Myvegas Loyalty Points 2020

Posted on Apr 22, 2020. Playing POP Slots or any of the other myVEGAS games is ofcourse a lot of fun. But better yet, you can earn real-life rewards in Vegas with Loyalty Points. But how do they work? How to earn Loyalty Points. Loyalty Points (LP) are earned during normale game play. Your LP balance is synced between all myVEGAS games. Have you earned enough loyalty points in the myVEGAS app that its time to redeem a reward? If you want a tutorial on how to redeem rewards in myVEGAS then you’ve come to the right spot. Our guide below includes screenshots from the latest February 2020 update so it’s not outdated like other websites! For myVegas frustrated players (frustrated because chips seem to vanish quickly and amassing loyalty points seem to be a harder task without paying for chips) Pop Slots is now offering a better alternative. It’s a recent development given that initially it wasn’t as ‘generous’ with L.P. Oct 15, 2020, 6:22 PM. You can use your reward for both if you have enough loyalty points. You are allowed up to 3 MLife rewards and others and not counted.

myVEGAS Game Strategy Guide

Table of Contents

  1. Chip Gaining Phase
  2. Chip Losing Phase



So you've discovered, myVEGAS, the new facebook game where you can earn real prizes for MGM Resort properties in Las Vegas! From rooms to buffets, and shows to hot clubs, earn them all just by playing this addicting game!

Just a quick walk-through of how this game works. There are a number of casino related games, such as blackjack, and different sets of slot machines. Using chips you obtain through various methods, you can places bets on these games, and when a certain amount of betting has been placed, you earn a set number of Loyalty Points. Your chip stack may go up or down just like in a real gambling situation, but you'll get Loyalty Points regardless. You can use these Loyalty Points to redeem a number of different rewards. The more chips you earn, the longer you can play, and the more Loyalty Points you'll earn. In essence, this game is all about managing your chip stack, and betting proper amounts to maximize your potential Loyalty Points.

Using the methods described below, and following the set of rules in the myVEGAS guide, in under a month, I was able to gather over 500,000 chips, and over 50,000 Loyalty Points, which is over $100 in comp value.


There are several methods to get more chips. Keep in mind, most of these methods are based on having myVEGAS friends. The more friends you have, the more chips you can get, so get as many friends as you can.

  1. Purchase more chips
    I think the entire appeal of this game is to get freebies. I don't feel that purchasing chips is necessary, but to support this game, I have made a purchase of my own. If you find that you appreciate the game, maybe make a small purchase to support all their hard work.

  2. Visit the myVEGAS app page
    From time to time, the people at PLAYSTUDIOS, makers of the game, will release time and click sensitive links where you can get chips by simply clicking it. They usually give out 500 chips per link, but have seen upwards of 5000 chips. Sometimes, but very rarely, they will release a link that gives out Loyalty Points. The last one released was 500 Loyalty Points.

  3. Email Freebies
    If you are a subscriber to the game, from time to time, you will receive a link for more chips. Typically about 500-1000 chips and again, just click to earn.

  4. Property Bonuses
    One of the objectives of the game is to build all the MGM properties of the Las Vegas strip by collecting V's in the numerous games. When successfully built, each property will release a set amount of chips at specified time intervals. When you initially start the game, you'll be provided with 3 related venues to gather chips. You'll receive a helicopter pad, a chapel, and a strip-mall, and as you level up and play, you'll be able to build more buildings and collect bigger rewards. The following chart provides a more detailed breakdown. MGM Grand is slightly different as it's the only hotel that provides Loyalty Points as a reward.

    PropertyLevel BuiltTime IntervalChipsDaily Potential
    Helicopter Pad115 min151440
    Chapel115 min151440
    Strip-Mall11 hr601440
    Monte Carlo12 hrs2002400
    Circus Circus22 hrs2503000
    NY-NY42 hrs3003600
    Mirage94 hrs8004800
    Excalibur184 hrs9505700
    Bellagio284 hrs11006600
    Luxor386 hrs18007200
    Aria486 hrs22008800
    Mandalay Bay586 hrs260010400
    MGM Grand688hrs100 LP300 LP

    During special occasions and holidays, there are sometimes additional bonuses you can get. As an example, during Thanksgiving, there were 2 turkey pens giving out 50 LP each.

    NOTE: As of this moment, there is a special event where all properties give out random amounts of chips or LPs. I don't believe this is permanent but will update the guide as needed.

