Mecca Bingo Joining Bonus

Mecca Bingo up to £50 Welcome Bonus + £10 Club Voucher. Spend £10 or more within 60 days from the registration and get £30 Mecca Bingo Bonus and £20 Slots Bonus.

  1. Mecca Bingo up to £50 Welcome Bonus + £10 Club Voucher. Spend £10 or more within 60 days from the registration and get £30 Mecca Bingo Bonus and £20 Slots Bonus.
  2. Mecca Bingo, one of the finest online bingo sites in the UK has always been a favorite among the gaming enthusiasts. A thrilling collection of bonuses and promotions plus and an equally mesmerizing set of games is lined up at Mecca Bingo.
  3. Play bingo online with Mecca Bingo. Sign up, spend £10 and get £60! Enjoy big jackpots, exclusive games and free spins. Join the fun here!
  4. As a new user of the Mecca Bingo website, you can be credited with a £30 bingo bonus as well as a £20 slots bonus and a £10 voucher to be used in one of their bingo halls. To receive this you must simply open an account by clicking the ‘Join Now’ button on the site, complete the simple sign-up process and deposit £10 New customers only.

Bingo players in the UK will be familiar with the Mecca brand. Not only do they run one of the best online bingo rooms on the internet, but they also operate 100s of real-world bingo halls up and down the country.

Mecca bingo joining bonus codes

What many bingo players might not realise is you can play FREE BINGO at Mecca every day of the week. That’s right, join Mecca online, and you can take advantage of this great offer. So you’re probably wondering how you can play for free? Well, stick around, and I will tell you.

Mecca Bingo Joining Bonus Code


The key to finding Mecca’s free bingo is finding the right game room. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll need to check out the bingo schedule page. This is the page on the Mecca site which details all the games, costs and jackpots.


It’s worth remembering that you might need to click on the ‘Show All Rooms‘ button link underneath the schedule list. The reason you’ll need to do this is Mecca only shows you the games which are about to start.

You notice this page does NOT list any FREE GAMES! Has Mecca tricked you? Not exactly, but there is a little trick to finding the FREE BINGO. What you need to do is find a room called ‘Lucky For Some’. This room is listed in the schedule as 5p or 10p cost to play. You might be thinking ‘5p or 10p is not free’, and you’d be right. However, once you’re in this room – you can claim the FREE BINGO TICKETS! So enter the room, and you’ll see the BUY tickets button, just click it to claim your FREE tickets.

If the FREE tickets aren’t available, you’ll have the option to purchase SUPERTICKETS, these tickets cost pennies, and you get loads of them. Every other game in the ‘Lucky For Some’ room is either totally FREE or 1p to play. So if you don’t immediately see the text ‘FREE 36’ you’ll have to wait for the next game or spend a penny.

It’s fair to say that MECCA doesn’t make it easy to find the free bingo tickets. Nevertheless, you can play for free every day between 9am to 10pm. Although, I will give MECCA credit for including this free bingo room in their ‘Premiere Bingo Jackpots’ scheme. You can win prizes at five different levels, ranging from £10 to well over £30,000 with a huge progressive pot!


If you’re new to Mecca, you can claim a generous new player welcome bonus – Detail listed below. If you’d like to read a full review of the Mecca Bingo online experience – click here.


You can play a huge selection of Bingo Games with
massive Jackpots at Mecca Bingo –
Joining is easy and only takes two minutes.


Ah, 2020. I think we can all agree that this year hasn’t quite turned out the way we all thought it would, right? A bit of a balls up of a year, you might say. That’s why we’re here to combat some of the lockdown blues with FREE bingo! Yep, you read that right. We’re grabbing life by the (bingo) balls, saying balls to 2020 and offering you lovely lot £2020 in cash every single day this month for absolutely nothing.

So, whether you’re a regular on and want to find out exactly how to claim your free bingo or whether you’ve only just arrived (welcome!) and need a step by step guide, then you’ve come to the right place. Get ready to keep your eye on the ball… the bingo ball.

How do I sign up to

We’re so excited for you to join the Mecca family and signing up to us couldn’t be easier.

See that big orange ‘Sign In’ button? Well, head next to that and click on the ‘Register here’ button to get started.

If you’re brand spanking new, then make sure the top part is selected, or if you’ve already played at one of our clubs and have a membership card, then you select the bottom option, enter in your membership card details and your date of birth then we’ll find the rest of the information for you.

For new joiners, you’ll see something like this:

Just type in the details or information it asks for and you’re good to go. It should only take a few minutes, so pop the kettle on before you start, and it will be ready to pour by the time you’re done.

The best part is, as an extra warm welcome (we mean, aside from the free bingo) we’re also offering you a whopping £60 in bonuses to use on bingo, slots and in-club when you deposit your first £10 – if you so choose. If you’re just here for the free bingo, then that’s cool too.

How do I find the bonus section of the bingo lobby?

Mecca Bingo Joining Bonus Cards

Occasionally, you might receive, find or claim a bonus code with some money to put towards your bingo games. Once you have the code, whether it was through an email, social media, on our website or by paper plane (just kidding) then head to the bingo lobby and click the ‘Bonus Code’ icon at the top of the screen. It looks a bit like a barcode, as shown here.

Mecca bingo joining bonus codes

Once you’ve clicked that, you’ll get a screen like this:

Just pop the code (it’s usually one word) into where it says, ‘Enter Bonus Code’, click submit and you’re good to go! Easy peasy.

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Mecca Bingo Joining Bonus Card

What and where is the free bingo room?

Mecca Bingo Joining Bonus Codes

We know this is the one you’ve been waiting for. All of our free bingo sessions will be taking place from 7am until 11pm every day in the Lucky for Some room. It should be at the top of your bingo lobby as shown below, or you can find it from the homepage by typing the bingo room name into the search bar and pressing ‘Join Me’.

We hope you have an absolute BALL with your free bingo. Just think, you could be one of our 17,000 free bingo winners this month, and only a few minutes ago you we’re wondering if we were really giving out bingo for absolutely nothing! Oh, and why not invite your friends to like us on Facebook? It’s totally free and means more people to have a natter with whilst you’re waiting for your numbers to roll in.

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