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Mr. Brightside2021-02-19My aunt has received hopefully care at this facility. Everyone was Thoughtful, caring and compassionate. She was in another Nursing Home a few years ago that wasn’t nearly as good as Sands Point. Thank you to all the Health Care workers. I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident
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JC5142021-01-17This facility mistreated my grandmother and she left with a swollen lip, bruised legs and severely dehydrated after not receiving proper care for days. We wouldn’t have even known that she hadn’t ate or drank in days had it not been inquired about during the 2 day a week FaceTime calls allotted. Brand new clothing that was dropped off went missing and she was put in large men’s size socks. What we expected to be a helpful experience for her made her even worse. This poor woman who suffers from dementia not only had to be without a single familiar face but didn’t even receive the care she deserved in the slightest. This facility is clearly taking advantage of the no visitor policy and should be ashamed.I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident
dpp2019-04-09Sands Point was a disaster. Rehab? Not really,it was more like a budget motel with lousy attendants. Our mother entered there after having abdominal surgery. Rehab was needed to keep her mobility going. After a stroke and hip fractures she was wheelchair bound and needed to keep up her strength. Well that didn't happen. Mornings were spent in bed eating breakfast and sometime around 11am her tray was picked up, 1/2 a banana eaten. Lunch was the same, still in bed! Dinner, the same! So much for getting up and about. Eventually, after seeing our concerns were not going to be addressed,we had to hire a private aid just to make sure she was changed, got out of bed to her wheelchair, got a bath,went to the dining room, and actually ate something! Sands Point aids stopped doing ANYTHING once they saw our aid there. In fact they even asked where the private aid was it she wasn't in that day! Really? We could only wonder what Medicare was being charged for this 'service'. A few does and don't s about this place. 1- Do look into your relative's complains about pain. My mother complained about pain in her shoulder and we found a large boil right on top of her shoulder. No one noticed it. Big , red, swollen! She also complained about back pain ie. Screaming pain! Turns out she had a fracture of the L1! Yes that would make therapy VERY uncomfortable. 2- Do check to see if your family member is eating and where. No one here worries about that. 3- Do check to make sure medications have not been changed. That happens without you being informed. 4- Don't expect to have any information about your loved one's daily stay documented. It seemed like actually adding anything to the charts was unheard of. How does the next shift know what is going on or what has changed? 5- Do speak to Nancy the receptionist as she will track down the person you are looking for. No one there ever cleans out their message box or answers their phone! Nancy is key, you can count on her! 6- Advice or help with setting up a new wheelchair? Don't bother. I was told that the therapists don't do that. Really? 7- Do make sure that the patient goes to physical therapy, because if they say no for some reason they will not be taken. Isn't that why they are here? Why hasn't it been mentioned to the family? You must ask about everything, and I do mean everything! 8- Do bring your nail clippers and scrubber as I never saw anyone wash my mother's hands at any point during the day. Not before meals, not after, never! 9- Don't ask for anything - water, bowel movements, diapers or bandages to be changed etc. as the staff are 'very busy' and will do that later. It does seem that chatting in the hall is more important and you can forget it if it is 'not their patient'. 10-Do expect to see patients' call buttons ringing, left in soiled diapers for 45 minutes or so, rude aids, no acknowledgement from most of the staff there. I could go on and on but I think you get the picture. Put Sands Point Glen Cove as your last resort or plan on hiring an aid or being there daily to make sure your loved one gets the proper care. As for our mother, she has gone backwards after being there.I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident
Cathy1015435502015-01-19I put my father in Sands Point Center. The staff is very good; they are very caring and attentive. I didn't taste any of the food, but it smells good. It is very clean, and there are lots of activities. Justin came in the other day to perform, they have pet visits from their pet therapy, and they have Bingo and different kinds of luncheon, Wii, trivia, and contests. I am very happy.I am a friend or relative of a resident
1440 Port Washington Boulevard, Port Washington, NY 11050
Call (516) 550-4284
Sands Point Center for Health and Rehabilitation(516) 550-4284

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February 19, 2021

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

My aunt has received hopefully care at this facility. Everyone was Thoughtful, caring and compassionate. She was in another Nursing Home a few years ago that wasn’t nearly as good as Sands Point. Thank you to all the Health Care workers.
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