  1. Daily Spin
    The daily spin is a special bonus feature available every 22 hours. You spin a wheel, which contains different prizes of both chips and Loyalty Points. The amount earned is dependent on a 5 factors: your current level, the bonus you hit on the wheel, amount of days played in a row, number of friends you have, and if you've liked the myVEGAS app page or not.

    The following chart provides the different values of the wheel depending on your tier level.

    100 LP
    400 LP
    500 LP
    150 LP
    750 LP
    200 LP
    1000 LP

    Then based on the number of days you've played in a row, the multiplier starts at x1, and increments by x0.5 to a maximum of x3.
    So x1, x1.5, x2, x2.5, x3
    Then based on the number of friends you have, you're able to get another x5.
    0 Friends - x0, 1-5 Friends - x1, 6-10 Friends - x1.5, 11-20 Friends - x1.5, 21-35 Friends - x3,36-50 Friends - x4, 51+ Friends - x5
    You also get another x0.25 multiplier if you've liked your the myVEGAS app page.
    So in all, your Total Multipler = # Day Multiplier + # Friends Multiplier + Like Multiplier
    For Example, let's say you've won 100 chips on the wheel and max out in all the categories.
    Your final amount will be 100 x [3(#Days Multiplier) + 5(#Friends Multiplier) + 0.25(Like Multiplier)] = 825 chips

  1. Gifting
    If you have friends in the game, you'll be able to gift them chips every 12 hours. When you first invite them for gifting, you'll receive 100 chips, with subsequent gifts at 50 chips. When they receive they gift, they'll be able to return the gift to you as well. You are permitted unlimited gifts, so the more friends, the better, but this becomes a tedious task, as you can only click on 7 gifts at a time before having to reload the app and repeat.
    For the initial invite, go to the More tab on the top left of the screen, and click on Invite Friends.
    Then choose the Select All Friends or just the myVEGAS players, cleck on the “Select all friends” link on the bottom and then hit the “Send invites” tab.
    To send gifts, you can either click on the avatar on your mySTRIP and send them one at a time(don't recommend), or simply go to the More tab again, and click on Send Gifts. There you can see who to gift, and when you can gift.

  1. Leveling Up
    When you level up, you automatically get a chip and loyalty bonus. These bonuses aren't very much but it's always nice to get more freebies.

    This is the absolute best and easiest way to get a lot of chips. There is a rolling cap of 50,000 chips every 24 hours, but that is still a lot of chips. When the feeds switch to “Impressive” instead of telling you how many chips you've earned, you've maxed it out. I max this out every day, and it takes me less than 10 minutes.

    While playing the game, when you level up, hit a bonus, a big jackpot, and other things, you'll see a Share button. When you share these events, everyone single one of your myVEGAS friends will receive a link. When you click on these links, you will receive anywhere from 50 to 201 chips depending on where the link originated. Having more myVEGAS friends, means that you get a lot of these links, and every link you click means more chips. This is an incredibly easy, but tedious task. Thankfully, there's a much easier way to do this.
    Go to the Game Feeds app page and install and select the myVEGAS game. After loading, you'll see a limited list of about 50 links you can click to get more chips. However, if you scroll all the way to the bottom, you'll see a “More feeds for myVEGAS”. If you click on that more, more feeds will appear. You can keep scrolling down and clicking on the link to show more feeds. When you either max out the feeds, or think it's enough, scroll back to the very top and press the “COLLECT” button. You have the option to change the collection speed to better adjust to your computer and internet speed. This takes 5-10 minutes of my time, and I do it twice a day, once before I start my day, and once before I end my day. It's the easiest 50,000 chips you can earn as it's mostly automated.

  3. Viva myVEGAS(Only for iPhone - for now)
    Unfortunately, this is only available for the iPhone and it's sister set of devices. If you go the the appstore, you can download an app called Viva myVEGAS. It's an app that allows for some extra bonuses and fun on your next Las Vegas trip. On the Viva myVEGAS app page, they'll occasionally release a scan code where you can spin another wheel and accumulate more free chips and Loyalty Points.


  1. Purchasing Chips
    Occasionally, there will be promotions where when you purchase chips, you will get Loyalty Points as a bonus. Again, I don't feel this is worth it, but if you enjoy the game, purchase something to support the game.

