Slotomania Best Odds Game

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How to effortlessly win Slotomania free coins (every time)

Who does not want to win free Slotomania coins! For all of us, slot lovers earning 1000000 free Slotomania coins maybe a dream. But, it wouldn’t happen on its own. Yes, of course with luck and patience you will eventually get what you want. But, who has time for all that? We want results, right here, right now. And that is why I am here.

I am here to show you how to get free Slotomania coins whether you want Slotomania free coins android or on any other platform. If you follow this definitive guide wining Slotomania free coins 2019 will be a piece of cake for you. I will also show you hack cheats bonuses, so buckle up and let’s dive right into it.

Why Slotomania is the best!

In this stain age, there is no shortage of online slots, all you need to do is a quick google quick search, and you will be presented with hundreds if not thousands of ways to play slots. But all slots are not created equally. You need to be smart about choosing “The one.” You just can’t choose whatever bumps into your way first.

For me, it is Slotomania because Slotomania free coins are the best. If you are after free Slotomania coins keep on reading, you are about to get amazed!

Slotomania is one of those games that let you play at your pace, you can either be a casual player and have fun with it or invest real money and gain astronomical returns. There is an ample number of opportunities to earn coins, they not only give you bonus coins every three hours but also you can get them collected from fan pages.

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As an added bonus, it is eye candy! I bet you wouldn’t find any other game online with such amazing graphics. The sheer number of games will keep the boredom at bay for sure. Slotomania has the most epic customer care if something is off, they take care of it immediately.

Now that we have drilled down why you should stick with Slotomania it’s time to move on to the most important thing: How to get free coins and withdraw them.

How to get it…

Slotomania is a flash based app, so you need to download Puffin Browser to run it on your mobile browser either android or IOS. Once you are done with the setup to get Slotomania free coins you have to go to their bonus page while stayed logged in your Facebook.


Now keep on taping on those gift boxes to bet delighted. Don’t forget that the gift boxes will open in your Facebook instead of your mobile app. You can also use ShareLinks Plugin to get even more Slotomania free coins.

How to withdraw REAL MONEY!

On the surface, Slotomania may seem like a game where you can’t win real money, but if you look deep into it, you will find ways to withdraw real money out of it. First of all, you need to go to the cashier section of the game where you have deposited the money initially.

Now choose your preferred method of withdrawal. Next, give them additional billing information if asked then press the withdraw button! And enjoy!

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Slotomania is one of those games that you just need to try if you are a slot lover. And if you follow this definitive guide, you will have real money in your hand in no time. So, what are you waiting for!


Slotomania – Vegas Slots Casino is probably the best slots game out there for mobile devices. The first reason for saying that is the fact the game offers a stupendously high amount of different slot machines to play on. The second reason for the claim if because in Slotomania – Vegas Slots Casino you can actually play for days and weeks without spending a dime on buying virtual coins. And even if you decide to spend a couple of bucks, the game offers ways to get a ridiculous amount of coins for just a couple of dollars.

Playtika’s game is filled with different slots machines that unlock as you progress, and you can easily reach new levels, only have to be patient because the key is keeping your coins while reaching new levels, but more on that later.

On top of being generous to players, Slotomania – Vegas Slots Casino is a game of colorful slot machines where no two slots are same. You will see many different designs, all coming with different setups, special rewards, and unique free spins mechanics, which is something we really like. And if you found the game interesting and want to stay and play but don’t want to spend less than five dollars on coins, stay with us and find out how to keep playing Slotomania – Vegas Slots Casino without reaching into your pocket.

1. Always Look For New Quests

The game offers unique quests from time to time that are time-limited and can go unnoticed if you don’t visit the game on a daily basis. Playing quests brings you a generous amount of coins, and while you won’t earns thousands upon thousands of gold pieces, you will earn enough to keep playing.

These quests include many different slot machines, and if you’re lucky you might stumble on one with excellent win mechanics, which actually can give you thousands upon thousands of coins, and this is why it is important to explore different slot machines.

