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Royal Salute: The traditional age of majority “Chivas Royal Salute” is a Scottish branded whiskey known for its 21 year old maturation. Two little ducks: The numeral 22 resembles the profile of two ducks. Response is often “quack, quack, quack” 23. The Lord is My Shepherd. Three and Me: The first words of Psalm 23 of the Old. 21 royal salute – referring to a 21 gun salute. 22 two little ducks – the number 2 looks like a duck. 22 dinkie-doo – a dated term for a concert party. 23 The Lord is My Shepherd – the first line of psalm 23. 24 Pompey whore – Sailors nickname for Portsmouth. And who would they go and see as soon as they docked? I-21 the royal Salute I-21 is the royal salute before knock at the door or Bobby before. Alright n forty life begins at forty and forty life begins at forty G fifty-five 050 off to work we go.

Even if you have never played a game of bingo at a real bingo hall, most people will be aware of the most famous bingo calls. These unique phrases can sound peculiar on the first listen but the fun bingo call names are an integral part of the game that make it light-hearted and a joy to play. Plus, it helps to distinguish exactly what number is being called to avoid any mix-ups over familiar sounding numbers.

The Origin of Bingo Calls

What most people don’t know about bingo calls is that they actually originate from cockney rhyming slang! They were first used in games back in the 1950s and it is thought that they were stolen from a game called Housey-Housey which was played by the army in the 1930s. Consequently, during this time it was a gambling game mostly played by men, compared to today where it is now seen as being predominantly a game targeted at women. While some of these bingo calls have stayed the same, of course, many have changed and been updated over the years. Some numbers will also have multiple bingo calls that can be used for them.

Even though many players have moved online to play bingo games, there are still virtual bingo callers who do just as excellent a job as the highly skilled and knowledgeable bingo callers at real life bingo halls.

Common Bingo Lingo

Some bingo calls have remained very consistent and are incredibly popular with players. They can vary a little from region to region, but overall, these are calls you are sure to hear when playing a game of bingo, no matter where you are playing from in the UK.

Some of the most common bingo calls you’ll recognise are:

  • Cup of Tea – The number 3 rhymes with this traditional British drink.
  • Lucky Seven – The number 7 is widely thought of as a lucky number.
  • Prime Minister’s Den – The number 10 refers to the PM’s quarters on Downing Street.
  • Legs Eleven – The number 11 looks like it could be a pair of legs.
  • Unlucky for Some – The number 13 is thought to be unlucky for many.
  • Dancing Queen – The number 17 is referenced in this popular Abba song.
  • Two Little Ducks – The number 22 looks like it could be two ducks.
  • Old Age Pension – The number 65 is associated with retirement age.
  • Stairway to heaven – This number 67 rhymes with this iconic Led Zeppelin song.
  • Two Fat Ladies – The number 88 looks like it could be two larger females.

It takes a while to get used to the calls made in bingo, but we promise, once you get the hang of them it will make the overall game that much more enjoyable to play.

American Bingo Calls

Bingo is known as a British game, however, it has made its way around the world and been adopted by many other countries who then, of course, put their own spin on it. The United States is one of the countries which has made this game its own by changing many of the bingo calls to better reflect their culture. Some of the most interesting bingo calls in the US include:

  • Tom Mix – The number 6 rhymes with this famous actor from silent films.
  • Burlington Bertie – The number 30 rhymes with this song from the early 1900s.
  • Hawaii Five 0 – The number 50 is associated with the title of the American television police drama from the 1970s.
  • Big Daddy – The number 75 is usually the biggest number in bingo games across the pond.

Bingo Calls in Pop Culture

As we previously mentioned, some bingo calls are constantly changing to reflect pop culture. This helps the game attract a new, younger audience and sells the game to this demographic. You’ll be happy to hear that even if these pop culture references make no sense to you, they are mostly rhyming bingo calls and easy to work out.

  • Little Mix – The number 6 rhymes with this popular British girl band.
  • Tinder Date – The number 8 rhymes with this well-known dating app.
  • Selfie Queen – The number 17 rhymes with the act of taking pictures of yourself.
  • I Don’t Know About You – The number 22 is associated with the lyrics of Taylor’s Swift’s single 22.
  • Jimmy Choo – The number 32 rhymes with this famous designer brand.
  • Tag a Mate – The number 48 rhymes with the popular past time of tagging people on social media.

