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  1. The TVG betting app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone provides users with a horse betting app that has odds, live video of the races, and then the race results. The best iPhone and iPad apps for.
  2. Watch the TVG Network Tap Live and you can stream both the TVG Networks in HD, handicap and bet all in the same screen. Tap the track and race number to navigate upcoming races on.
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TVG is regarded as one of the biggest names when it comes to horse race betting. The company impresses with a fantastic combination of horse racing events and live streaming capabilities from more than 150 racetracks around the world. Established in 1999, TVG offers a dedicated TV and cable network.FanDuel Group currently owns and operates it, which is a subsidiary of Paddy Power Betfair. Horseplayer Toolkit's Free Horse Racing Betting Tips & Picks are the perfect companion for betting on horse racing from home! Use it along side your TVG, NYRA Bets, Twinspires, 1/st Bet, FanDuel Racing or any other Horse Racing Betting Apps to make more informed bets and win more money! Plus the app continue to get better and better!

TVG Android App Review

Originally launching as a satellite sports channel dedicated to horse and greyhound racing, TVG (the Television Games Network) is now another online betting service for those sports operating legally for U.S. customers. The company is part of the FanDuel group, which itself is the U.S. division of one of Europe’s largest betting companies, the mighty Paddy Power Betfair. TVG therefore certainly comes with a fine pedigree for off-track betting – Paddy Power being a traditional Irish bookmaker that grew its business with staggering success in the online space – and the license to offer U.S. residents its service.


TVG should certainly be a front-runner if you’re looking to find a legal U.S. betting service for horse racing. Whilst its website isn’t necessarily beautiful to look at, the service it clothes is very attractive indeed. As a route to watching of the best horse racing in the world, with really comprehensive betting facilities at your fingertips we think you’ll find TVG has plenty of form.

BetAmerica horse race betting Android App. BetAmerica brings you the most advanced horse betting app for your Android device, so you can legally bet on live horse racing and the finest harness racing.

The TVG betting app offers an extensive range of markets, together with top horse racing action streamed live to your Android device.

Legal U.S. Online Horse Racing Betting

It is legal for the majority of U.S. residents to bet on horse racing online; there are a few states however where it is not allowed. Online horse racing betting sites are not allowed to offer fixed odds, instead they use parimutuel betting. Parimutuel betting primarily offers the same types of wagers sportsbooks offer Win, Place, and Show; other more exotic types of wager are also available.

TVG offers legal horse race betting.


Requires Android 4.0. Ice Cream Sandwich or later. Compatible Android devices such as Samsung Galaxy, Huawei, Google Pixel and Motorola.

Downloading and Installing the Android App

1. Register for a free account using the link below – you will need an email address.
Sign Up Now
2. Download the app from the Google Play Store on your Android device.
3. Log in with your new TVG username and password.

If you’re looking for one of the best online racebooks in the United States, you’ve come to the right place. TVG has several special features that help to set this racebook apart from the competition.

In this review, you will read about several of the types of bets offered through TVG. You’ll also learn about some of the key features that continue to satisfy customers.

TVG Racing is not available in all of the states throughout the country, so be sure to check out our provided list to see if TVG Racing is available where you live. Horse race betting continues to be a growing industry with races taking place throughout the year, and TVG Racing is the best place to win some money.

This review of TVG Racing will guide you through the sign-up process, and also outline the available banking methods provided by the site.

How to register at TVG Racing

It takes less than 10 minutes to sign up for a new account through TVG Racing and deposit money to your account. All you have to do is visit the TVG Racing page, or download the TVG Racing app, which we will discuss in a little bit more depth later in this article.

Location services will need to be turned on to ensure that you are eligible to bet on horse races through TVG Racing. There will be links on the main page that will direct you to the sign-up page, which is where you will begin to enter all of your relevant information.

If you are worried about keeping your personal information secure, you will feel comfortable with the information that TVG requires. All that you need to provide is your name, date of birth, and a physical address to begin the sign-up process.

After that information is provided, TVG Racing will ask you to create an account, and you will use the information that you provide to log in each time to the site. You will be prompted to create a username and verify your email address.

You can also include some security questions when going through this process to ensure that your account will remain private. That way, you won’t need to worry about anyone else accessing it.

Once your email address is verified and your username is set, then you are all ready to go. It is now time to head over to the banking section of the site to make your initial deposit before you start to place some bets on horse racing!

