Hallmark Christmas Movies Bingo Cards

Are you a holiday Meet Cute movie trope-watcher? Do you have a personal mental checklist that you mark off every time a seemingly innocuous special Christmas gift (a snow globe, advent calendar, or stocking) starts messing with the lead character’s life? Do you lean forward on your sofa when a seemingly innocuous older person (especially when played by an actual star, past or present) seems to know too much about the workaholic protagonist’s life? Or do you just groan and go get another drink when the ex who dumped the lead character in the first 15 minutes suddenly shows up to propose — and the new love interest overhears just enough to cause a Big Misunderstanding?

If so, make it official with these bingo games. (Which also provide cover if you’re a closeted binge-watcher.) Just remember the “Candace Cameron Bure BINGO” is not that lovely actress’s real name.

My Free Bingo Cards – print up to 100 Hallmark movie bingo cards or generic Christmas movie bingo cards. Candace Cameron Bure mentioned? Not in the card preview. Tater Tots and Jello – Holiday movie cards perfect for children, since the cards feature pictures instead of words. So, Candace Cameron Bure isn’t mentioned, nor is the 90s-teen.

More Hallmark Channel Christmas movie fun. We love Hallmark Channel holiday movies as much as you do. Along with Christmas movie Bingo, check out watch party ideas on Think.Make.Share, including drink and popcorn recipes and a holiday sweatshirt DIY. Hallmark Christmas Bingo 2 bingo card with Dancing, Deceased Spouse, Horse Drawn Carriage, Old Romance Reconciliation, Castle or Mansion, Pre-Wrapped Gifts, Single Parent, Hot Chocolate, Christmas Magic and Amy Grant Song.

Deck the Hallmark podcast bingo cards – These cards are unusual in two ways. You’ll need to provide your email address to receive the cards. And these bingo cards are best suited for listening to the podcast, rather than watching the movies, as some cells celebrate the quirks of the three podcasters. Best cell: “Ice Sculpture Contest Fiasco.” Candace Cameron Bure mentioned? Yep.

Addie Ziernan’s blog – 10 bingo cards. Best entry: “weather-inappropriate winter clothing” since these movies are filmed all year ‘round, and it shows in how the characters rock their outerwear. Candace Cameron Bure mentioned? You bet.


The Federalist Hallmark bingo game – required reading for trope-watchers, as they go into some detail about facets of the genre like product placement and overzealous house decorating. (Many of these movies feature middle class working parents living in homes and neighborhoods that look like… the work of a professional set decorator.) Candace Cameron Bure mentioned? Not by name, but there’s a cell for “TV star of bygone era.”

Milwaukee Journal Sentinal Hallmark bingo cards – Generate and download up to five cards. Best cell: “City slicker endures small town.” Good coverage of jerk boyfriends and Big Misunderstandings. Candace Cameron Bure mentioned? Covered under “Recognize actor from sitcom.”

If You’re REALLY Going to Play Hallmark Christmas Movie Bingo

Having an actual viewing party?

My Free Bingo Cards – print up to 100 Hallmark movie bingo cards or generic Christmas movie bingo cards. Candace Cameron Bure mentioned? Not in the card preview.

Tater Tots and Jello – Holiday movie cards perfect for children, since the cards feature pictures instead of words. So, Candace Cameron Bure isn’t mentioned, nor is the 90s-teen-star-comeback trend. These adorable cards are free of such cultural commentary tropes.

It’s that time of year again! Are you ready to indulge in your favorite romantic Christmas movies? Check out this fun Hallmark Christmas Movie Bingo Game you can play while you watch!

I LOVE romantic Christmas movies. It wasn’t always this way for me, I used to see all of my friends talking about them every year and I didn’t understand what the big deal was! Then last year I was on 24/7 newborn duty during the holidays and tripped up on the Hallmark channel.

I immediately wondered why it took me so long to get there! I was captivated by the over the top story lines, the cheesy back and forth between the two lead characters, and of course the decor.

The decorations were so fun! It’s a bit of an adventure to see how the two main character will meet, what obstacle they will overcome and how the magic of the Christmas season will bring them together. I love it so much that I’ve got a Hallmark Christmas Movie Bingo game for you to play while you binge!

Did you know that Hallmark has over 136 movies in their Christmas collection? I have a LOT to catch up on! There are some things you will see in every romantic Christmas movie–and I look forward to it every time!

Things you will find in every romantic Christmas movie

–Person who LOVES Christmas (usually the woman)

–Overworked grinch (usually the man)

–Small town

–Insanely Beautiful Christmas Decor everywhere!

–People that can see the connection between the lead actors before they can

–Hot cocoa

–Some sort of Christmas show

Hallmark Christmas Movie Bingo Card Generator

–Santa figure




—Cookie Decorating

–Christmas Carols sung by insanely talented voices

and so much more!

Hallmark Christmas Movies Bingo Cards Templates

Romantic Christmas Movie Cast Improvements

If you watch enough of these movies you are bound to see actors and actresses that you grew up with on your favorite sitcoms or soap operas! You might even discover some of new favorites too!

I must say that the Christmas movies are getting better and more plentiful every year. There are more plot twists, better locations, and gorgeous sets. The actor quality is getting better too! One big difference I’ve noticed is that the diversity improving as well. There are many more actors of color and I’m here for it!

If you are looking for a checklist of all the Hallmark movies that will be premiering all season be sure to download this one!

Hallmark Movie Facebook Group

Did you know that you can chat with over 20k other romantic Christmas movie fans about the new premieres or even the “old” movies (let’s face it, these movies never get old!) You can join the Hallmark Christmas Movies Facebook group or the Hallmark Movie Club Facebook group so you can chat Hallmark Movies with those that GET IT!

Hallmark Christmas Movie Bingo Game

To fuel your binging habits and make it a little bit more fun, I have a Hallmark Christmas Movie Bingo game for you to download and enjoy! If you love to watch these movies solo or as a family, this is a super fun addition to your viewings!

This game comes with 4 printable pages with four different randomized bingo cards that has class Christmas movie things such as caroling, hot cocoa, the perfect Christmas tree and so much more! How fast can you get BINGO?!

Download Hallmark Movie Bingo Game!

Don’t forget to enjoy some more Christmas fun with these yummy festive treats: Snickerdoodle Christmas Cookies and Christmas Tree Cupcakes. Maybe you might want to enjoy the Hallmark movies with a slice of amazing Coconut Cream Pie!

…and don’t forget your free Christmas Gift Tags! You will need them for gift giving!

Do you love romantic Christmas movies? Which one is your favorite?

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