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  • My biggest complaint is the machines. The machines change the odds of playing bingo on paper that takes the fun out of playing bingo. Most of the bingos's won are from machines, it forces you to purchase a machine or two and spend more money.
  • Bingo calls are words or phrases that accompany the ball numbers. The most famous bingo calls usually rhyme, and some have even made it into mainstream language. In bingo halls of old, bingo calls were sometimes shouted out by the players after the bingo caller announced the number in a call-and-response fashion.

One of the most entertaining aspects of visiting a bingo hall is the caller. All regular bingo players know the standard calls, such as “two fat ladies” and “legs eleven”, however there are some bingo halls out there that like to spice things up a little by adding rude bingo calls to their repertoire – perfect for a more risqué night of bingo!

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But what exactly are some of the rude bingo calls you’ll find, and why are they used? You can find out more when you read through the page on rude bingo calls below…

There are loads of rude bingo calls out there, some of which are hilarious, others of which aren’t quite as funny. We’ve made a list of some of the best rude bingo calls we’ve heard below – why not get some inspiration from them if you’re thinking of calling the bingo anytime soon? Don’t just use our list though – be creative and try to make up some of your own!

  • Teeth in a whore (4)
  • Sexy Kate (8)
  • Stick your tongue up a hen (10)
  • Keep ‘em keen (19)
  • Getting plenty (20)
  • Adult fun (21)
  • Dirty Gertie (30)
  • Flirty whore (34)
  • I’ve done your mum (41)
  • On all fours (44)
  • Kinky tricks (66)
  • Your place or mine? (69)
  • Let’s procreate (78)

As you can see, some of them are pretty tame, while others are definitely adult only! We’re sure you can also create some others for the numbers missing above. You’ll also find some other examples online, as they were a little too rude for us to include on this page!

Before looking at why rude bingo calls are used, it’s perhaps best to first say this: if you’re thinking about using rude bingo calls at your next game, make sure you read the audience beforehand! There might be some people who bring children along, or there might be more elderly players there. Both of these sets of people might not be too happy if you start calling out rude calls to them! Rude calls are great when you have a group of adults looking for some fun though.

Perhaps the main reason why rude bingo calls are used is for entertainment. Jackpot bingo duncanville. The old bingo calls are pretty tame and don’t add an extra dimension of sauciness to the calling process. Rude calls, however, should have players howling with laughter as they try to mark off their bingo cards at the same time. This is especially the case if you manage to make up some hilarious calls of your own.

Rude calls are also often used so that players can identify the number being called – something that is also the case with standard bingo calls. A quick shout of “30” might not be heard by all players, but adding “Dirty Gertie” to the call can leave players in no doubt as to the number called. Some of the more obscure calls might have to be repeated though, especially if they don’t rhyme.


Finally, the ruder calls will appeal to a younger audience – an audience that bingo halls are now trying to target. Younger players now account for a larger portion of players than at any time in recent memory, and anything that attracts them can only be a good thing for the game. Of course, there should always be some less risqué games thrown in as well though, in order to cater towards others in the room.

There is not a standard set of rude calls for bingo, instead meaning that bingo callers have to make them up themselves, or borrow them from others. Rude calls were first used by Butlins and Ann Summers in order to spice up their games, but the original calls from these two companies have been modified and added to over the years.

There are a few standard bingo calls that are a little rude though – just take “Two fat ladies, 88” as an example. Most people aren’t going to be very happy if you refer to them as a fat lady, but for some reason it has become part of the bingo lingo.

So, there you have it: everything you could ever need to know about rude bingo calls! We think that they add an extra dimension of fun to bingo games (when used at the appropriate time) and they can be great when looking to attract a younger crowd to the bingo hall.

There’s nothing stopping you from making up your own rude bingo calls, so why not have a think right now and come up with some?