  2. Visit the myVEGAS app page
    As mentioned above, sometimes myVEGAS will post on their app page Loyalty Points as a freebie. I've only seen it once, but it was 500 Loyalty Points, and well worth the single click.

  3. Hotel Bonuses
    The only hotel that gives Loyalty Points right now is MGM Grand. You can build it at level 68, and will release 100 Loyalty Points every 8 hours.

    During some special events or holidays, new ways to acquire LP are implemented. There's no way to predict what gets implemented, but to give you an example, during Thanksgiving, there were 2 extra turkey pens you could click to get 50 LP each. For Christmas time, the business/hotels were randomly generating Loyalty Points instead of chips when clicking on them.
    NOTE: As of this moment, there is a special event where all properties give out random amounts of chips or LPs. I don't believe this is permanent but will update the guide as needed.

  4. Daily Spin
    As mentioned earlier, the daily spin can give out Loyalty Points. Everything else remains consistently the same as winning chips.

  5. Gifting
    Every day, you will earn 100 Loyalty Points for the first 20 people you re-gift to at 5 Loyalty Points per person.

  6. Leveling Up
    As with chips, with each level up, you gain a small amount of Loyalty Points. However, because of the rarity of Loyalty Points, this is actually a pretty significant amount. It ranges anywhere from 50 to 1000 Loyalty Points. The higher level you are, the more Loyalty Points you earn, keeping in mind, it's much more difficult to level up in the higher levels.

  7. Viva myVEGAS(Only for iPhone - for now)
    Same thing as the chips, except you have a chance to win Loyalty Points as well.

  8. Gameplay(MOST Loyalty Points EARNED HERE)
    As you play the game, you will sets of 10 Loyalty Points. This is all dependent on the game you're playing, the amount you're betting, and your current level. I will provide my optimal strategy to get over 50,000 Loyalty Points in under a month.


The whole point of this game is to gain Loyalty Points to redeem free stuff, and who doesn't like free stuff. Most of these points are achieved through general betting and leveling up. Although there probably isn't an optimal strategy for this game, my method lowers the risk of losing your entire chip stack, and gaining the maximum Loyalty Points attainable. As mentioned above, playing conservatively using this strategy, I'm currently at a little under 600,000 chips, and over 53,000 Loyalty Points. This has all been done in under a month, and I know of many others who have used the same strategy as effectively as me. Keep in mind the guide is a work in progress and changes as the game changes, so please let me know if there's incorrect information on here.

The most important aspect of the game is to generate chips. If you haven't already, please read the GETTING MORE CHIPS section of this guide.

Also, I recommend playing this game on the Firefox browser. It just seems to give me the least amount of problems.


Myvegas loyalty points 2020 free

After downloading the game, proceed through these steps first before you begin playing the game:

  1. Go to the myVEGAS app page, like it, and then click on all the free chips they have on their wall. Only the recent posts will be available, but it's enough to start.

  2. On the myVEGAS Gifts, Guides & Giveaways Page, add your name to the add me thread, and add the other members on there as well. Please refrain from adding too many people at once, or you may be put in Facebook Jail. About 10-20 to start should be okay as long as you only add people on the list. Others will add you as well as long as you put your name down on the list.

  3. Install Game Feeds and if you already have some friends, you can start collecting free chips using the method stated above. I usually open a new tab for this and let it run in the background.

  4. On the myVEGAS Gifts, Guides & Giveaways Page, there is a Free Chips tab. Like the page, and you'll have access to over 50,000 more chips.

If you did this properly, you should have at least few thousand chips, if not tens of thousands, to play with before your first spin. Our goal here is to get the maximum amount of Loyalty Points with the smallest bet possible. We provide the optimal bets with the optimal games, so please try not to deviate from the games or bets described. What I mean by optimal bets is the least amount of chips utilized to gain Loyalty Points. For example, at level 5, if you bet 60 chips, it takes 8 spins to gain 10 LP. If you bet 300 chips, it takes 6 spins to gain 10 LP. The rest is just basic math, 8 x 60 = 480 chips run through for 10 LP, where as 300 x 6 = 1800 chips run through for the 10 LP. Remember this game mimics a real casino game. In the long run, you're guaranteed to lose, so the more chips you run through, in the long term, the more chips you lose, so it's beneficial to run through less chips.


From levels 1 to 57, as long as you follow the steps below, your daily overall chip stack should be positive. I built about 800,000 chips before I hit level 58 this way.

