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Wayne's PlayOJO Bingo Review

Play OJO Casino has been holding it down as one of the most loved casino sites to come out in the last three years. Slowly drifting away from their ‘new’ status, they’ve not looked back and continue to excel as one of the most modern, crisp and entertaining iGaming platforms online. Play OJO has now added a suite of bingo games to their epic online casino that all UK players can enjoy. The fairest online casino has now also become the fairest online bingo site too! If you’ve been over to Play OJO to see their fantastic site, well the next time you visit, you’ll see a dedicated bingo section with nine awesome bingo.

When I first heard PlayOJO was launching bingo, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I had heard of the brand before, 'The Fair Casino' according to all the adverts, but I went into it not expecting much. After all, most new sites that launch these days have nothing new to them other than a fresh paint job and a new sign-up offer.

Ojo Bingo Sites

They were going to use Pragmatic Play bingo software, which is very much a plug-in and play bingo product which any casino can just slap onto their site with minimal effort. But PlayOJO really thought about this and went all-in on making bingo one of the core products right from launch.

Ojo Bingo Sites

There is real style and personality behind this site, even from the way in which it asks for your signup details. The form doesn't just say 'Name', it says, 'What's your first name?' A small but personal touch that seems to run through the entire experience.


Plus, the no wagering, no fuss ethos that permeates the site is one that everyone can get on board with. All winnings paid in cash. Cashback on every game you play? Don't mind if I do.

In fact, I was so impressed I've made PlayOJO Bingo part of my top 10 best bingo sites of 2020.

Bingo Rooms

PlayOJO Bingo is powered by Pragmatic Play's new bingo product, which is very clean and modern, with a minimalist style. There aren't loads of different rooms but they do have 90, 80 and 75 ball varieties, plus a special unique game available only on the Pragmatic network called Bingo Blast. This is a quick fire bingo game where most of the balls all get spit out at once at the start of the game, meaning you get to the action much faster.

In late December they also launched their first exclusive variant based on the Masked Singer UK TV show, which shows PlayOJO are really looking to make their mark.

  • 90 Ball Bingo
  • 80 Ball Bingo
  • 75 Ball Bingo
  • Bingo Blast‍

All of the rooms are networked with the exception of PlayOJO's own standalone room, known as The Equaliser. Here everyone can only buy 20 tickets, so essentially it is a fair-and-square bingo room, much like Best Odds Bingo over at Mecca.

OJO Plus Cashback

OJO Plus is the system used by PlayOJO Bingo to reward players for their loyalty by giving them cashback on every single bingo and slot game they play on the site, all in real time. This cashback can be cashed in at any time, and withdrawn, no wagering required.


On mobile just click on the OJO face in the top left to see your OJO Plus balance. On desktop this is visible anyway, and you can see a plus icon moving around the face as you earn OJO Plus cash. All bingo games have a fixed 10% cashback value, which means for every £1 spent on bingo you'll get 10p added to your OJO Plus cash.

You can hit 'collect' at any time to add this OJO Plus cash to your real money balance.

The amount of money you earn back for playing slots and casino games varies between different games and slot providers. Each game has an OJO Plus indicator which shows you how much you will earn if you play a specific game.

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