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December 21 - Christmas Cash Bingo Games [discuss Christmas Cash Bingo Games - 5 comments ]

This weeks Free Cash Bingo games will be held on Wednesday at 3:00 pm instead of Friday at 3:00 pm.

March 25 - Public / Networked Rooms [discuss Public / Networked Rooms - 4 comments ]

The public / networked rooms seem to be dead lately so I have removed them. Feel free to comment or raise any concerns.

December 27 - Christmas Grand Prize [discuss Christmas Grand Prize - 5 comments ]Congrats to mombug43 for winning a $100 gift certificate at the Private Designer Collections and a Bingo Advantage t-shirt. She also won a $25 cash game, and correctly guessed the winners for 3 games so she was on a roll today! December 26 - Christmas Schedule [discuss Christmas Schedule ]

Friday's scheduled cash games have to be moved to Monday. But there will be surprise cash games on either Friday at Saturday - just not neccessarily at the regular scheduled times. The games may run any time between 11:00 am and 11:00 pm est. There will be at least 30 minutes warning beforehand and there will be some special christmas prizes.

Thanks everyone and Merry Christmas!

October 08 - Players Without $ Sign [discuss Players Without $ Sign - 10 comments ]

Ooops. I decided to close the free bingo for fun (non-cash tournament) due to lack of use. So I pointed that play button to the same tournament but didn't adjust the code to generate $___ usernames. I have now corrected the error. Any players without a $ in front of their names should relogin (at their convenience) and let me know so that I can transfer any points that they have accumulated.

October 03 - Update [discuss Update - 11 comments ]

I have a few updates today.

I have removed the public bingo rooms. I sometimes get complaints about unruly players in the public / networked rooms. Those players are out of my control - so I have removed those rooms. If you object, let me know.

We have some players who monitor the rooms for cheating and there is no doubt that this has helped to cut down on cheating, but I think that it is time to take this to the next level. I am working on creating a system and protocol for investigating potential cheating. Until this system is completed, please refrain from announcing that someone is cheating. The new system should help avoid alienating players until we are 100% sure.

August 15 - MoneyBookers Back Online [discuss MoneyBookers Back Online - 6 comments ]Moneybooker claims are back online. Thank you for your patience.February 14
The game server seems to be experiencing technical difficulties. I have attempted to contact them and will update this page as soon as more information is available. Thank you to all the players that reported the problem to me.

I will be attempting to catch up with emails over the next couple of days. I have been sick for the last week and have let things slide. The Bingo Advantage email box was also full a few times - so many emails may have been missed. If you do not hear back from me in the next few days - your email probably did not reach me. I generally respond to all emails.

January 29
Thank you guys for making the tournaments fun. I just sent out several payments and there is around 400 in payments that I can't process because a prize claim has not been submitted. You are not required to submit a claim every time you win. Only submit a new prize claim if you want to change your payment information. We will always use the previously submitted information. But you need to submit at least one prize claim so that we have a payment method on file. Please note that if you are going to submit a moneybooker claim, we require the email address associated with your moneybooker account - not your moneybooker customer id. Moneybooker payments are sent out more frequently than others because the fees are much lower.

If you log into the cash or free bingo tournament through the cash or free bingo tournament button all points that you acquire will go toward that tournament. It doesn't matter which room you play in.

Cash bingo games will be explicitly announced in the cash tournament private room. If you see Bingoadvantage pop into one of the other rooms, which are shared with other bingo sites, and say 'Hi' - that normally means (95% of the time) that a cash bingo game will be starting soon. Click on 'refresh Tables' if you don't see the $$ Cash Games $$ room. I don't feel comfortable explicitly announcing the cash games in the shared rooms.

I apologize if we are taking longer than normal to respond to emails.

December 14
Payouts I have streamlined the payout system which should allow us to process the payments in a more timely fashion (at least twice a month) - even when we are busy. It should also make it easier for you. Once you have made a payment request - future requests will automatically be processed using the payment information that you provided. If you are requesting a Neteller or Moneybooker payment - please provide the email address associated with your account - we cannot transfer to an account number. Please check the Prize Claims page. I believe that some of you may have won a prize and not realized it. There is currently 18 members that have not claimed their cash prizes. There are a couple of accounts under investigation for multiple accounts from a single user. There were 3 payments that could not be completed because the wrong neteller or moneybooker account information was provided.

November 27:
Cash prize claims are back online. I took them down for about 30 minutes in the morning to make some improvements. The bingo tournament will remain weekly for now. At this time it takes too much time to investigate player activity to run it more frequently than that. I am going to focus on the free cash bingo games instead until January.

October 26:
Free cash bingo games today between 3pm and 3:30. The free bingo room will be open around 2:30 pm. I will announce in the room when the next game is going to be for cash. Please do not leave the cash bingo game room once you enter or you will be disqualified.

I'm going to give the tournament another run on monday to test some of my algorithms. I still haven't decided when it will return for good. I am considering a few different options and I will update you guys (and of course solicit your advice) when I am closer to making a decision. In the meantime there will be two more cash bingo games next week. One will be scheduled and the other will be a surprise game which will be announced shortly before the game (3-4 hours.) Thank you for your patience and feedback.

Some of you have acquired alot of cash tournament bingo points during the lapse between tournaments. You have until monday to request that your points be transferred to the free bingo tournament for fun [email protected] All requests will be fulfilled just before the points are reset for the new tournament.

October 11:
I will update the winners of the last tournament after I investigate the latest reports and logs. After the Thursday/Friday tournament - the tournaments are going to be suspended until I have time to improve my tracking. I will schedule some free bingo games for cash prizes instead.

October 10:
The current tournament has been extended one more day. To keep on schedule, tomorrow's tournament will only be 12 hours. We apologize to any leaders who will potentially lose rank during the extra day.

Play Free Bingo Win Real Cash

October 2:
Sorry, we are behind in answering emails. We should be caught up by tomorrow (Wednesday.) I try to minimize my email correspondence on weekends, but normally reply by monday.

September 27:
Reminder that playing with multiple accounts will disqualify players from winning. There is multiple ways that I can detect this. I don't have time to monitor the entire site - but when you win the free bingo tournament for cash, I look at my logs and if you have been breaking the rules you will be disqualified. Because I find myself in a position to investigate every winner - I have to limit the tournament to twice a week and am considering dropping it to a full weekly tournament - with special single games. Payouts will be processed on Friday.

September 18:
Stay tuned. I will be announcing special single games for cash or prizes in the very near future.
Please note that playing in multiple rooms in the cash bingo tournament may lead to being permanently banned from playing. Multiple rooms is allowed in the free bingo tournament for points - but not the free bingo tournament for cash.

September 12:
One account per player. If you have multiple accounts on a shared internet line please notify me at [email protected] In that event you are allowed one account per computer (simultaneous.) You are never allowed simultaneous accounts from the same computer.

Remember that some of the rooms are shared by cash and fun players (as well as players from other sites.) For fun players are allowed to play in multiple rooms. Cash players should have the $ sign in front of their username. Wink bingo bonus. There are some exceptions - but by Monday we will force players without the $ sign to login again so all cash players will have the $ sign in front of their name.

If you find a player in multiple rooms in the cash bingo tournament, please ask them if they are in multiple rooms and remind them of the rules. Reporting players that break the rules will help us to maintain a fair and enjoyable tournament. We will investigate. No need to argue or harrass any players under any circumstances. That will make the tournament less enjoyable for everyone present and you run the risk of accusing someone who is innocent. Players are allowed to switch rooms as often as they see fit, so double check before reminding them.


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