Loteria Chips

Loteria Chips
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Join us for a fun and educational Lotería game online! Cantor Billy Webb, will be calling out cards, while players mark their digital Lotería board. This event is family friendly and designed to teach some basic Spanish and Mexican history. Please be prepared to join the Zoom meeting from your computer and open another window, or another device, to play the game online together with the other players. There will be prizes for the winners. Buena suerte!

The Loteria cards contain highly symbolic images that make up the H-town scene. All original artwork created by Art Manifested x Akt One. Ships in 2-5 Business Days. Box Set:. Custom Box. Deck of 36 cards. 5 Boards 6 x 9. 5 Random Kiss Cut Stickers (Half Sheet). 1 Bag of 50 Purple Chips. Game Set: Original Price. Loteria bingo chips. Add your personalization (optional) May add glitter instead of clear. You’ve reached the limit! Use 256 characters or less.

Where: The event took place on Zoom.

Lotería is an iconic card game that has been passed down many generations in Mexico. Lotería is the Spanish word for lottery. While it is a game of chance, the game is more similar to bingo.

Each card has a different picture, and its corresponding name in Spanish underneath. Each player chooses a board with randomly selected images across it. Typically, el cantor, the caller, is responsible for calling out the card name or even a riddle that goes with the picture. The players then mark the spot with a chip, often pinto beans. The first player with four chips in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal pattern wins the game after shouting “Lotería!”

The most famous version of the cards uses the artwork titled “Don Clemente Gallo,” which was introduced in Mexico by French businessman Don Clemente Jacques. However, many contemporary young artists, like Mike Alfaro of Millennial Loteria, reimagine the outdated Latinx representation in Lotería and humorously updates it to reflect a more modern generation.

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  1. Join the Zoom meeting with the link provided to your per email.

  2. Open this link on a separate device or in a new window: https://bingobaker.com/play/a8e31b1e4e98b6b7

  3. Enter your email address and hit enter

  4. Wait for host Billy Webb to call out cards

  5. If the called out card matches your board, click yo mark the correct square

  6. Once you have 4 checked squares in a row (horizontal, vertical, diagonal) either unmute yourself and call “Loteria” or write “Loteria” or “I won” in the chat.

  7. The game will be stopped and the first one to have called victory will be the winner of the game.

Thank you to Billy Webb for making this event happen.

Loteria Cards Download

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