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Funny Come On Caller Make Me Holler Bingo Saying 4' Benelux Metal Christmas Tree Ornament / Bingo Christmas Ornament / Gift Under 10 InspiredQuips. 5 out of 5 stars (855) $ 8.95. Favorite Add to 2020 BINGO. Think bingo balls. How to Play Christmas Bingo Set up. Print out the bingo cards and calling cards (the calling cards print on the last page). Cut out the calling cards and place them in a container. Whether you're hosting a gathering that's in-person or online, Christmas bingo is a great game for people of all ages to enjoy! With a Christmas bingo card template, you can create cards for different themes. In addition to numbers, holiday images such as a Christmas tree, reindeer, and hot cocoa can fill each space.

Looking for a fun activity for your Birthday Party for Jesus or Christmas session? How about Christmas Tree Bingo? This isn’t your normal sit-at-a-table Bingo game. This is more active and way more fun.

Object: Find every item and mark every square on your Christmas Bingo card.

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Wild classic slots app. Option if time is limited: Play traditional five-in-a-row or require two Bingos, one horizontal and one vertical.

Preparation and planning:

  • Print one copy of the Christmas Bingo card for each child. Printing two per sheet makes them roughly 5.5-by-8.5-inches and saves paper!
  • Choose 35-40 tree decorations to correspond with your Christmas Bingo card squares.
  • Print icons or words on a sheet of address labels. Icons are best for younger kids but may be harder to find. Each word should correspond with an ornament on your tree. Using standard size address labels, printed two words on each label then cut them in half. This will be square stickers kids will use to create their Christmas Bingo cards. Click here to download a sample list of some ornaments you could include.
  • Decorate a Christmas tree with your chosen Christmas Bingo ornaments. Add more ornaments, garland, lights, or other tree decorations for additional challenge and fun.

The last time I played this game, I set our Christmas tree in a place that the children could not touch it. This was for obvious reasons, like I didn’t want someone to knock the tree over, but also to add an additional challenge. Part of my instructions to the kids included “You may not get within reach of the Christmas tree.” Kids had to find the items from a short distance away without touching the tree. There are 24 empty squares on each Christmas Bingo card so my goal was to have 35-40 ornaments, some represented by stickers and some not, and have at least 30 different words/icons on stickers to add variety.

Christmas Tree Bingo Pattern


Solo Cup Christmas Tree Bingo

  • As kids arrive, guide them select one blank Christmas Bingo card.
  • Kids select a different sticker (from the cut address labels) for each square and place it on his/her Christmas Bingo card. Stickers may not be on a card more than once. This allows each child’s Christmas Bingo card to be different, adding challenge and creativity.
  • After each square has a sticker, kids are guided the Christmas tree to look for each item on their Christmas Bingo card. When an item is found, kids should mark that item off on their card. You can use stamps, pencil, or marker to mark off found items.
  • If a kids finishes quickly, she can color her Christmas Bingo card to decorate a border or draw a picture on the back.
  • If desired, have a prize for the first child who gets a “bingo,” or a prize for each child as he completes a “bingo.”

Christmas Tree Bingo Printable

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