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What’s Next for Bingo Calls?

New bingo calls are constantly being thought of and each year they get even more witty and inventive. As new up and coming generations become acquainted with the game of bingo, these pop culture references are likely to change again with the times as it’s always evolving. Both online and offline bingo will need to keep up with these changes in order to stay relevant as a game for years to come.

The Complete List of Bingo Calls

If you’re new to playing online bingo or just want to freshen up on your bingo lingo, keep this tab open and use our handy guide below on all the bingo calls you can expect to hear during an online bingo game.

  1. Kelly’s Eye
  2. One Little Duck
  3. Cup of Tea
  4. Knock at the Door
  5. Man Alive
  6. Half a Dozen/Tom Mix
  7. Lucky Seven
  8. Garden Gate
  9. Doctor’s Orders
  10. Cameron’s Den
  11. Legs 11
  12. One Dozen
  13. Unlucky for Some
  14. Valentine’s Day
  15. Young and Keen
  16. Sweet 16
  17. Dancing Queen
  18. Coming of Age
  19. Goodbye Teens
  20. One Score
  21. Royal Salute
  22. Two Little Ducks
  23. Thee and Me
  24. Two Dozen
  25. Duck and Dive
  26. Pick and Mix
  27. Gateway to Heaven
  28. Over Weight
  29. Rise and Shine
  30. Dirty Gertie
  31. Get Up and Run
  32. Buckle My Shoe
  33. Dirty Knee/Fish, Chips & Peas/All the Threes
  34. Ask for More
  35. Jump and Jive
  36. Three Dozen
  37. More than Eleven
  38. Christmas Cake
  39. Steps
  40. Naughty 40/Life Begins
  41. Time for Fun
  42. Winnie the Pooh
  43. Down on Your Knees
  44. Droopy Drawers
  45. Halfway There
  46. Up to Tricks
  47. Four and Seven
  48. Four Dozen
  49. PC
  50. Half a Century
  51. Tweak of the Thumb
  52. Danny La Rue
  53. Stuck in the Tree
  54. Clean the Floor
  55. Snakes Alive
  56. Was She Worth It?
  57. Heinz Varieties
  58. Make Them Wait
  59. Brighton Line
  60. Five Dozen
  61. Bakers Bun
  62. Turn the Screw
  63. Tickle Me 63
  64. Red Raw
  65. Old Age Pension
  66. Clickety Click
  67. Made in Heaven
  68. Saving Grace
  69. Either Way Up
  70. Three Score and 10
  71. Bang on the Drum
  72. Six Dozen
  73. Queen B
  74. Candy Store
  75. Strive and Strive
  76. Trombones
  77. Sunset Strip
  78. Heaven’s Gate
  79. One More Time
  80. Eight and Blank
  81. Stop and Run
  82. Straight On Through
  83. Time for Tea
  84. Seven Dozen
  85. Staying Alive
  86. Between the Sticks
  87. Torquay in Devon
  88. Two Fat Ladies
  89. Nearly There
  90. Top of the Shop

Bingo calls have been an essential part of the game of bingo for years. It is hard to say when the bingo calls we know today were introduced. But we know they were already in use when bingo become popular in the 1960s.

In recent years the bingo halls have struggled to survive which is obviously not good news for us bingo players. Less bingo halls means less competition and less choice.

On the positive side the world of online bingo has emerged in recent years presenting a wealth of choice. Although there is a multitude out there, we follow them all pretty closely and keep our eyes open (and down!) for the best sites and promotions.

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Traditional Bingo Calls

Words or phrases in brackets after a bingo call refer to the traditional shouted response from the bingo players. This is sometimes known as bingo lingo.

You will also find that some bingo calls refer to more than one number – such as ‘Danny LaRue’.

There is no ‘correct’ way round to call the numbers. Some bingo callers will call the number and then the saying. Others will call the saying then the number. But most will mix them as certain bingo calls just ‘sound right’ a certain way.

Those calls listed below tend to be British in origin. Though anyone looking closely at the history of bingo will see that it has been – and still is – played all over the world. While this site as a whole tends to concentrate upon bingo sites UK, like JackpotJoy, there are also many other quality bingo operators available where you can choose from many bingo games. The games themselves will be similar in that 90 ball bingo (the British version) and 75 ball bingo (the U.S. version) tend today to be available on all sites along with 80 ball bingo, speed bingo and many other variations.