Levels 1 - 14

Hotels: Monte Carlo, Circus Circus, New York New York, Mirage
Bets Per Line: 5, 10, 20
Auto Spins: 10
Games: Jules Verne, Lucky Birds, Bet The Farm, Blackjack, Studio City, New York New York

  1. The first game you'll play is Excalibur. Game is pretty simple, just read the tutorials as they come out and keep betting. You start out betting at 60 chips/spin. Only bet 60 chips/spin unless the game forces you to bet more, and even then, remember to change it back down to 60 chips/spin afterward. The whole point of this is to maximize Loyalty Points. Every 8 spins = 10 LP, which accumulate pretty quickly. When you hit a bonus, or a big jackpot, level up, or build a hotel, a pop up appears where you can share the event with your myVEGAS friends. Please share these when they pop up, your myVEGAS friends depend on them for extra chips.

  2. As you continue leveling, you'll achieve all the events specified above. You can play around with different games and bets, but if you want to play optimally, ignore all the other games, and the increasing bets per line, and keep betting 60 chips/spin in the Excalibur game.

  3. Please try to refrain from playing Blackjack. The odds do not match up with real casino games. The house edge is a lot higher than normal, and in the long run, you will end up losing a lot of chips.

  4. One last thing you should keep in mind is that when you first start the game, or when you reload the game, your default bet is based on your chip stack, so the higher your chip stack, the higher the default bet is. Pay attention to this, or you may quickly waste all your chips auto spinning on 25,000 chip/spin bets.

Levels 15 - 57

Hotels: Excalibur, Bellagio, Luxor, Aria
Bets Per Line: 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000
Auto Spins: 25, 50, 100

  1. Okay, at level 15, we now switch games from Excalibur to Lucky Birds. Lucky birds is the only game at these levels where you can bet 100 chips/spin to get the 10 LP with only 9 spins. This is the optimal spin, and regardless of how bored you get, you will collect a lot of Loyalty Points and gain an even larger chip stack. Just keep betting 100 chips/spin until you get to level 58.

  2. I play Lucky Birds not only because of the optimal chip bet, but also because it's the simplest and most efficient game. What I mean is that I can auto spin the game in the background most of the time and check on it every now and then, and all I'd need to do would be to enable more auto spins or pick some eggs. Just play this game and compare it with the other ones and you'll understand what I mean.

  3. Again, if you want to focus on gaining chips and Loyalty Points, stay on Lucky Birds at 100 bet chips/spin and remember to use all the different methods to collect your daily chips.


From level 58 onwards, if you play steadily, you will end up losing chips every day until you run out. This is because at level 58, you can no longer bet 100 chips/spin. Instead of only 9 spins for 10 LP, it now takes over 40 spins and that's just much too time consuming.

Levels 58 - 173

Myvegas Loyalty Points 2020

Hotels: Mandalay Bay, MGM Grand
Bets Per Line: 2000, 5000
Auto Spins: 200

  1. Okay, so from level 58 onwards, you again stay on Lucky Birds due to the optimal betting and efficiency of the game. Theoretically, the optimal bet is now to bet 200 chips/spin, however, it would take 22 spins for 10 LP. Again, like the 100 chips/spin, this is much too time consuming. Instead, you can bet 1000 chips/spin, and would take 6 spins for the same 10 LP.

  2. You will notice a decreased time in achieving both levels and Loyalty Points, but because of the increased bet, you now run through significantly more chips than at levels 1 to 57. If you play steadily, this will cause your chip stack to decrease steadily as well. Eventually, you will hit 0 chips. When this happens, I like to save up a few hundred thousand chips before I start playing again so that you can play through the bad runs.

Levels 173 - ???

As of this moment, you have to run through 100,000,000 worth of chips to hit level 174. This is basically impossible, unless you purchase unlimited amounts of chips. If and when this changes, I will update the guide as necessary.


So this is my myVEGAS game strategy guide. It may sound a little boring and tedious, but if you're addicted to Las Vegas, it's actually pretty fun. I deviate from my plan now and then but it never takes me long to go back to the optimal strategy. Most of the time it's because I have no more chips. I can tell you that by just playing steadily over the months, me and my wife have earned over 350,000 loyalty points, which roughly translate to $700 or more in comps. However, please remember this is just a game, so don't get too addicted, and remember to go out and have some fun! Also, remember to join myVEGAS Gifts, Guides & Giveaways to win some prizes and meet some friends!

