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If you’re new to online slots, you’ll see a lot of termsflying around that might seem confusing at first. We’ve put together a glossaryof slots jargon, which will get you started and help you easily navigate theworld of online slots.

Online slots games terminology


Many games have this function, where you can get the game to play for you. Simply select the number of spins, a loss limit and you’re ready to go.


The money that you’re wagering. You can set a ‘bet per line’ and also see your ‘maximum bet’, which is the total amount you’re wagering per spin when all your bets per line are added together.

Bonus rounds

This is a feature you can unlock during gameplay by certain combinations that you hit on the reels and could involve a bonus feature or free spins. You could also obtain bonus funds to add to your balance from us – just check our promotions page.

Classic slots

A style of online slots games with the look and feel of traditional slot machines.

Daily Jackpot

This is a prize pot that can be won once a day, on top of the wins you can typically get from each game. The amount in the jackpot grows every time money is bet on a game. Keep an eye out for the daily jackpot logo when looking through our selection of online slots to see which games you could win this on.

Free spin

This essentially lets you spin the reels again at no extra charge. You can win free spins in game and you can check our promotions to see if we’re offering any that involve free spins.


This is just another name for when you win.

High paying symbol

These are usually pictures or special symbols that result in a higher payout compared to regular symbols.

Jackpot slots

A choice of slot games where you could win even more money, in addition to what you’re playing for within the game. Our jackpot slots page includes our daily slots, king jackpots, and more.

King Jackpot

This kind of jackpot is linked across multiple games, where 1% of each bet for each spin goes into the prize pool.

Multiline slots

Free Slot And Bingo Games

These online slots allow you to place bets on a choice of paylines.

Must-go Jackpot

As people play, this type of jackpot grows with every bet placed until it reaches a pre-determined amount and pays out. This kind of jackpot can be won on a variety of games, so keep an eye for the ones it’s advertised on.

Network Jackpot

This jackpot operates across different websites and begins at a starting value, which then increases with each bet.


A line where the symbols are arranged. Get one of the right combinations on a payline to win some money. The number of paylines in a game determines the amount of ways that you might win – some games just have 1, while others can have more than 100,000.


The money you receive if you win.


Check here to see what combinations of symbols you need to line up and what the payout will be if you get them.

Progressive Jackpot

A jackpot gathered across a network of slots, giving lots of different players a chance to win. It keeps growing with each bet placed until somebody wins. The amount it’s increased by is stated in the game rules.


This stands for random number generator, which is used by slots to choose the way that the reels land.


Mecca Free Slots

These are what spin to mix up the symbols. Originally, slots had just three reels, yet five-reel slots are becoming more popular and some games have even more reels still.


Just like free spins, these allow you to spin the reels again. You can win re-spins on certain games.


The acronym for return to player. It’s the average percentage of money that is paid back to players.

Scatter symbol

Wherever this type of symbol lands is good news for you, a certain amount of these can unlock a bonus round or give you a payout.


The reels’ movement during the game.

Video slots

A type of slots game that features video and animation sequences to highlight its theme.


This will vary based on the game you’re playing. It measures how often you can expect to win, and how large the winnings could be. On high volatility slots, you’re less likely to win but your payout will be higher, whereas low volatility slots tends to result in more wins but have lower payouts.

Wild symbols

These can fall on a payline alongside the rest of another combination to give you a win.


To get a win, you need to line up one of the right combinations of symbols.

Knowing these terms and phrases will help you understand and enjoy online slots a bit better, so you feel more confident with your gameplay. For more advice, check out our how to play online slots guide , which teaches you everything you need to know to spin the reels like a pro. If you’re ready try out these games for yourself, see what online slots we have to offer. Thunder valley casino bingo.

How To Play Slot Games – Mecca BingoOur ‘How to play Slots’ video gives you everything you need to know about how to play and win at online slots, including some of our handy top tips.Play at our on huge selection of slot games on htt…

Our super slots selection at Mecca includes games of all shapes and sizes, but one of the most beloved themes is Ancient Egyptian slots. From delving into mysterious tombs and consorting with forgotten gods, to uncovering hidden riches and meeting the legendary queen Cleopatra – this timeless theme includes some of the most popular online slot games of all-time.