With a seamless sign-up process, TVG Racing users can access available bets with no delay.

TVG bonuses and promotions

TVG Racing is constantly offering bonuses to attract new customers, and these promotions change quickly. There are several ways to get the bonus codes to use on the site, but the basic bonus offers are included when you sign up.

The bonus that TVG is offering is a 50% up to$250 deposit bonus to new customers. Using the TVG promo code LSRTVG with your first deposit, you will earn a 50% match bonus with a maximum bonus amount of $250!

You’ll receive your bonus in the form of wagering credits, which you can use on any race you like. Any winnings are yours to keep!

TVG promo code 2021

Online RacebookTVG Horse Racing
Promo CodeLSRTVG
Deposit Bonus50% up to $250
Last Verified:March 2021

TVG app

Yes, TVG has a mobile app available, and it includes several unique features. The TVG mobile app is available on iOS and Android devices, and it can be downloaded on an iPad or tablet as well.

The mobile app will give you access to over 150 racetracks worldwide, with all of the major races in the United States being available. The mobile app will also include live streaming of horse races taking place around the US, and you can watch those events live.

You can also sign up and create an account straight from the mobile app if that is what you prefer. You will need to verify that you are in a state where TVG is legal before you can place any bets. Don’t forget to use TVG promo code LSRTVG to ensure you receive your 50% first deposit match.

Be sure to check out the list of approved states in our section that follows later in this article.

We think that being able to place bets through the TVG racing app is a great way to bet on horse races, and TVG provides a great mobile betting experience.

Bets available at TVG Racing


The amount and variety of bets available are what sets horse race betting sites apart from the rest, and TVG Racing has a large number of possibilities available. Here are the most common betting types available at TVG Racing, and these are offered on almost all races.

  • Win: Simply pick the winning horse in any of the races listed on the TVG site.
  • Place: If you choose to use this bet type, then the horse you select must come in either first or second place in the race.
  • Show: Another extremely popular bet that customers make at TVG; the horse you choose must come in either first, second or third place in the race.
  • Exacta: An exacta bet takes things up a little bit and requires a bit more skill when it comes to horse race betting. With an exacta bet, you must choose which horses will come in first and second, and they must be in the correct order.
  • Quinella: A quinella bet works in much the same way that an exacta bet does, but it is not quite as difficult. With a quinella bet, you must choose which horses will finish in first and second place, but they do not have to finish in a particular order.
  • Trifecta: A trifecta bet is an extremely common bet that is placed on a horse race, and it could offer up a massive payday. With a trifecta bet, the bettor must choose which horses will finish first, second and third, and all of the horses must finish in the correct order.
  • Superfecta: A superfecta bet takes the trifecta bet and adds an extra step. Not only do you have to pick what horses will finish first, second and third, but you also must include the horse that will finish in fourth place. All horses must finish in the correct order to cash in on the bet.
  • Daily Double: A daily double is commonly offered at TVG Racing, but bettors need to be ready to go at the start of race day. A daily double bet tasks the bettor with picking the winners of the first two races at a track on a particular day.

Banking options at TVG Racing

Banking is an important aspect when it comes to online horse race betting, and TVG Racing has many great deposit and withdrawal methods. All of the methods that we are going to discuss will keep your money safe and secure throughout the entire process.


Depositing money through a Visa or Mastercard remains one of TVG Racing’s most popular deposit methods. Customers can also purchase a TVG prepaid card, which makes the deposit method easy.

TVG also accepts check or money order, but this can take some time to process, and for the money to be available in your account. Another option is to visit a racetrack that is offered by TVG Racing and deposit some money into your account through the tellers that are provided on-site.


Withdrawing money from any online betting site can be a difficult process, but TVG Racing does its best to make it easy for the customers. The deposit method that you choose can have a huge impact on the type of withdrawal methods that are available to you.

TVG Racing can send money back to the credit or debit card that you used to deposit money. This can take a few days to process, though. TVG Racing can also mail a check or send an e-check, but this can also take a few days.

If you’ve purchased a TVG Racing prepaid card, the company can reload the money on your card within minutes. Even though there are several withdrawal methods available, how you get money to your account will likely decide how you will get your winnings.

Customer service

Most bettors don’t think about customer service when choosing an online betting site, but it can become a huge issue if any problems come up. TVG Racing has a great customer service department, and it is available to answer your questions 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The best way to reach it is by using the toll-free number at 1-888-752-9884. You can also send an email to [email protected], or you can send an actual letter in the mail. If you need an answer immediately, calling the toll-free number is the best way to go.

