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Looking for a fun way to teach CVC words? These fun, hands-on centers cover things like segmenting and blending sounds, beginning and ending sounds as well as medial vowels. Kids will get to build, decode and read words in a variety of fun ways.

To download the CVC Bingo Matching Card Game follow this link: able to read and spell CVC words are important skills fo. This Bingo game focuses on CVC words with a short I sound. There are two versions of the game boards and three versions of the ‘question cards’. This will allow your the opportunity to adapt the game to suit your class situation. The first version of the game boards has pictures while the second has words. Email to a Friend. Availability: In stock. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Find the missing letter in the CVC word on your board and you’re a winner! Game includes 4 boards featuring colorful photos and 24 letter cards. Skip to the end of the images gallery. Oh, and by the way. CVC stands for consonant-vowel-consonant. HAT would be a CVC word. But I’m also including short vowel words with beginning blends and digraphs (FLAT or CHIP) as well as short vowel words with double consonants at the end (HILL) or the -ck ending (PACK). CVC Words (and more) for Short a. Tags: CVC Bingo Dauber Pages map mop soup soap bed head sheep lamp dog house leg foot rat duck bug cake bike cup big mug tape book phone cheese sick tub thumb top food juice CVC Bingo Dauber pages just to make producing final sounds a little more fun.

Cvc Bingo Ict Games

To go along with these awesome kindergarten literacy centers, you will also get a set of no-prep CVC words worksheets to get some extra practice on these skills.

Wuold you like a quick peek at the activities in this CVC Words Centers set? Check it out below.

Cvc Bingo Game

Paint Palette CVC WordsEaster bingo games free.

This activity combines the fun of fine motor practice with reading. You can add the milk lids to make it 3D or just have kids place pom poms directly on the paper.

Stamp & Read CVC Words

We LOVE these alphabet stamps, and they are great for building words. I love that the kids can feel and touch the word while they decode and read.

CVC Words Bingo

This CVC words Bingo allows kids to decode and read the words in two different ways. First they can build the word with a beginning sound and word ending. Then they get to read the words on their bingo card to see if it is there. We LOVE the extra practice.

Balloon Pop CVC Words

Children get to “pop” a playdough balloon as they pronounce each sound in these words. Then they follow the arrow with their finger to read it fast.

Slide & Read CVC Words

This slider allows kids to experiment with switching out beginning and ending sounds as well as medial vowels. It’s great for practicing rhyming words and word families.

Cupcake CVC Words

Kids love cupcakes. This activity is all about making their cupcake words on the back of a baking tin. The magnetic letters stick to the pan, and it’s a lot of fun.

CVC Word Cards

We love these simple fill in the blank word cards, because they help kids distinguish sounds in all parts of the words. We used magnetic letters to fill in the blanks, but any small letters you have will work.

CVC Word Pockets

These fine motor word pockets are fun and functional. Kids can slip craft sticks in to build words, then flip just one stick to make a similar word or start with all new sticks. We used plain color sticks for the vowels and colored sticks for consonants.

Read & Push CVC Words

A used Ziploc box makes this fun read and bop game. Just add ping pong balls.

Cvc Bingo Board

CVC Flag Word Building

Placing flags in playdough to build words is a lot of fun. It’s a great sensory way to practice your reading.

Whack-a-Dough Words

Cvc Bingo

Kids love, love, LOVE this game. For this activity, you place a little playdough ball on each mole hill, and then read the words. If it’s a real word, you move on. If it’s a nonsense word, you get to whack it with a hammer.

Milk Lid CVC Words

Cvc Bingo Cards

Here is another fine motor skills reading game. For this one you get to screw on milk lids to make the beginning sound for each word. Swap out tree pages for different word endings.

CVC Words Worksheets

We’ve included 15 no-prep worksheets in this set for you as well. It allows kids to keep working on those skills they’ve been practicing in their centers. Here is a sneak peek at some of the worksheets in this set.


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