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So we’ve written about why everyone loves lotería, how people have adapted lotería for artistic purposes, and now comes the most important question: which is your favorite lotería card? Or can you name just one? For a long time, my favorite was La Sirena, but as time has passed, I’ve come to appreciate the value of just about each and every card. In any case, here’s our list of the top cards.

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  3. All The Cards In Loteria
  4. Cards In Loteria

La Sirena – People love La Sirena, and I’m pretty sure it’s not just because she’s topless. The images is beautiful and evocative, very poetic and definitely the most iconic mermaid images I’ve ever seen.

El Diablito – I’ve seen the lotería version of El Diablito all over the place, most recently on t-shirts at the pulga, but I think he’s definitely a memorable representation of pure evil.


Printable Loteria Game Cards – free printable loteria game cards, printable loteria game cards, printable mexican loteria game cards, What is a card? Card is bit of thicker, stiff paper or lean pasteboard, in particular one useful for writing or printing on; some heavy paper published using a image and used to send out information or greeting; a little rectangle bit of heavy paper having a. For example, there’s la selfie, el hipster, la student debt and more. The “influencer,” or card dealer, calls the cards. Then, the card that’s called and matches the image on the game sheet gets a bitcoin, or la bitcoin. “If you get four in a row or if you fill the board, you yell out ‘yaaaaaassss’,” Alfaro explains.

In Bingo, a number with an associated letter is randomly chosen from a rotating drum, while in Loteria, with a colorfully illustrated image is drawn from a special deck of 54 cards. The modern versions of these cards also contain the name of the image at the bottom and an associated number at the top. Mexican loteria cards, six pages of different cards, printable digital downloads for card making, arts and crafts, scrapbooking and more ArtDeco 4.5 out of 5 stars (1,485).

El Catrín – Aside from being a really cool Café Tacuba song, El Catrín is one of those figures that I’ve always seen mentioned casually by men, either when they’re messing with each other or dressing up. Whatever the case, he sure is a dapper fellow!

El Borracho – I’ve been seeing the El Borracho image used to sell tourists t-shirts since I was a kid, from Tijuana to Matamoros, this drunk guy seems to be all the rage with the tourists.

El Soldado – This image of a soldier standing at attention is not only iconic, but it’s adaptable, especially given that we live in an almost perpetually bellicose nation. And, as we’ve reported before, Latinos are an important part of the U.S. military.

Loteria card readings (Mexican Tarot Readings) These Mexican cards are brilliant for providing short, sharp answers to question and also divining advice for spiritual concerns.

La Luna – La Luna is all over the place, whether’ is a light switch plate, pair of earrings, or ceramic pottery. This particular version of the moon, with the feminine features in the crescent profile, is popular as heck.

All The Cards In Loteria

El Sol – Perhaps for similar reasons, this version of the sun has been adapted to ceramic pottery, jewelry, plates, postcards and more.

Did we miss any? What’s your favorite lotería card and why?

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How Many Cards In Loteria Deck

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Free Printable Loteria Cards – A lot of individuals are going on the internet to discover a free printable download. They do not actually want to pay anything for it, however they do anyhow. With the hundreds of websites that claim to be free printable downloads, it can obtain confusing attempting to figure out which ones are genuine and which ones are not.

El Corazon Loteria Card Home Makeover Pinterest Loteria Cards – Free Printable Loteria Cards

All The Cards In Loteria

So what should you seek when you’re searching for a free printable download? The very first point that you wish to see to it of is that the site itself is credible. Don’t be scared to choose the ones that supply you various options to pick from.

Loteria Mexicana Tradicional Printable Mexican Art, Mexico Art – Free Printable Loteria Cards

If you desire to publish a leaflet or other product on a website, make sure that they are permitted to have this capability. If they do not, after that do not waste your time. If they provide points like endless printing for free, make certain that it’s something that is not tough and also quickly possible to beat on.

Free Printable Mexican Loteria Cards – Printable Cards – Free Printable Loteria Cards

Cards In Loteria

Is there an email address offered, as well as is that email free? This is one of the most vital things that you ought to inspect for.

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If you can discover a way to find that individual’s email address, then that indicates you will have free control any type of site that she or he has to provide. If the site is providing something related to his or her specific niche, this is specifically useful. In that instance, see to it to call them to see if you can establish an appointment to make sure that you can chat to them.

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Also, see to it that they don’t have a subscription charge. The last thing you wish to do is invest money on something that you don’t also have the cash to make use of. This may be a small cost, yet that little fee might actually accumulate, particularly if you truly aren’t thinking about the service that they are offering.

Apps you can win money for free. Played Loteria With The Kids In Guatemala. Loteria In 2019 – Free Printable Loteria Cards

Ultimately, make certain that the website itself supplies a free printable download. There is no factor why you should not make use of these deals, especially if they feature something that you require. It never ever harms to try something new, especially if you’re mosting likely to do it totally free.


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Don’t forget to inspect out the offers also. Some websites enable you to print a free printable, others don’t. Make sure to attempt each one up until you discover one that you such as if you understand that you require something.

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