Merlin Bingo

Rules and Requirements

Merlin has some magic (excuse the pun) deals and offers on and certainly much better ones that many other casino and bingo websites seem to offer. And we should know as we have literally reviewed so many of these our heads are now full of useless information about the inner workings of bingo and casino websites. Anonymous said: I'm entering ACBB with a multichapter fic, and some of those chapters cross off some of my bingo squares. I was just wondering how I'd work that out with filling in the form, since the. Bingo blitz blackout room.

Rules for fills

  • You can cross off one square per fill (artwork, single chapter, crochet project, poem, fanvid, etc).
  • Works must be shared for the first time during the time the bingo is running – no dusting off something you posted last year and calling it a fill.
  • You can crosspost with any other event in existence as long as 1) the other event is also okay with crossposting and 2) you meet the minimum requirements for ALL events the work is for added together (eg 300 words for us + the minimum word count for event A + the minimum art requirement for event B).
  • You can collaborate on a bingo entry, as long as each collaborator meets the minimum requirements (if you have two co-writers your work must be a minimum of 600 words, two co-writers and a digital artist must write at least 600 words and have a piece of art at least 300x300 pixels, five co-writers must produce a minimum of 1.5k, etc). Your collaborator does not have to be a bingo participant, but each participant can use the collab to cross off a square.
  • Interpret squares as literally or as figuratively as you like. If a word has more than one definition, you can choose between them. I’ve heard of “the end” being taken to mean a character’s rear end, “alpha/beta/omega” being a frat house, and “body sharing” filled with a fic about pregnancy, so as long as you think it fits the prompt, it fits the prompt!
  • TAG RESPONSIBLY – we won’t police the content you create for this bingo, but we do expect you to tag for any content that might cause readers distress. If you’re on the line about tagging for something, please err on the side of caution.
  • Complete the fill submission form for each fill you create. I know it seems like a faff, but it’s the only way we can be sure nothing gets missed from our reblogs and roundups and that you get the badges you’ve worked so hard to earn.
  • If you’re posting on ao3, please add your work to our ao3 collection

Merlin Bingham Swire

Minimum requirements

Merlin Bingo Card

  • Fic and poetry: 300 words, unless you are specifically writing a drabble (exactly 100 words on ao3)
  • Art: 300x300 pixels if digital, 3”x3” if traditional
  • Moodboards: five images (+ optional blurb)
  • Playlist: eight songs + cover art
  • Rec lists: three fanworks + reasons why you’re reccing them
  • Podfic: ten minutes + clear permission from the author for you to use it for the bingo
  • Translations: the work it’s a translation of must fit the fic minimum requirements, whether new or pre-existing + clear permission from the author for you to use it for the bingo
  • Fanvids: 30 seconds
  • All other fanworks (gifs, crafts, edits, manips, anything else you can think of): as long as you think it’s complete and/or the best you can do right now, it counts
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