Printable Baby Bingo Cards

Baby Shower Bingo Printable Game Cards. Print off these baby shower BINGO cards to use at your shower as you unwrap gifts for your soon-to-be baby. Check out these other fun baby shower games. Download now Download now. Print Free Printable Baby Shower Bingo Game Cards in color of your choice and distribute among your Baby Shower Party guests. Take the caller’s checklist of words and either randomly call baby related words or you can cut the words given in the list, put those in a jar and draw those out and call aloud one by one. Baby shower bingo is a fun interactive game that's really easy to play. It'll only take you a few minutes to get started. Print and cut out the cards and instructions on your home computer, and you're good to go! Download This Free Printable Baby Shower Bingo for Boys! Free, printable baby shower bingo cards that your guests will simply adore. This is a fun addition to any set of baby shower games.

What’s the Project?This baby shower bingo game is easy to print and play at the baby shower you are throwing. Bingo cards for boys or girls.

Throwing a baby shower for someone and need some help with the planning? I’ve got a cute, easy, free printable baby shower game idea for you. It’s baby shower bingo cards! Mecca bingo daily spin. So cute! I made one version for baby boys and one version for baby girls!

If you’d rather use free printable baby bingo boards that are blank for using during the gift exchange, grab them here.

Free Printable Baby Shower Bingo Cards:

Here’s the cute little baby shower bingo game for boys. I’ve put together a set of 12 game cards that are all different along with the cards to draw to play the game.


Download and print here:

And here’s a sample of what the cute cards look like:

Now here is the girl version!

Download the cards here:

And here is what these cards look like.

Now, I know that 12 cards might not be enough for all of your guests. If you are having a large shower, I have a separate game idea for you.

Print these blank baby shower bingo cards. Then have each of your guests write a baby shower gift in each square. As the mother to be opens the gifts, the guests mark off their cards if she opens something they wrote in one of their squares. They are still seeking to get Bingo, this time it’s just part of the present opening!

Here’s a PDF filed that has 2 of the blank cards. Print as many as you need:

Printable Baby Bingo Cards Free

Hope these help make your baby shower extra fun!

Printable Baby Bingo Cards For Boy

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