If the audience is right you should. An 18-30 audience will appreciate the cheeky calls, however those bringing children to a game, or the elderly, might not be as happy with them.
There are many ways. You can add extra prizes, for example, or you can theme a night around a topic. Of course, making alcohol available should also help to make the event a fun one!
They were originally used by Butlins and Ann Summers. Since then, rude bingo calls have been added by people up and down the country.
They generally aren’t particularly rude – “two fat ladies” is as bad as it gets. This is because bingo was seen as more family-friendly, meaning rude calls weren’t appropriate.

List Of Bingo Halls In San Antonio

Unfortunately, we’ve never come across a bingo site with rude numbers. This is because bingo sites are trying to appeal to the largest audience possible – rude numbers would put some players off.

The Coronavirus has already been described by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as an international crisis, and the number of deaths from it have been on the increase day by day. And while some countries have been affected in much larger ways than others, it remains as an active issue around the globe. Italy, for example, has gone into lockdown, having recorded more than 9,000 infections and 463 deaths altogether.

Those most at risk from Coronavirus include the elderly and those who already suffer from respiratory problems. So, how could this affect bingo halls? Well, when you consider that a large number of people who visit land-based bingo halls are the elderly and that it’s a contagious virus, those same bingo halls could become locations where the virus could swiftly spread between people.

As it happens, some bingo players have already been affected by it. Dozens of gamers were ordered into quarantine after a single one of them was confirmed to have the disease. Card-markers at the Royal British Club in Hindhead, Surrey were ordered into self-isolation for a two-week period, following one player unwittingly contracting Coronavirus prior to attending a bingo game. Public health officials have refused to name the person, but they are known to be a member of the Club, which has assured its remaining members not to panic over the situation, as they have things under control following a deep clean of the premises.

Of course, the elderly are also suspected to be more at risk of having respiratory problems already, so Coronavirus poses quite the issue for that generation. So, the question is, what can bingo halls do to halt the spread of the virus? Have any processes already been put in place so as to combat it?

Norfolk Bingo Hall Incorporates Precautions

One bingo hall that has taken it upon itself to introduce certain precautions for its players is the Palace Bingo Hall in Norfolk. This seaside establishment has taken to testing the temperatures of its customers as they arrive to participate in bingo within the hall. Any visitors who arrive at Palace Bingo and have a temperature above 37.4 degree will not be permitted to enter the premises. These measures have been firmly in place since Friday, February 28 – although as yet, staff have not had to turn any players away.

Speaking of the decision to do this, the Managing Director of Palace Bingo, Patrick Duffy said that he believes every business has a duty of care towards its customers. “Particularly in the afternoon, there might be at least 60 to 70 people in [the hall], so we do no allow people in that may have a virus.”

Mr Duffy himself was in Singapore himself just a month ago, and he was also in Hong Kong in 2003 when the SARS outbreak took hold. It is from his time in Singapore that Mr Duffy has taken the idea to test everyone’s temperature at his Norfolk bingo hall, and he said that the response to it from players has been mostly positive. Furthermore, he has taken to having the hall deep-cleaned every morning.

Online Bingo Could See a Rise in Players

Because those infected have been advised to self-isolate already, and because certain others may be hesitant to visit places where crowds can gather, could online bingo find itself being a welcoming recipient of more players? Well, it certainly stands to reason that if players aren’t visiting their usual land-based bingo halls, then perhaps they’ll seek solace in accessing online platforms to play their favourite games instead. It would prove to be a much safer option for such gamers to take.

Of course, if people are stuck at home with less to do than they normally would, perhaps even those people who don’t frequent bingo halls will find themselves checking out online gaming sites. That can only be a good thing for online bingo operators – although, needless to say, it would be terrible for those operators to want a pandemic to break out just so that they could reap the potential rewards.

List Of Bingo Halls In Las Vegas Nevada

It would be quite the unfortunate outcome for land-based establishments as well, considering that participation in this form of bingo has been on the decline for the past few years anyway. That decline has been due to the preference of some people to play at online bingo sites, so if the Coronavirus becomes even more widespread, then these halls could continue to see their takings decline. Potentially, even more of these brick-and-mortar establishments could find themselves shutting their doors permanently due to this.

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