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OMG, can you even? Millennial Lotería is a hilarious and insightful parody of the classic “Mexican Bingo” game called Lotería, but this time, it’s like way more millennial. I created this series to combat outdated Hispanic stereotypes and bring a more modern and relevant representation of Hispanic-American and their daily life. This set of cards reimagines La Dama as La Feminist, El Catrín as El Hipster, and Las Jaras as La Hashtag. The cards quickly went viral online, and our Instagram @MillennialLoteria gained over 35,000 followers in less than a year.

This success allowed us to sell out of our first printing in under 5 days, and a newer set is now availabe for pre-order on Amazon. Filled with nostalgia and ironic humor, it’s guaranteed to make your next fiesta be lit AF. So grab your bitcoins, get a couple of your fave followers together, and prepare to yell “Yaaaaasssssssssss, Millennial Lotería!”

Includes 46 cards, 10 boards, 80 bitcoin tokens, and a collectible Millennial Loteria pin.

Millennial Loteria AmazonAmazon
  1. It is the best of both worlds, both original but completely relevant to our world today. As a Latina growing up playing Loteria with the family at get-togethers and holidays, this game will forever hold a special place in my childhood heart, but now as a millennial, I get to make more amazing memories with family and friends.
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Millennial Loteria Amazon

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