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The Invaders from the Planet Moolah® are back and creating pandemoooonium on the reels! Invaders Attack from the Planet Moolah™ is a 5-reel, 30-line game showcased on the dramatic TwinStar® Ultra cabinet featuring a 55-inch UHD top screen that when banked creates an out-of-this-world community gaming experience! The ability to gain a bonus multiple times whilst the reels are spinning is one of the most attractive features of this game, setting Invaders from Planet Moolah apart from the rest of the slot machine games you’ve played up until now.

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  • Invaders from the Planet Moolah is a five-reel three-row slot with 25 fixed paylines that pay from left to right. At the top of Scientific Gaming’s slot sit five UFO-piloting cows who, rather than the abductees, are the abductors.
  • Invaders from the Planet Moolah Slot Machine: Game Features An Invader from the Planet Moolah slots is a creature developed and named by WMS. It is a highly entertaining game with a lot of moolah up for grabs. You will get to meet cows as aliens from the Planet Moolah who descend on the Earth.
  • Invaders from the Planet Moolah Video Slot Machine. We never thought we’d see the day where we’d be reviewing a slot with such a theme, but here it is and thankfully the betting options aren’t completely out of this world and remain perfect for any type of player. With five reels and 25 win lines, things don’t get much more standard.

Ever wondered what alien abductions looked like? You probably have. However, what if your alien abductors were cows in flying saucers? Got your attention, huh? If you answered yes, and if you like slot machines on top of that, then WMS Slots brings you an intergalactic slot experience unlike any you’ve had before in the form of Invaders from Planet Moolah!

Punny name aside, what makes this the slot machine for you? Read on and find out!

Minimum and Maximum Bets

First things first: how much can you bet? The minimum amount is $0.25. A quarter isn’t so bad – so the game is light on your wallet, too. But if you’re feeling lucky, you’ll be happy to know that the maximum amount is $125.00. Get in touch with your adventurous spirit for this one.

There are five reels, each with its own UFO flying cow, and there are twenty-five paylines. The maximum payout is 3750 coins per spin. The RTP comes in at a whopping 92.97%. When the Wild symbol appears on reels 2-5, all the reels turn Wild.

There is also an AutoSpin option available. If you click this, the reels will continue spinning until you either deactivate this, or the machine runs out of credits. Clicking to spin the slots is half the fun, though, so choose this at your own leisure.


There is something hypnotic about watching dairy cows and farmers being abducted by alien cows piloting flying saucers! These burglarious bovids float above the five slots, right over the reels, waiting for the opportunity to arise where they can nab the best deal!

The symbols themselves resemble objects you’ll find in any Midwest farmyard: Barn, Outhouse, Dog, Truck, Milk, Chickens, Mailbox, Trailer, Man, Cowgirl, Man, and of course, Grandpa and Grandma. They are all expertly drawn, and you’ll have no problem imagining yourself to be among these people on a secluded farm, being bombarded by alien abductions.

The sound effects complement the overall mood of the game extremely well. The background score is engaging and fun, keeping you excited to play, and every time you score, the jingle makes you feel like a winner! Most entertaining, however, is the startled and surprised moos that the dairy cows make every time they’re abducted by their space brethren. It’s definitely chortle-worthy!

There are a lot of intricate details hidden in plain sight as well. WMS is a true master in their craft, and every time you spin up a winning combination of reels, the pattern is represented like constellations. It’s a really neat touch, showing just how much the designers cared about making the game enjoyable.


Getting into the actual meat and potatoes now, let’s discuss the two main game modes you get from Invaders from Planet Moolah. These are Cascading Reels and Invasion.

Cascading Reels

Cascading Reels won’t be a new feature to anyone used to playing slots. Once you spin the reels and get a winning combination of them, it forms a pattern, and these reels disappear, getting replaced by other symbols. These then go on to form other winning combos if you’re lucky.

The cows in the flying saucers abduct the winning combinations of reels with a musical zap and reveal the new ones. If you win eight consecutive times, you can launch the bonus feature, which nets the invaders some loot and you some moolah!

You can also be whisked away to the Invasion feature by winning four wild card cows in a row!


Once you enter Invasion mode, you get several free spins to bolster your chances of winning the big bucks! With some luck on your side, you could spin your way into a bonus. How many free spins you get depends on the number of cascades you score, though.

Get four in a row for seven free spins, five for ten, six for fifteen, seven for twenty-five, and eight for fifty! That’s a great deal right there.


Whether it be from the Cascading Reels or Invasion mode, you stand a good chance to enter the bonus mode. All you have to do is get eight consecutive wild cards. Once you do, though, you are rewarded with fifty free spins.

Using these fifty free spins increases your chances of going home with some truly massive wins, especially if you activate the Cascading Reels and free bonuses again. The ability to gain a bonus multiple times whilst the reels are spinning is one of the most attractive features of this game, setting Invaders from Planet Moolah apart from the rest of the slot machine games you’ve played up until now.


Invaders from Planet Moolah is available to play on all modern tablets and smartphones in addition to your browser or from a downloadable casino app. It’s never been easier to get your hands on this game, and you don’t want to miss it!

