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WhatsApp Betting Group: Fresh Daily Bet Tips and Football Predictions. In the light of when messengers are perhaps at its peak, we felt it was essential to launch a WhatsApp group that would specify in delivering the latest betting tips in a way many are already used to. It will help guide you to the betting world by performing just one click to subscribe, after which you will join thousands of other members. 1 day ago  ATLANTA — For the first time during the 2021 General Assembly session, legislative leaders have combined all three forms of gambling they’re considering legalizing into a single resolution.

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The world’s first messenger app designed for betting

  • Create groups, send direct messages just like WhatsApp
  • Find, share, like and copy bets instantly with friends
  • Compare odds & bet with major bookies
  • Place private or group bets
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Crew is just like your favourite messenger app but turbocharged with live betting odds, accas and football news. It’s like the sport group chats you have already, but make its easier to find, share, discuss and place any football or horse racing bet right from the conversation.

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Whatsapp Gambling Meaning

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Gambling Whatsapp Group Names

What is WhatsApp betting?

Messenger apps have changed how we communicate. Now they’re changing how we bet – welcome to the rise of WhatsApp betting.

WhatsApp betting is when friends or tipsters and their followers use WhatsApp to exchange betting tips. It’s particularly popular in up and coming betting countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania and Kenya where people love to chat about sport. People share tips by typing them or by sharing a screenshot of their betslip into chat. The users in the group then discuss the bet. If they like it, they find and place it on a bookmaker app of their choice.

One of the most common uses of WhatsApp betting is for major events such as the World Cup, The premier League, or racing festivals such as Cheltenham and Royal Ascot. Not only do you get the banter of discussing the event with friends, but pooling your knowledge and expertise to bet as a group can pay dividends in terms of profit.

Whatsapp Gambling App

The Problem with WhatsApp Betting

Despite the popularity of WhatsApp betting, WhatsApp was never designed for this purpose. The problem is that Whatsapp is disconnected from the dynamic and fast paced world of sports betting. First you have to find the bet in a bookie app, then screenshot it, before sharing it to Whatsapp. If you’re in a group and you want to place a bet your friend has shared you have to do the reverse – open a bookie app and try and find the damn thing. It’s a painful and clunky process.

Better than a WhatsApp Betting Group

Crew Messenger is an exciting new betting app with the objective of being better thanWhatsApp betting. It’s a messenger app specifically designed to chat sport and bet with friends by being connected to live odds data from the biggest bookies.

With Crew you can create chat groups with friends like any other messenger. The difference is that Crew automatically detects bets in conversation. The moment you type “Germany 2-1 and Portugal to draw” Crew understands this is a bet, fetches you the best odds from the biggest bookies and drops them into chat. No more painful finding of bets and taking screenshots, Crew does it for you.

Tapping the odds instantly reveals a list of major bookies and the odds they offer. From here you can choose which bookie you want to bet with and place the bet without even having to leave the app.

The beauty of Crew over WhatsApp betting is that it connects you and your friends together while enabling you share and place group bets, and do so even if you all bet with different bookies. Tickety bingo sign in. To try Crew hit the button below!

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androidAndroid iOS

Download Crew Messenger

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