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Somania Free Coins FAQ How do I get more free coins in Slotomania? There are many different ways to collect coins every day, through Special Lotto and Mega Bonuses, our Facebook fan page and email gifts. If that’s not enough for you, get this – you can collect free coins. This website is an awesome site for those players looking for a free slots and coins for the great game called FB Sloto Daily Gift.It’s a fansite of FB Sloto Daily Gift games and for their loving players in PC.

Slotomania is a is the top-notch multi-million casino game that is full of surprises. If you can decode various tips & tricks of Slotomania then you can easily win thousands of rewards. So if you are looking to earn Slotomania Free Coin then here are some Slotomania free coins-Tips & Tricks that you might wanna try out.

Visit Slotomania Free Coins Site

You can visit CrazyAshwin.Comto earn various gifts and Slotomania free coins without any hassle. Unlike most websites this site is free and easy to navigate making your job easier to opt for free coins. Slotomania Free Coins Tips & Tricks

Slotomania Free Coin Signup Bonus

As you join Slotomania, you get a joining bonus. This bonus is provided by the game developers as a welcome gift. It can be around 10,000 Slotomania free coins to start your gaming adventure.

Slotomania Free Coin By Opt for Bonuses

Slotomania Free Coins GiftSlotomania

Slotomania offers players with Lotto Bonus and every three days. These are provided by game developers. These bonuses can get you around 15,000 free coins of Slotomania. Capital city bingo in jackson ms. Also each hour players can get exclusive bonuses from the game itself depending on the level she/he playing.

Slotomania Free Coin By Send Gifts in Slotomania

You can send Gifts to your friends in Slotomania. There’s a gift symbol at the bottom of the screen. From there you can also get multiple free gifts and coins. A cool trick is to play with multiple accounts. Then you can win free coins from all those accounts as well. These free gifts contains 500 Slotomania coins.

Slotomania Free Coin By Complete Regular Task

Get Free Coins Slotomania

Everyday you will be given regular task in Slotomania. If you complete them then you can get lots of rewards and free Slotomania coins. These tasks basically have objectives that you need to complete in order to win free coins. So never miss the chance.

Slotomania Free Coins Gift Exchange

Slotomania Free Coin By Level-Up Bonus

As you progress in the game and your level increases, you will get free coins and rewards from the slot machine. As your level increases the amount of rewards also increases. Another cool things is as you level up there’s a high chance of unlocking new casinos.

Slotomania Free Coin By Facebook Page

Another trick to earn Slotomania free coins and rewards is to follow Slotomania Facebook page. They provide daily links to free rewards and gifts which are easier to claim. And as you win more your chances of climbing the ladder of levels also get high.

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