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Win BIG at your next casino trip by playing this Blackjack app, with the best casino-style experience. Learn to master the most popular card game found in casinos all over the world, from the best Blackjack developer on Google Play. Sep 18, 2015 Apple Watch blackjack is part of MobilityWare’s expansion As suggested by its name, the Apple Watch blackjack game is totally free, so players don’t risk any money while playing. Unfortunately, this means that they cannot win money either.

Sep 18, 2015

The Apple watch blackjack is just the next in MobilityWare’s long line of smartwatch products.

Blackjack becomes wearable as MobilityWare uploads their new Apple Watch blackjack to the App Store.

• Free Apple Watch blackjack game
• What about other smartwatch blackjack titles?
• The first news on gameplay and options

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MobilityWare’s newest release is a free Apple Watch blackjack game. The title is part of the company’s ongoing expansion on the wearable gadget market. Mobilityware’s project started right after Apple’s newcomer hit the stores in April. An Apple Watch Solitaire game was their first specifically wearable-optimized game and it’s still the most popular of its kind. We’re sure that the new watch-optimized mobile blackjack will reach similar success, since blackjack is one of the most widespread and entertaining casino games out there.

Apple Watch blackjack is part of MobilityWare’s expansion

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Phone casino free spins no deposit. As suggested by its name, the Apple Watch blackjack game is totally free, so players don’t risk any money while playing. Unfortunately, this means that they cannot win money either. When it comes to gameplay it’s as simple as it gets: the aim is to win as much money as possible in 10 hands. Luckily, the scores get synchronized with the user’s MobilityWare iPhone blackjack game, so the two versions will always match.

OK, this is an apple watch blackjack game. Imagine it on a screen you hardly see anyway.

This version of Blackjack Free is great example of how we’re looking to expand the ecosystem of our franchises,” commented the release Jeff Erle the CEO of MobilityWare. After the reveal of the Apple Watch solitaire, the company announced that they’re developing other games, too. As of now, the Apple Watch blackjack was the only follow-up to their wearable portfolio. “Wearable platforms like Apple Watch present a tremendous opportunity to deliver fun games in an exciting new way, while augmenting the overall brand experience for our players,” added Erle.

Celebrities rocking their Apple Watch

No wonder that developers are experimenting with Apple Watch titles. The release of the tech-giant’s new device received tremendous publicity and in short time it became one of the year’s most wanted gadgets. Over the past months many high-profile celebrities were spotted with an Apple Watch on their wrist.

Celebrities of course get their own custom models from Apple (Photo:

The most notable was singer Beyoncé, rocking a custom gold Apple Watch with an estimated worth of $15,000. Also, pop singer Katy Perry, rap-legend Kanye West, Karl Lagerfeld of Chanel, Sophie Turner from the Game of Thrones, Drake and Pharell were also amongst the celebrity endorsers. It would be nice to see them playing MobilityWare’s new game and enter their name to’s long list of celebrity blackjack players.

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First it was Android blackjack for smartwatches

Android users might rightfully ask: what the news? Yes, when it comes to blackjack it’s unquestionable that Google did it first. Designed for Sony’s device, ‘Blackjack for Smartwatch’ is available on Google Play since 2013. Furthermore, there’s another similar Android blackjack app for Samsung Gear and Moto 360 by Dolce Games. Anyhow, we believe that there’s no reason for rivalry and comparisons. We should be happy that this renowned game is still around and developing.

MobilityWare was founded in 1990 and they’re a well-known name in the mobile game industry. Almost 300 million users have tried at least one title from their award-winning selection of games. Their flagship game is ‘Solitaire’, available since the first day of the App Store’s existence. Unfortunately, they forgot to tweet about their new Apple Watch Blackjack game, and as of now their official site does not offer info on it either. However, this should not stop you from downloading ‘Blackjak Free’ from the App Store.

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