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This ever trusted online casino is considered one of the unique casino in the net. Their doorways opened in 2007 for players that are wanting for various type of thrill and excitement in gambling. Play great games FREE! Enjoy Hidden Object games, Time Management games, Match 3 games, and more from Big Fish Games. According to our research and estimates, Go Fish Online Casino is a smaller online casino revenue-wise. The revenue of a casino is an important factor, as bigger casinos shouldn't have any issues paying out. A referral bonus is given if you refer a good friend to the on line casino and he indicators up with them. A loyalty bonus is issued to a casino's patrons who've played with them for a sure time or for a sure sum of money. Generally, promotional bonuses serve to advertise a specific game or casino.

Fu Fish review

Theme and Storyline

Fu Fish is an almost wholly unique form of slot machine. In place of a spin button, the player has a cannon. Instead of aiming to land winning combinations, the player uses that cannon to shoot fish and is paid a certain amount when the fish explodes.

The player competes with other players, who have their own cannons, and the constant risk of missing, of kill poaching, and of course of shooting expensive rounds at cheap fish.

The idea of shooting fish is certainly a novel one for a slot theme, but it is the execution that really makes this game stand out.

Graphics, Sounds and Animations

The visuals are this slot's main appeal. A dozen different fish, turtles, whales, dragons, flotsam and jetsam move across the screen in endless groups and shoals.

Everything is animated, from the cannon shots to the exploding fish, from the languid swim of a shark to the frenetic writhing of the dragons. The animations are all unique, clear, and well formed. Though the screen can get pretty busy with tens of fish swimming and up to six players firing tracer rounds into the water.

The sound effects are a little repetitive, the cannon fire is ongoing as is an annoying steel band loop that is supposed to evoke the Caribbean but mostly just irks the player.



The gameplay for Fu Fish is unusual but simple. The player has a gun they aim with their mouse (or finger in the touchscreen version). The goal is to shoot the fish that swim past, winning prizes for the fish you kill. Every shot costs the player one bet (the bet size is set by a slider).

Every fish has a cash prize, the harder they are to kill the bigger the prize. The prizes are valued in multiples of bets.

Go fish online casino

Wilds, Bonuses and Free Spins

Go Fish Online Casino

There are no Wilds or Free Spins in Fu Fish, thanks to its unusual gameplay style.

Bingo open

The closest things to bonuses are the dragons and golden sharks which have randomised high payouts (between 50x and 500x the bet for the sharks, between 200x and 888x for the dragons).

There are also special objects like the mines which clear the screen of fish, paying out for all those fish to the player who detonated the mine. Some fish come with multipliers of their own.

Bet Sizes, RTP and Variance

The return to player of this game is potentially as high as 97.00%, but the unusual gameplay makes the exact amount somewhat dependent on the player. The number of 97% only works if the player wastes zero shots. Wasting shots is easy as tough fish will often swim away before they take enough rounds to die, and other fish can swim in front of targets.

For comparison, our yardstick for average is roughly 96%.

The range of bets on the site ran from $/£/€0.01 per shot up to $/£/€10.00 per shot. Given the rapid fire of the cannon in this game, those bets can rack up fast, making this game one in which players should take extra care with their bankroll management.

The publisher has not released any data on the volatility of this game, which makes recommending the slot difficult. Especially since sticking to high volatility slots is one of the cornerstones of our slot strategies. However, on the basis of how the game pays out it seems likely that the volatility is relatively low for this slot.


Fu Fish stands in a category of its own thanks to its unusual game mechanics. That uniqueness is a definite draw as is the high theoretical RTP.

However, in practice the RTP is unlikely to be that high as there are a lot of ways in which the game generates wasted bets.

While this game does not meet the standards set by our preferred slot strategies, the gameplay may well be interesting enough to lure a few players in.

Fish Casino Slots

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