Is It Still Worth Playing?

For those of you who aren’t aware, MyVegas is a Facebook app through which one gets to play free slot and Blackjack games in the hopes of winning virtual, “Chips,” and gaining levels to earn, “Loyalty Points,” which can then be converted to real life comps.

Ultimately, the only things of any real and practical value are the loyalty points, so it would behoove us to first discuss how one goes about acquiring those:

1.) Sometimes the MGM Vegas properties, and surrounding things, such as the Monorail, will award you Loyalty Points when you click them for free chips.

2.) Loyalty Points are received anytime you gain a level, but those are incidental compared to the main way of getting them, which will appear last.

3.) Loyalty Points are sometimes obtained by way of playing their, ‘Promotions.’ For example, a Valentine’s Day promotion would have you collecting pieces of a Valentine’s Day puzzle that would ultimately reward you with chips and LP’s for each piece collected. Particularly at the higher levels, levels are gained so rarely that these sorts of things become the second most common (by volume) means of earning these points freely.

4.) Just by playing. LP’s are awarded in varying amounts (level-dependent) based on a little meter that appears in the bottom-left corner on the PC App. When the meter is filled, an amount of LP’s will go up into your total. I would say that is the most common mechanism by which points are earned.

With respect to the Blackjack-specific app (assuming it still exists) or the phone app, I really can’t say. I had both of them downloaded for a good while, but almost never played them and then I neglected to download them again after getting a new phone. I really didn’t like playing the games on mobile, at all, anyway. Besides that, they were a huge battery drain.

What may come as a surprise to many people who play such apps, whether on computer or phone, is that the LP’s can be exchanged for legitimate real-life comps. The vast majority of slot apps out there either give you nothing or have the occasional drawing or sweepstakes that a person can win. It’s actually totally different with MyVegas as LP’s can be exchanged directly for comps, which are generally good for thirty days after time of exchange.

Generally speaking, up to three redemptions can be made within a certain period of time. The time is a thirty-day rolling period based upon use, rather than purchase. The obvious reason why is that were it based on purchase, you could purchase them twenty-nine days in advance of use, then purchase new ones and use them within the same period of a few days. I believe that if you make a minimum purchase of chips (which sometimes includes more LP’s) of a certain amount within a certain timeframe, then you can redeem a few extra rewards in that thirty-day period. I will say that is generally a stupid thing to do. The entire incentive for playing the games is that you’re going to get stuff for free, so why pay anything for it? I suppose I will allow a few bucks, though, and you have an impending trip such that you will get more value in the very near future than the money it is costing you.

Unfortunately, many of the rewards now require being a guest of the given property, or any other MGM property at the time the reward is used. I believe some, if not all, buffets are like that. It’s a shame, too, because I turned my LP’s into three buffets last time to Vegas and otherwise didn’t spend a dollar at any MGM property besides tipping at the buffets!

Oh, that. Yeah. I get it now.

Vee Quiva is a AAA Four Diamond Awarded hotel home to 90 boutique rooms adjoining dining and sizzling slots. Enjoy mountain views and desert sunsets in an oasis environment. The Vee Quiva Gift shop is open Wednesday & Thursday, 10AM – 8PM, and Friday, Saturday & Sunday, 10AM – 10PM. Closed Monday & Tuesday. Vee Quiva Hotel & Casino - Bingo VEE QUIVA CASINO 6443 North Komatke Lane Laveen, Arizona 85339 (800) 946-4452 The new Vee Quiva Hotel & Casino opened July 2, 2013 with a new bingo hall named Bingo Park. Locally owned and caringly operated by the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian community. See Bingo Hall for details. Vee quiva casino bingo schedule. Some Vee Quiva Bingo Schedule small and “rogue” casinos use Vee Quiva Bingo Schedule the casino bonuses as Vee Quiva Bingo Schedule a way to make sure that it’s almost impossible for you to make a withdrawal due to their outrageous terms and conditions, and we will come back to the warning signs of that later. A pretty normal example of a. Vee Quiva Hotel & Casino has lunar bingo from 11p-2am on Saturdays. For a brand new casino, only been opened a few days, you would think that maybe the staff could act if they were happy for your business. Vee Quiva Bad Bingo Prices, legends chairty poker westland michigan, casinos espanola new mexico, black jack davey chords taj mahal.