1 : Kelly’s eye at the beginning buttered scone Nelson’s Column


2 : one little duck me and you Little Boy Blue

3 : you and me cup of tea one little flea goodness me

4 : knock at the door the one next door

5 : man alive one little snake

6 : Tom Mix chopsticks Tom’s tricks half a dozen chopping sticks

7 : lucky one little crutch God’s in Heaven

8 : garden gate one fat lady she’s always late Golden Gate Harry Tate

9 : doctor’s orders doctor’s joy

10 : Theresa’s den uncle Ben cock and hen

11 : legs

12 : one dozen monkey’s cousin

13 : unlucky for some bakers dozen the Devil’s number

14 : the lawnmower Valentines day

15 : young and keen a rugby team

16 : never been kissed sweet sixteen she’s so lovely

17 : often been kissed dancing queen old Ireland

18 : coming of age now you can vote

19 : end of the teens goodbye teens

20 : one score

21 : key of the door royal salute

22 : two little ducks (quack quack) ducks on a pond dinkie-doo

23 : The Lord is My Shepherd thee and me a duck and a flea

Royal Salute Bingo Clip Art

24 : knock at the door two dozen

25 : duck and dive

26 : half a crown pick and mix bed and breakfast

27 : duck and a crutch gateway to heaven

28 : in a state overweight The Old Braggs a duck and its mate

29 : rise and shine in your prime you’re doing fine

30 : Dirty Gertie Burlington Bertie

31 : get up and run

32 : buckle my shoe

33 : dirty knees all the feathers two little fleas

34 : ask for more

35 : jump and jive

36 : three dozen

37 : more than eleven

38 : Christmas cake

39 : steps Jack Benny

40 : life begins two score naughty forty

41 : life’s begun time for fun

42 : Winnie the Pooh the street in Manhattan

43 : down on your knees

44 : droopy drawers

Royal Salute Bingo Game

45 : halfway there cowboy’s friend halfway house

46 : up to tricks

47 :

48 : four dozen

49 : PC (nick nick)

Sugarhouse android app. 50 : half a century bullseye Hawaii five oh

51 : tweak of the thumb The Highland Div

52 : Danny La Rue The Lowland Div pack of cards weeks in a year

53 : here comes Herbie (beep beep) stuck in a tree The Welsh Div the joker

54 : house with a bamboo door clean the floor

55 : snakes alive bunch of fives

56 : Shotts bus was she worth it? (she was)

57 : Heinz Heinz varieties beans means Heinz

58 : make them wait choo choo Thomas

59 : the Brighton Line (woo-woo)

60 : five dozen three score

61 : bakers bun

62 : tickety-boo turn of the screw to Waterloo

63 : tickle me

64 : red raw The Beatle’s number

65 : stop work retirement age

66 : clickety click

67 : made in heaven the argumentative number

68 : saving grace

69 : anyway up the same both ways

70 : three score and ten

71 : bang on the drum

72 : Danny LaRue six dozen par for the course

73 : queen bee a crutch and a flea camomile tea

74 : candy store

75 : strive and strive on the skive Big Daddy

76 : was she worth it? (she was) trombones

77 : two little crutches sunset strip

78 : heaven’s gate

79 : one more time

80 : Gandhi’s breakfast four score there you go matey

81 : stop and run

82 : straight on through fat lady with a duck

Royal Salute Bingo Call

83 : time for tea fat lady and a flea Ethel’s ear

84 : seven dozen

85 : staying alive

86 : between the sticks

87 : Torquay in Devon fat lady with a crutch

88 : two fat ladies (wobbly wobbly) Connaught Rangers

89 : nearly there almost there all but one

90 : four score and ten top of the shop end of the line top of the house

General bingo calls

single digit numbers

on it’s own – number four on it’s own – number five etc

numbers ending in zero

blind thirty blind forty etc

numbers with two digits the same

all the threes – thirty three all the fours – forty four etc

all remaining numbers

two and four – twenty four three and eight – thirty eight etc

Of course this is not a complete list – there are many funny – and rude! – calls made today. Also bingo calls have changed – and been forgotten – over the years. This bingo lingo has varied and often unknown origins. Even different regions have – or had – their own bingo calls which were specific to their dialect, customs or local landmarks. Playing in a bingo hall or a game of village bingo in Scotland will most likely be very different to playing on the south coast of England!

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