Where is TVG legal?

We’ve mentioned that TVG is legal in many US states, but there are still areas where you cannot make bets.


TVG Racing is currently legal and available in 33 of the 50 states. Here is a list of where TVG can accept horse race bettors throughout the country.

  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Florida
  • Idaho
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Minnesota
  • Montana
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • New Mexico
  • New York
  • North Dakota
  • Ohio
  • Oregon
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • South Dakota
  • Tennessee
  • Vermont
  • Virginia
  • Washington
  • West Virginia
  • Wyoming


Olg group play. TVG Racing is not able to take bets from the 17 states and Washington, D.C., that are listed below. Here is the complete list of states where TVG Racing remains restricted to bettors.

  • Alabama
  • Alaska
  • Georgia
  • Hawaii
  • Kansas
  • Maine
  • Michigan
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri
  • Nebraska
  • Nevada
  • North Carolina
  • Oklahoma
  • South Carolina
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Wisconsin
  • Washington, D.C.

TVG Wager Rewards

Not only does TVG Racing offer some great bonus and promotion opportunities, but it also has the TVG Wager Rewards program. You earn points through this program every time that you place a bet on the site, and those points can add up in a hurry.

All you have to do to become a member in the TVG Wager Rewards program is to click the “enroll” button on the Wager Rewards page. You receive a point for every dollar that you wager through the site or mobile app.

There are various reward checkpoints, but earning 2,500 points will earn you a free $5 bet through TVG Racing.


We’ve discussed many of the features that make TVG Racing one of the top racebooks on the market. Here are three of the best features that you will find when betting on horses through TVG Racing.

Many US tracks covered

TVG Racing covers an extensive list of US racetracks, and it continues to add more to the list. It’s hard to think of many racetracks that TVG doesn’t offer bets on, except in those states where TVG Racing is still restricted.

Not only can you place bets on all of these racetracks, but you can also watch live races that are taking place at these tracks. The TVG Racing app has almost all of the same tracks as the online betting site.

Tvg Horse Racing App Reviews

Headquartered in the United States

We think that being headquartered in the United States is another great feature that helps to set TVG Racing apart from its top competition. There are some other great online horse racing websites on the market, but a lot of those companies have their headquarters in other parts of the world.

TVG Racing is licensed in the United States, and its entire company is based in this country as well. This should provide the user with an added sense of comfort and security when signing up for an account, or when making money transfers.

Excellent bonus opportunities

We’ve covered several of TVG Racing’s bonus offerings, but it will continue to add more bonuses, as well. Bonuses are used as a way to attract new customers, or as a way to keep current customers happy.

If you are looking to find a horse racing website that offers great bonuses, then TVG Racing is the site for you. There is nothing better than receiving free money just for signing up on the site, or by entering into a certain number of bets.

Be sure to stay up to date on the latest promotions and bonuses offered from TVG Racing.


Even though we have spent much of this article pointing out all of the great features of TVG Racing, there are a couple of things we would like to see changed or improved.

Tvg Horse Betting App

Focuses mainly on US racetracks

TVG Racing does a great job of covering all of the major horse races in the United States, but it doesn’t focus a lot of attention on international horse racing events. Horse racing is big in other parts of the world, and we think that TVG Racing should provide bets on those races, as well.

If you have no interest in betting on horse races from outside of the US, this won’t apply to you.

Tvg Horse Racing App For Android

Not available in all states

Even though this isn’t something that TVG Racing can control, the fact that it is not legal in all 50 states has to be considered a negative. TVG Racing has worked with state governments to be legal throughout the country, but some states are still working hard to keep TVG out.

TVG Racing is available in almost all of the major states that prominently feature horse racing. The list of restricted states is expected to shrink in the coming months and years, but this is one area where TVG Racing falls a little short.

TVG Racing review summary

TVG Racing is one of the leaders in the online horse race betting industry, and it’s easy to see why. It offers bets on all of the major horse races in the United States. TVG also provides a great betting experience for customers.

There are still some areas where TVG can improve, and it is looking to do just that. Outside of a few areas, TVG Racing must be considered the market’s top online horse race betting site.

Horse Racing Online

If TVG Racing is available in your state, there’s no reason to try another horse race betting app.

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