Anyway, locking me into the property isn’t going to do anything on my next trip to Vegas. They can just go ahead and give me a free room that I may or may not even actually use AND a free buffet or two. That’s fine, I really only want the buffets..unless something else pops up.

Although, if I have to use three and it requires me to use one that I really don’t care about to access the one that I do care about, that’s undoubtedly a reduction in value.

Gamblification Element

Of course, getting people to the property is not the only reason that the apps exist. Much like other gambling-game apps, there is a gamblification element involved. “Gamblification,” refers to a type of device by which people pay to participate in a gambling-like game by and through which no real money can be won. It’s basically getting hooked on fake slots and purchasing more chips to play, even though nothing can be won except the glory of having more worthless and fake credits.

Certainly some people who play MyVegas have never, and likely will never, visit Las Vegas or any of the other physical locations associated with the app. There are other prizes available on occasion that would result in something being mailed, I think they did playing cards at one point as an example, but I imagine that those not intending to go to Vegas don’t make a habit out of looking at the prizes frequently.

Either way, there are gambling apps with no possibility of a physically-extant award for playing and there are people who pump untold amounts of money into buying pretend money for the slot machines. It’d be nice if there were a way to also sell it! A person could just open the app every day, collect whatever free credits it decides to give you and then accumulate those and sell them at a, ‘Discount,’ every few months. I could see why they wouldn’t allow that to happen.

Aside from the element of prizes that actually exist somewhere, more than digitally, those apps usually make profits off of third-party advertisements, often for other apps, which play at different intervals during play. Much like MyVegas, those apps also occasionally offer the player an opportunity to watch an ad of his or her own volition to earn additional credits. In other words, a way to get minimally back in the game once you are out in the hopes of you paying to get in another time after you are inevitably out again.

The Prizes

We’ve already briefly discussed the fact that some prizes have certain contingencies attached to them that were not there previously, but it also warrants mentioning that the prizes have degraded, in general. For instance, it’s pretty well known that a limited number of certain prizes are introduced at certain intervals, and when they’re gone, they’re gone. That’s pretty much always been the case, but now the amount of prizes released seems to be fewer and the intervals longer.

In the meantime, the hotel rewards have always been subject to certain Blackout Dates, but it also seems that those are greater in number. Besides that, Resort Fees must also be paid on any associated stays now, which was not always the case. That’s also the reason why I probably will not avail myself of a buffet unless I am actually staying at the property, or if someone else wants the room and is willing to pay the Resort Fees for it.

It’s also been the case for awhile that prizes are IP address based, so people that are local to Las Vegas tend not to see many of the room offers.

The original idea, I’m assuming, was just to get new people to the MGM properties in the hopes that they would avail themselves of the free rewards and then play, or otherwise spend money there. That much is obvious.

Equally obvious is the fact that such must not have happened, and that I was not the only person to avail myself of the rewards without otherwise spending any money there. For instance, one of the current rewards is a $50 drink credit on the sure-to-be overpriced drinks at the, “Bar at Times Square,” which necessitates a stay of at least one night. The reward also specifies that a, “Cover charge may apply,” so between the Resort Fees and the cover charge, I would think they probably roughly break even, even in the event that the guest spends no other money at the property.

I really don’t have any problem with it, but I would encourage people to see it for what it is. There was a time that I believed the rewards had sufficient value to be worth playing for on a regular basis and trying to earn, but I no longer feel that way. Generally speaking, I usually just collect the daily and property bonuses once, do the, “Send Gifts,” receive my gifts, and call it a day. There are some exceptions. Lotus Land is kind of a fun game, for example, but I would never play it for actual money unless there were to be a positive Lotus Land must-hit somewhere. Either way, it’s okay for free.

I also used to think there was some value in trying to, “Grind Out,” LP’s. I’ve also changed my mind on that and, when I do play, generally just bet anywhere from 5-10% of my total in chips until everything is gone. Pretty much just winning or losing quickly and moving on about my day. Either way, I might combine a stay with a free buffet and a show if I believe that the value is sufficient.

Hell, there used to be Free Play offered without any stay requirement, but that is long gone. Either way, I amassed so many LP’s when the Rewards were good that I’ll probably combine a two-night weekday stay with a buffet and $25 Free Play and at least consider myself right about even on the deal. I suppose it depends on how much the resort fees are at the property in question. Either way, it should be fairly close to an even deal, if I’m going to actually use the rooms, anyway.