If you’re new to slots, check out our how to play slots guide as well as our slots glossary to help you cut through the jargon.

Waiting for an invitation? There’s no need – just toot-and-come-in.

Cleopatra slot games

The legendary Queen of Egypt – Cleopatra – is the popularface of several classic slots that draw on her famous beauty and mystique.

Mecca Bingo Online

The original Cleopatra slot was a huge hit in casinos around the world, before it became an online sensation too, thanks to its fab free spins bonus, that can award up to 160 free spins!

Cleopatra is so popular that it spawned several sequels and spin-offs, including Cleopatra MegaJackpots – with huge progressive jackpots added to the mix – and Cleopatra Scratch, which turns the game into a scratch card.

Other Cleopatra slots like Cleopatra Queen of Slots also draw on the allure of the famous ruler, ensuring her legacy for years to come!

Book of Ra slot games

Like Cleopatra, Book of Ra is a casino success story thatalso became hugely popular with who play online slots. Combining tomb exploration and an IndianaJones-esque protagonist with a frequently triggering bonus round – it’s notdifficult to see why these Ra-mazing games are enjoyed by so many.

Book of Ra Deluxe is the classic version of the game with a bonus round sees symbols expanding across the reels potentially triggering huge cash wins. Book of Ra Mystic Fortunes, is the same base game, but with four new jackpots added to the mix!

Ancient Egypt Slot games

Free Online Slot Games Mecca Bingo Game

The Ancient Egypt games are bright, bold and colourful takeson the Egyptian slot gamestheme, with familiar symbols like Cleopatra, Anubis, the Eye of Ra and thegolden scarab beetle found upon the reels. The scarab beetle in particular isworth paying attention to – acting as both a Wild symbol and a Scatter.

In Ancient Egypt, 3 scarab beetles will trigger a bonus round that asks you to pick a treasure chest that either has a small cash award, a large cash award or a free spins round with expanding symbols inside. If you land a valuable symbol, big wins can follow! In Ancient Egypt Classic, three scarabs always triggers the lucrative free spins round.

Legacy of Ra Megaways

Step into the shoes of an intrepid explorer as you lead anexpedition deep into the ruins of an ancient pyramid. Will you discover thelegacy of the sun god Ra, along with his riches?

Legacy of Ra offers Megaways – meaning there are up to 15,625 ways to win, along with a free spins bonus round with expanding symbols.

Throne of Osiris

If you love mythology, then this is the game for you – Throne of Osiris draws on ancient stories of the Egyptian gods. The wise god Osiris lays slain at the hand of his jealous brother Seth. Osiris’ son – the sky-god Horus – seeks vengeance. Their epic clash takes place on the reels, making for an action-packed game filled with bonus rounds and big-win combos.

Egyptian Fortunes


A Mecca Original, Egyptian Fortunes revels in the finery of the Pharaohs. Explore King Tut’s temple, search for sacred scrolls and stack up energy spins – free spins awarded for hitting special combos on the reels.

A unique new take on the classic theme, Egyptian Fortunes wasdesigned with you in mind.

Queen of Gold

Another slot game that celebrates the exalted queen Cleopatra, Queen of Gold’s fab features are what sets it apart. Pick your lucky cell on the reels and if the Queen symbol lands in it, you’ll gain levels and stack up the free spin multiplier. Can you reach the Queen’s chamber and the super level?

Ancient Script

A hodgepodge of Hieroglyphs and exotic symbols hit the reels in this crisp and bright slot game. Look out for the Mask of King Tut, which acts as a wild symbol and a scatter symbol. If you manage to land five of a kind symbols in a row – it’ll bring you a big win!

Ra and The Scarab Temple

Explore the history of Ancient Egypt with the sun god Ra on your side and uncover mysteries of the Scarab temple. You’ll discover jewels, ancient riches and treasure pots stuffed with gold – it’s almost tomb much fun!

Keep your eyes peeled for Red Envelopes being added to the reels – if they land on the first and fifth reel, you’ll claim the lucrative Red Envelope Jackpot!

After giving these slots a go, you’ll be ready to walk like an Egyptian, but if you’re still in de-nile about these great games, don’t desert us just yet – check out the rest of our super slots games.

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