2. Explore Different Slot Machines

Slotomania – Vegas Slots Casino offers many dozens of unique slot machines, and they all differ when it comes to average prize amounts. Some will make you lose all your coins, some are there for keeping your coins always in check and at the same amount, and some will increase your coins on a regular basis.

Now, the main difference isn’t in how regular winnings work. All machines work by giving you higher prizes for larger bet amounts, but you shouldn’t watch these. Instead, focus on learning how free spin mechanics work for different machines.

Free spins are present on every slot machine, and they basically give you a certain amount of free spins each time you hit six or more special symbols, which differ for each machine. Now, while some free spins are just regular spins on the machine, with the main difference of being free, others contain special games with high prizes.

This is why it is important to explore different machines and to see which ones possess the best free spin mechanics. For instance, the machine called Sorcerer’s Elements has a special free spin mechanics that contain four different slots machines spinning at once, and each one has higher winnings frequency. You pick one out of four and in case your machine has the biggest amount of gold symbols, in the end, you are given prizes from all four machines. In most cases, the prize is around 5,000 or more coins, but if you get coins from all four machines, the prize can go up to 30,000 and more coins.

We are sure there are other slot machines that have high-rewarding free spin mechanics, but the best one we found is on Sorcerer’s Elements. Since you can play on many different slot machines in Slotomania – Vegas Slots Casino, we encourage you to try as many as possible. The best way of finding out which ones give best prizes is testing.

First, select a slot machine. Next, just pick the lowest bet. In order to check out average prize amount, you should activate free spins at least three or four times. Just calculate how much coins you are given on average. And that’s how you can discover the best machines. Once you find out which ones are best just play them in order to increase you coin number and to earn enough to play ones that are fun but have bad free spins.

3. Always Use Low Bet Amounts, But Do Not Pick The Lowest Possible Amount

High bets are made to strip you out of all of your coins. The prizes work the same, but the fact that you pay much more for each spin means you will lose a huge amount of coins before winning a high reward.

Instead of betting high, bet low. You shouldn’t pick the lowest possible bet amount because the prizes are too low. Laughably low, to be honest. Instead, we advise you to pick 100 or 200 coins for betting because these amounts won’t make you go broke in ten minutes and will give you solid reward amounts.

The second reason for betting low is already explained above. Free spins are best when offering unique games instead of regular free spins. And since big rewards occur very rarely, regular free spins, even if you pick high bet amounts, won’t give you high prizes. On the other hand, high rewarding free spins will give you lots of coins even if your bet amount is low. So, always bet low, especially if you don’t plan on spending money on buying coins.

4. Connect With Facebook Friends And Watch Notifications

Slotomania – Vegas Slots Casino offers frequent free coins prizes that should be picked as soon as they are offered. In order to be able to pick each free coin prize, just let the game to send notifications, and do not turn them off. As soon as you see a notification about free prize enter the game and avail it, so that timer for the next prize starts ticking and you get the next one as soon as possible.

The second important thing is to connect with Facebook friends in order to get free coins. Don’t be shy and connect and you will have a chance to earn more coins.
And the final piece of advice is about the Piggy Bank feature found in Slotomania – Vegas Slots Casino. It costs $3 to break and gives you a certain amount of coins.

The prize gets bigger the more you play the game so it is better to be patient and to wait a week or so because you can get more than 100,000 coins for $3 because there’s no limit in how much coins you can earn. If you play the game for weeks without braking the Piggy Bank, you could probably get a couple of hundreds of thousands coins for $3. If you decide to spend real world money on the game, we think that the Piggy Bank is the best way of spending it on.

How To Win At Slotomania

Okay, folks, there you have it! We hope this guide helped you in earning lots of coins and that it enabled you to play Slotomania – Vegas Slots Casino without spending a dime. Thanks for reading and happy gaming!

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