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Easter Bingo for ages 4-7 is designed to give the teacher or parent an opportunity to tell the Easter story using picture symbols. As the pictures are discussed, the children place their markers over the corresponding pictures. Each child has the same bingo card that looks like this. BINGO PROGRESSIVE JACKPOTS; Last Updated on the Overview. 75-ball bingo is the dominant form of bingo played in North America and is a variation of the 90-ball bingo variety. Players opt in to a 75-ball bingo game by purchasing numbered cards.

Easter bingo online games
  • This printable Easter bingo game contains 30 different calling cards and 25-space game boards, so it’s suitable for playing both traditional bingo AND blackout bingo! To play the Easter bingo game, print out the required number of bingo cards (one per player) and one set of calling cards.
  • Easter Bingo is a fun and easy Easter activity that would be great for a class party of even for a family get together with lots of kiddos.

This game would work well on Easter Sunday morning, when you have extra visitors. Slotomania slotoquest problem. It teaches basic Christian truths, and it requires no prior knowledge. Kids will enjoy Easter Bingo and learn the basics of how Jesus rose from the grave.

  1. Print the bingo cards and the bingo calling cards on card stock or heavy paper, and cut apart the calling cards.
  2. Cut colored paper or cardboard into 1-inch squares to make markers (or choose to use other markers).
  3. Each player chooses a bingo card and takes some markers. (Picture 1)
  4. The leader instructs each player to begin by putting a marker on Jesus in the center square, since Jesus is the most important person in the Easter story. (Picture 2)
  5. The leader draws a calling card, reads the statement, and holds the card up for everyone to see. (Picture 3)
  6. Each player with a square matching the calling card places a marker on that square.
  7. The first person to get five markers in a row horizontally or vertically wins the game. (Picture 4)
  8. Dump the markers and start over. Players can trade cards if they wish.
  9. Prizes are not necessary; kids love learning and playing games just for the fun of it.

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