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Printables are a great solution for travel. They’re low-budget and easy to bring along. Whether you are looking for fun travel games, need something for your kids to do while you’re driving to grandma, are focusing your unit studies on travel, transport, or a particular country or just want to pretend-travel with your kids, you’re sure to find what you need in this post. From road trip bingo to free printable travel journal pages and from travel story cards and printable country packs to play passports for kids. This extensive list of travel-themed printables is a great resource for all parents and kids that love travel.

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Travel bingo - printable game for long car journeys With 6 different cards to chose from this is the perfect entertainment for long car journeys with children. We road tested it with my 3 year old and he loved it. The cards are loosely sectioned into country, sea and city but all should work for. My family loves this travel game activity when we are on the road! I just print out these Travel Bingo Cards for Kids and then we use them to play Bingo or find everything on the list for a scavenger hunt. Article by Bird's Eye Meeple Nature, Board Games, Homeschooling + Wood. US License Plate Game. Make a goal of spotting the license plates of all 50 states and Washington. Download and Print Free Road Trip Bingo Cards Entertain the kids (or adults) on a long drive. Photo by Brandon Doran Take a break from the phone and tablet screens and play this old-fashioned road trip game.


Travel Bingo Printable Black And White

As homeschoolers and avid travelers, we love free printables. There are just so many fantastic free resources available online. Why reinvent the wheel? It can be a bit of a challenge to find the best worksheets, travel-themed activity sheets, and online travel games to print. That’s why we created this list with the very best free travel printables.

There’s a huge variety available. In this post, we’re making a distinction between printable travel games (including board games), printable travel journal pages, printable kids’ passport templates, printable story cards, road trip bingo printables, printable country activity sheets, and activity packs.

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Printable travel games for kids

These free printable travel games by Mini Travellers are good for hours of fun. Many different games to choose from with options for kids of all ages. From car badge bingo to i-spy at the airport.

In The Playroom offers this great pack with 13 different printable car games for kids. I really like the designs of these pages, very playful. You do need a color printer to get the most of these.

These free printable board games from Views From A Stepstool are fantastic for travel. You can easily bring a whole binder of different games and it takes the same space as one boxed board game. Sign up for the newsletter to get access to even more games.

Kids travel journal printable

We really like this kids travel journal printable by Explorer Momma. This one is meant for slightly older kids that can read and write with ease. It’s very complete and apart from the regular daily journal pages, it also includes some cool writing and drawing prompts. You do need to sign up for the newsletter to get it.

If you’re looking for a more basic kids travel journal, you want to check out these free printable journal pages for kids by We 3 Travel. There are only two interior pages and a cover, but this might just be what you’re looking for. We like the simple design with the icons to indicate mood, weather and travel type.

Printable passport templates for kids

This free printable passport for kids from Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah Designs is a fun way for kids to keep track of where they’ve been, the countries they’ve learned about or as part of your holiday around the world units. You do need to create a free Teachers Pay Teachers account to download it. But there are tons of other amazing free and cheap downloadable worksheets on this platform.

Living Life and Learning also shares a great printable play passport for kids. This free download includes passport stamps for 20 different countries, that kids can cut out and glue inside their passport as they learn about each country.

Printable story cards

Sometimes you just want a different kind of travel game. We love story cards! They spark kids’ imagination and creativity, inviting them to spin the most amazing tales. Story cards are easy to print and store in a small ziplock bag.

Check out these camping-themed story cards or these nature-themed story cards (requires you to enter your email address).

Road trip bingo printable

Who doesn’t like a good car bingo game to pass the time! It’s a great game to make sure your kids do more than just staring at their screens and actually notice what’s out there. There are lots of different bingo games you can think of to play in during a road trip.

This free color-in U.S. License Plate Coloring Map by Berkley and Beyond is perfect for children age 4 and up. Print it out and use it in the car to keep kids busy looking for license plates from various states and then coloring in that state (link to the download is at the top of the page).

Also check out this free Road Trip BINGO Printable Game by This Reading Mama. It includes 8 different game boards with pictures of things you’ll encounter during your road trip. You can play it as a collaborative game or make it competitive for kids that are a bit older.

Other fun car bingo games are car brands bingo or road trip restaurant bingo.

Printable country activity sheets

Whether you are pretend traveling from home or are actually visiting a particular country, these free printables are a great way for kids to learn about various countries. Check out these free printable country packs by Case of Adventure. You can choose from 8 different countries, such as Italy, Ireland, Romania, France, Singapore and Madagascar. (email addres required)

Teacher Planet also offers some great free country theme printables, which include coloring pages, unit studies, activities, worksheets and lesson plans for countries such as New Zealand, Mexico and Germany.

The playful and colourful country worksheets by ESLKIDZ are also worth mentioning. Currently they offer sheets for 16 different countries, for instance Egypt, China, Russia and Argentina.

Various travel-themed activity sheets

Travel Bingo Printable

Check out this great free ‘countries of the world’ coloring book from 123 Homeschool 4 Me. Color and fun for kids from preschool to 3rd grade. This educational coloring book contains coloring pages for 18 countries across all continents.

This is a nice collection of activity sheets for kids with a travel theme, from Zena’s Suitcase. A little bit of everything with coloring pages, mazes, spelling, and maths.

Also from Zena’s Suitcase is this collection of word search games for kids. It includes an empty PDF template so you can make your own!

So you see, there are plenty of fun travel printables available to make your travels more enjoyable. And the best thing… the printables on this list are all completely free! You might need to leave your email address but that’s it. Are you already preparing for your next trip? Then start printing away!

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As I mentioned last week, I doing a series this month where I’ll be sharing a different DIY travel game every Friday for family road trips. The focus is on simple + small games to bring along in the car so your kid isn’t watching movies the whole drive. This week I’m sharing this cute printable travel bingo game.

My sister Becca drew the illustrations, aren’t they beautiful? I love how they turned out with the watercolor she added.The best part is you can download a set of four different boards for your own road trip.

Photography and styling by Liz Stanley. Illustrations by Becca Ricks for Say Yes to Hoboken (contact her for commissioned illustrations at [email protected]). Assisted by Devon Cone.


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Keep on reading for details about the game and the link for downloading your own set of 4 boards…


1. Download the first set of two boards here, and the second set of two here. The boards should each be 5 x 5 when printed out.


2. Print them out onto card stock in color and cut them out. Pagcor online bingo.

3. Spray paint some tiny wooden chips to use for markers and place the set of four in a muslin bag, mine was 5 x 7 size from etsy.

Travel Bingo Printable Cards

Directions: Each player receives their own board and a handful of chips. When they see one of the items, like a mountain for example, they place a chip down on that picture. If they have more than one mountain on their board, they can place down more than one chip. So if they have three mountains on their board, they can place three chips down for seeing the one mountain. The ‘bingo’ square in the middle is a free square. The first to get 5 in a row yells bingo and wins!

Kids Travel Bingo Printable

In case you missed it, see last week’s DIY car game, the tic tac toe game right here

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