced

First off, we recommend you reading our reviews as we always cover this fact. If you want to check the licence for a gambling site we have not reviewed yet, the easiest way is to visit the website and scroll all the way down to the footer of the site. Here you usually find the licence and business details of the operator, and if not, please check any visible sidebars or icons. Sometimes casinos just add the logo of the regulator in the footer as well, so don’t forget to look at the images for details.

Are Bingo Sites On Gamstop

Most common licenses for casinos not blocked by Gamestop

Since its creation in the year 2005, the gambling businesses both online and offline have been subject to strict regulations at the hands of the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) except the UK sites not on Gamstop since they are operating outside of the UK.

The UK government created the UKGC to underline the importance of providing players with a safe environment where they could engage in fair betting. They have felt the need to take stricter measures with the rapid growth of online gambling platforms. The UKGC has put in some measures to ensure that online casino games such as blackjack and poker games use RNGs. By ensuring that online casinos use random number generators, the UKGC ensures that the outcome of the game is purely random.

The UKGC also issues licences to gambling establishments. It does this not only by running an extensive background check on the company before handing out a licence but also by keeping tabs on these companies to make sure they are adhering to the guidelines put in place by the UKGC. If they fail to uphold these regulations, the Commission reserves the right to revoke their licence.

However, apart from obtaining the UK gambling licence, many casino sites not on Gamstop businesses can turn to other alternatives.

Alderney Gambling Control Commission

This commission was set up in May of the year 2000 and is used by some casinos without Gamstop. It was launched to monitor the gambling activity of Alderney— a Channel Island. Unlike the UK Gambling Commission, this independent organization doesn’t have any political affiliations and simply aims to keep the island’s gambling activities direct and sincere (and legal, of course).

While it doesn’t have any political affiliations, it does work alongside regulatory organizations around the world including UKGC.

Not only does this commission monitor the activities on offline gambling businesses but also those that operate online covering various categories such as financial funding and software processes.

It can be said that the main aim of the AGCC is to regulate underage gambling. It works tirelessly to ensure that the minor residents stay off betting websites and thus contains certain clauses (in its licencing agreement) that prohibit access to minors.

Gibraltar Regulatory Authority

Similar to the AGCC, the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority (GRA) was established in the year 2000. Originally, the organization solely oversaw all forms of electronic communication however it is currently responsible for supervising online gambling activities. The Remote Gambling wing of the GRA is in charge of distributing licences—only if the gambling company adheres to its strict remote gambling standards.

One of how the GRA screens potential businesses to give licences to is by checking to see if these blue-chip businesses have sufficient experience in the gambling world. If they do, then the GRA goes on to assess their financial condition and see if they have a good business plan. Due to close relationship to UKGC, the casinos not registered with Gamstop normally does not use a Gibraltar-license.

The GRA takes stringent measures to ensure that the business they are handing out the licence to upholds standards of data protection, customer’s privacy and much more.

Curacao eGaming

This organization hails from Curacao, an island-based in South America. This body was launched in 1996 when the world of online betting was unravelling. This organization is responsible for providing eGaming licence and IP services to those gambling companies that are looking to set up an online casino. This is normally the go-to license for gambling sites not on Gamstop UK and most of the non Gamstop-casinos in our list is licensed by Curacao eGaming.

This organization has numerous data sensors around the world so that it can keep up with the maintenance of all the online casinos it caters to.

The body only does business with those gambling companies that have a good and honest reputation in the market. The organization provides licences to companies that entail sports-betting, slot machines and casinos. Click here to check out their anti-fraud policy.

When playing on a casino without Gamstop with a Curacao License, your winnings are subject to taxes.

Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission

This establishment was previously known as the Gambling Control Commission. Today, known as the IMGSC, the body aims to regulate and oversee all offline and remote gambling activities.

Working tirelessly, the IMGSC ensures that all gambling and betting activities on the Isle are kept honest and free of any criminal activity. The organization keeps a watchful eye on all aspects of gambling— they monitor gaming operators, aid companies who are applying for these licences all the while making sure that these gambling companies protect sensitive customer records. They may also ensure that these online games are run fairly through random number generators (RNGs) so that everyone has a fair chance at winning.

While the Isle of Man may be a British Crown Dependency, it has its government—meaning the kind of monitoring that goes on there doesn’t have to adhere to the same rules taken up by UK-based commission.

Malta Gaming Authority

This is perhaps one of the greatest regulators of online casinos in the world—operating nearly 10% of all online gambling operators. It generates almost 8% of its GDP from the revenue generate by betting accounts. Sometimes a MGA licensed casino offer Casinos not registered with Gamestop which is a great option for UK players. These casinos normally have a great selection of games and betting selections.

MGA is committed to making sure there are enough checks and balances to provide players with a fair and crime-free gambling experience. The body has taken upon itself to not only provide for gambling licences in the country but also to gather gambling taxes (from both online and on-land companies) to give to the government as well as aiding charitable causes and making sure that Malta’s gambling businesses are beneficial to the country as a whole.

What Sites Are Not On Gamstop

White Label Solutions

A white label solution is one that is created by a company to sell it to another company. It is designed to help you launch your online casino in the shortest way possible. Not only are you able to get a fully operational betting system, but you get a licence as well as a custom website design for your website.

Casinos with a white label solution can sometimes be casinos not with Gamstop, but this is determined on licenses. Since the white label solution itself must have a license, it could be from anywhere and it is up to the white label company to decide what type of traffic they accept.

Final Word

If you’re thinking of starting your own gambling business in the UK, be on-land or online, you have the main gambling organization at your disposal— the UK Gambling Commission. However, if this is a channel you do not want to go through, you have a host of other alternatives that will provide you with a licence for your business.

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