In other words, I think the rewards essentially can be good to the extent that the right combination, value-wise, has a total cost such that the value exceeds the cost. That’s even true of only being able to redeem three rewards at a time.

Excalibur, for example, has a daily Resort Fee of $32.48 (tax included) which we’ll call $32.50 and say two nights comes out to $65. I will be able to redeem $25 in Free Play which has an expected value close to that as well as a buffet (which doesn’t have to be at Excalibur) that I am going to give $10 in value. After we subtract for the Free Play and the Buffet, my total costs on the room would be $30, and I believe two nights probably has about that in value.

MyVegas Rewards can also be unfortunate for some people, though, so that’s important to remember. I’ve heard tell in some of the Facebook MyVegas Groups of people who were unable to, even with substantial play, get anything else comped because their stay was on a MyVegas free nights. If you’re any kind of a bettor who would normally get comps, I would look further into that before availing myself of any of the MyVegas offers.

Again, the more useful offers require a stay of some kind, so it was apparently not sufficient just to get people to the property, but they also needed to get them to stay there.

Who Should Play?

As mentioned above, there have been multiple people who reported a problem getting anything else comped off of their stay when they believed their play would have otherwise justified it. If that is the case for you, or if you know where your play levels are at and to what niceties those play levels entitle you to already, then you should weigh that against the possibility of not getting anything else comped. Just compare the value of what you are already getting to the redemption value of the prizes.

How To Get More Myvegas Loyalty Points

If you’re someone who likes these play-for-fun apps anyway, then I would still strongly recommend MyVegas if you’re ever going to be out there, or to other casinos, such as Borgata (when there are offers) or the Beau Rivage. There’s definitely a percentage in playing MyVegas as opposed to some non casino affiliated app that isn’t going to give you any real-world prizes. Besides that, the computer version of MyVegas (I don’t know about the mobile because it has been a long time) has no forced ads. Again, the majority of these other apps do have ads that can be turned off, much like, by making some sort of purchase.

If you’re someone who enjoys these sorts of games AND makes purchases on them using actual money to acquire play money, then I do not recommend MyVegas at all. For one thing, there is no reason to make such purchases on other apps, if you feel the need to play for fake money some more, just download a different app. There are plenty of them. Many casinos, even smaller ones, have similar apps..though they often don’t result in any actual physical rewards.

The problem for people who are already buying fake credits that I see is that MyVegas actually increases the incentive to make such purchases. People who buy these fake credits just enjoy, “Winning big,” and seeing that fake money balance go up. By extension, that element will remain, but so with it will be added an element of obsessively chasing the LP’s, rather than buying them only as a strategic decision to increase value.

For example, if you’re 1,000 LP’s away from a reward that is worth more than $3, but 1,000 LP’s also happens to be a bonus if you make a $3 purchase, then yes, that makes sense. That’s if you’re imminently going to Vegas, or another casino, and may not have time to earn the rewards anyway, of course.

As far as people who enjoy these types of games, but are not planning to go to Vegas or any of the other places are concerned, I really don’t see much difference in this as opposed to any other app. I suppose you might as well play this one instead, there are no ads, a few pretty cool Facebook groups, and you never know, you might make it to one of the places one day.


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In my opinion, after a pretty rapid decline, it seems that the MyVegas Rewards that are available have essentially leveled out, on average, over the last several months. Quite frankly, I don’t know how much worse they could be made, because they certainly aren’t free anymore. Besides, since many of the Rewards require a stay, short of already being comped a room, one must essentially use one reward in order to get another.

In other words, I’m probably going to end up staying at one of the properties for two nights next time I am in Vegas just so I can essentially get what amounts to a steep discount. That’s unless I have free rooms elsewhere, of course. MyVegas is still good for that, but the days of using it to redeem beneficial rewards, such as buffets, without having to stay are long gone.

Beyond that, it effectively limits what days a person can use other rewards, unless that person would also like to pay for a room. The reason I say that is because if a buffet offer requires a room night, and the room nights are blacked-out for the day in question, the buffet is also effectively blacked out for that day. I would think that there would still be some value, at least it’s cheap enough, to gamble a couple bucks in food costs in favor of bringing another body to the property on a busy day, but I guess MGM doesn’t agree with me.

Either way, I still think it’s worth playing, for now.

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