As with all of the popular WMS Slots’ games, Invaders from Planet Moolah will likely stand the test of time. It has a wonderful depth of features and is incredibly easy to pick up and play. The music is engaging without ever being overbearing, and the gameplay is engaging enough to keep you spinning for those perfect winning patterns.


  1. Where can I play Invaders from Planet Moolah?

Lucky 7 casino bingo. WMS Slots games are available in many online casinos all around the world. Among others, you can take your pick from:

  • CaesarsCasino
  • VegasSlotsOnline
  • Casumo

Many of these sites give you free spins of the game if you register on their site.

  1. Can I play Invaders from Planet Moolah using my phone?

Definitely. Invaders from Planet Moolah runs well on any modern smartphone or tablet. This is a good option in addition to your desktop browser game. You can also find it on downloadable casino apps if that’s what you prefer.

Return Of Invaders Planet Moolah Free Slot

  1. Do I have to pay real money to play Invaders from Planet Moolah?

Yes. To play the game, you must have a registered account with one of these partnered casinos. You’ll have to transfer money from your e-wallet or credit card to the casino wallet before placing wagers.

  1. Can I play Invaders from Planet Moolah for free?

Absolutely. Demo versions of the game are available for anyone interested in trying it out.

So, sit back and let Invaders from Planet Moolah take you on an intergalactic adventure!

UP TO $17.50 MAX BETS on the Invaders Return From The Planet Moolah slot machine from WMS!

Invaders Return From The Planet Moolah is the follow-up to the classic Invaders From The Planet Moolah where you win by landing winning line combinations and each symbol that participates in a win disappears and additional symbols drop into the reels until you cease to have a winning combination.

If you can do this for 4 or more or more times in succession, you trigger the Invasion Bonus as follows:

4 consecutive cascades: 7 free plays.

5 consecutive cascades: 10 free plays.

6 consecutive cascades: 15 free plays.

7 consecutive cascades: 20 free plays.

8 consecutive cascades: 50 free plays.


9 consecutive cascades: 75 free plays.

10 consecutive cascades: 100 free plays.

11 or more consecutive cascades: 200 free plays.

To help, there are special cow wild symbols that activate special features if used in a winning combination:

  1. Double Bonus: The number of free plays awarded for a given number of cascades is doubled.

  2. Drop-In Wilds: One reel(2, 3, or 4) is shifted so that the bottom-most wild symbols appear on the top row of that reel. The symbols appearing on that reel of the grid are replaced with new symbols.

  3. Blast Reels: On the next cascade where there is no win, between 5 and 11 positions are selected to be blasted and new symbols are added. If the position selected to be blasted is covered by the Top Symbol or a wild symbol, that position will not be blasted.

  4. Moolah Bonus: If free plays are awarded on the spin where the Moolah Bonus is awarded, all wild symbols will become credit wild symbols for all subsequent free plays of that wager.

  5. Unicow: Awards the Double Bonus, Moolah Bonus, and Drop-In Wilds, and awards three Blast Reels features!

In addition, on any base game cascade where this is no win, a 'Mystery Blast' may occur where between 5 and 11 positions will be blasted(With the exception of the Top Symbol and wild symbols) giving you a second chance!

Also somewhat surprisingly, at the end of any wager, a mystery pay of the total bet may be awarded.

In Invaders Return From The Planet Moolah, it's all about capturing the Unicow for not only a Big Win, but a Huge Win or Jackpot, maybe next time! Enjoy!

Frank Mendoza

Love your videos, man! keep up the amazing work!

South Cowgirl 504

Congrats on your win! More luck to you.

G Money Slot Machine Videos

Indeed a great comeback! I know you had to battle it out here and it came through for you in the end. I always do like games with cascading reels those are always fun. Great video as always thanks for posting!

Kawaii Economics

i hope to try this one again, I saw it in the casino once but didn't understand the potential as I didn't even win back my bet on 10 spins haha

Jonathan Schill

Love the channel man! Why have you switched to the progressive betting though? Just curious

Shane Garland

Great session and video! Thanks for the entertainment as always! Never a dull video, not even bonus carnage!

NG Slot

Free Planet Moolah Slots Vegas

That was really action bonus , i would like very much it paid you JACKPOT my friend, I dont know why i dont play this game at all , should to give a try


I ❤️ those dang cows and their funny 'moo's.' Fun watching your video as always!


I played this game last week betting max bet 1 cent and lost $300 😢😫.you did well on this one. One day I am getting the unicow!

Annie Bear

Hello. I'm curious which one of the 'Jack' casinos you play at? We used to go to the one in Cincinnati. We have not been there since last September. We have had a lot of luck at Miami valley.

* * The Scorpio * *

Nice win! Mooo😁 It's very funny game😀

Tim Lanigan

At first I thought that was just a random guy in the bonus, saying mooooo

Cynthia Holler

I like this game, but it doesn't like me :(
Another fun time watching!

Michael Porlier

Space Invaders From The Planet Moolah App

I landed a Unicow once. 350 bet on pennies.. and it landed 5th real with no connectors. I cashed out and went home haha

Coach T.

Planet Moolah Slots Free Play

I really like your rotating bets. Good luck with it.

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