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Keno is a pretty popular casino game that has gained momentum as its presence has grown within the online gambling arena. As one of the oldest games played in casinos, it is no surprise that it has garnered so much interest. The game has historically had a Lottery or casino context, but smartphone users can enjoy Keno gambling through their mobile devices. Players can access smartphone Keno games from mobile optimized online casinos. Smartphone keno games are compatible with both the iPhone and Android platforms.

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This guide was created to inform interested players about how to safely and legally play real money Keno on smartphones. You will find information on how these smartphone Keno apps work and what options are available. Mobile gambling is an interesting component of the modern gambling landscape and is available to players all around the world. However, as with all forms of gambling, it should be enjoyed responsibly and the best way of doing that is by making informed decisions based on accurate, up to date information about the nuances of legally sanctioned mobile gambling entertainment. All of the smartphone casino apps featured in this guide are vetted to ensure their legitimacy and quality.

Best Keno Apps For Smartphones

There are smartphone Keno apps specifically made for both US and non-US markets. Players’ access to smartphone gambling depends on your location. There are smartphone apps developed exclusively for Android and iPhone devices with each respective operating system in mind. Below you will find a list of several different smartphone Keno gambling options. This list includes gambling options for Android and iPhone devices, however keep in mind that Windows and Blackberry users can still access keno through these destinations because of responsive technology.

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iPhone Keno Apps

The keno apps featured in this guide are compatible with the iPhone, and are web based, mobile optimized options that don’t require a download in most cases. These games are designed to work with Apple’s iOS and across several different devices. Apple’s product design and technical specs improves the overall smartphone gambling experience, especially from a visual standpoint. The retina display renders all apps beautifully and creates a visually stunning experience.

Thanks to responsive technology, even users of previous generation iPhone devices can access real money keno gambling through our recommended web based applications. Updating your iOS can help prevent security risks from hackers and keep the app running smoothly. The App Store doesn’t feature any real money gambling apps because Apple doesn’t support them per certain laws against it. Any gambling apps in the App Store feature Free Play modes, though some apps have in-app prizes that can be redeemed. We’ve listed the industry leading iPhone casino apps in the table above.

Android Keno Apps

As with the iPhone, Android devices deliver a premium performance when accessing the web based, mobile optimized gambling apps featured in this guide. The latest Android OS (Android Nougat at the time of this writing), is the best way to run these apps, as this will keep you safe from any potential security risks. The Android casino apps you find listed on this page are not native apps from the Google Play Store, but instead are web based mobile applications provided by the industry’s leading online casinos. Bingo ball sets. They usually do not require any type of downloads onto your device and offer real money gambling opportunities that you won’t find through Android native keno applications.

FAQs For Playing Keno Games On Your Smartphone

Isn’t A Smartphone Too Small To Play Real Money Keno?

Not at all. App developers have adapted to build for the various smartphone devices on the market today. Most smartphones come with high-quality streaming and gaming capabilities. Mobile casinos feature well-designed interfaces that facilitate smooth gameplay on even the smallest smartphone display. From slots to Keno, most forms of casino gambling are possible through your smartphone device. Developers use responsive design technology to support consistent functionality and design across several different screen dimensions, giving players the same high-quality experience no matter which device they are using.


How To Play Keno On My Phone

Will I Have To Download Any Software Onto My Phone To Play Mobile Casinos?

Only if you choose to download a native app from either Android’s or Apple’s marketplace. Most of the smartphone Keno options suggested in this guide operate on a mobile optimized browser-based system. If you are prompted to download an app it only means that it was developed specifically for Android’s OS or iPhone’s iOS. Mobile based online casinos can be accessed without downloading anything. Simply enter in the URL for the site on your mobile browser and you will be redirected to the mobile version.

Mobile Keno From Online Casinos v. Native Keno Apps From An App Store – Which Is Best?

One of the biggest differences between mobile Keno from online casinos and native Keno apps is real money gambling. Real money gambling options are only offered in mobile Keno from online casinos, with native Keno apps consisting of Free Play. Apple and Android don’t support real money gambling apps. US markets don’t feature them and most international players are restricted from them. Mobile casinos often have more Keno options than specific Keno apps. They also have exclusive casino bonuses that give players more money to gamble with. You won’t find bonuses in land-based casinos or on downloadable Keno apps. If you are simply interested in playing Keno for enjoyment, native app downloads are the better option. You may even have the opportunity to win some money without gambling any of your own through prizes. However, if real money gambling is what you are looking for, then mobile casinos are the better option. These sites are catered to gamblers and have incentives to keep you playing.

What Is Responsive Technology And What Does It Do For Keno Games?


Responsive design technology works to keep gameplay and display consistent across different screen sizes. Developers utilize responsive design to allow players to play Keno games on their computer, tablet or smartphone. It also allows players to access these games with older model phones without sacrificing any of the quality. Keno games will render successfully on any size screen and gameplay will function without any errors. This technology is also very effective for smartphone slots, smartphone blackjack, smartphone roulette and smartphone video poker.

Can I Play Keno For Free On My Smartphone?

Yes. Both mobile casinos and Keno apps have Free Play modes. Free Play is a great way of familiarizing yourself with how Keno works before gambling any of your own money. Some Free Play modes have contests where you can win real money, but the bulk of real money gambling action takes place outside of Free Play. In any case, smartphone users can enjoy Keno on their respective devices without risking any money.

Free Android Keno Apps

According to ancient Chinese legends, playing keno is what funded the construction of the Great Wall of China. However, this idea of raising money for public institutions through lotteries and other games of luck was frowned upon in the country in the 19th century. Chinese lottery practices thus remained undocumented until 1847, when the Portugues government in Macau granted licenses to Chinese lottery operators. Rumor has it that tickets were sent via messenger pigeons back then, which gave birth to the well-known Cantonese term “báigē piào” (pronounced baak-gap-piu) which literally translates to “white dove ticket”. Nevertheless, the name of keno comes from the French word “quine”, which means “five winning numbers”. The Latin word “quini” signifying “five each” is also an ancestor of the term.
Playing keno is pursued with the help of cards that usually contain numbers 1 through 80 on them. In online keno games, this is emulated within the game, while land-based operations offer them printed on paper. Classic keno cards allow players to choose between 1 and 10 of the numbers available on it, but some allow up to 20. You can see an example of this with five selected numbers in the screenshot embedded below from the Playtech Keno game.

After selecting the numbers and the value of your wager, 20 numbers will be drawn at random by either a ball machine or an RNG, depending on whether you’re playing in real life or online. Online casinos use a Random Number Generator to ensure the fairness of the operation. Depending on how many numbers you match to the result of the selection, you can win varying prizes.
Do you want to play keno for real money and enter the lottery for the chance to win actual cash prizes? Then head on over to our Online Casino Reviews page and discover your next favorite Internet gambling playground. Each of them has its own review page where you will find more details about software providers, as well as a score based on real player feedback. This will definitely help you make a suitable decision, so ensure that you take these factors into account as well.

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